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How to List Skills Gained Outside of Work on Your Resume

Eat Your Career

Past work experience is, of course, the most important part of your resume. It’s meant to show a prospective employer that you have all the skills required to do the job for which you are applying, and that you’ve used those skills before in a professional capacity. But what if you’re applying for a position that requires skills you didn’t gain through your past professional experience, but rather, skills you gained outside of work? Can you include those skills on a resume, and if so, how?

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How to clean up your online presence before starting a job search

Practically Perfect PA

Following Jennifer Corcoran’s fantastic LinkedIn session at the Virtual Summit a few weeks ago I thought I’d follow up with a post on how you can clean up your online presence before starting a job search. Social media has been part of our lives for over a decade now, and we all have a lot […]. Career Development Featured Job Hunting admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Interview questions Job hunting LinkedIn Office manager PA Personal Assistant

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Managing Emails Effectively: Tips on How to Maximize Email Use

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Your e-mail is your own personal space on the internet. It is the most important piece of real estate on the internet you can own. You depend on it for a lot of things, like receiving important documents, credit card statements, and utility bills. You attach your e-mail to most official documents together with your name and other information. E-mail is the fastest way to transfer data and that’s why most companies rely on it. As a user, are you maximizing the use of email?

2019 153

What Independent Consultants Want

Small Business Labs

The Forbes article Breaking The Faustian Pact: What Motivates Professionals In A Gig Economy World? covers a study comparing the motivations of independent consultants with consultants working at big consulting firms. As the article chart below shows (click to enlarge), there are big differences.

2019 148

Positive Career Affirmation #10

Eat Your Career

I don’t allow emotions to stifle my clarity. To learn more about affirmations and how to leverage them for career success, check out this article. The post Positive Career Affirmation #10 appeared first on Eat Your Career. Positive Career Affirmations clarity emotions self-control

2019 157

Tech tools to organise any event

Practically Perfect PA

When it comes to managing an event, there are so many moving parts and so much to think about. Using technology to help manage your events will make the task so much easier. Here are our favourite tech tools to organise any event. Tech tools to organise any event On-site communication My number one tech […]. Core Skills Events Management Featured Office Technology admin administrators assistants EA Event management Events Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant technology

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6 Things to Think About When Booking a Wellness Retreat

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Wellness retreats offer the perfect opportunity to wave goodbye to packed trains and an overflowing inbox and say hello to wind chimes, fluffy dressing gowns, and total zen. However, there are a few things you need to consider before swanning off for a well-deserved pampering session. From treatments and food to the location, it pays to consider in advance what you really want from a spa retreat.

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Deloitte on the Alternative (Meaning Gig) Workforce

Small Business Labs

Deloitte's article The alternative workforce: It's now mainstream is taken from their 2019 Human Capital Trends report. It covers the use of alternative labor - contractors, freelance/independent workers, gig, and crowd workers - by corporations. Key quote on the their conclusions: " the alternative workforce is now a critical mainstay of the workforce for a growing number of employers." " The data in the article comes from Deloitte's annual global business survey.

2019 121

Taking dictation in 2019

Practically Perfect PA

I’ve always been a bit dubious about using audio recording to help me be more productive, I usually prefer to stick to well good old fashioned pen and paper but as I’ve been using more technology I’ve started to realise how helpful it is. So I thought about what technology can help with minute taking […]. Core Skills Featured Office Technology admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant technology

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5 Ways to Buy Cheaper Airline Tickets With A VPN

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Everyone wants to beat the system and get better value for money online. Sadly, for the most part, the system has the ability to snatch as much dollar out of your pocket as possible. The good news is that there are ways to play the game and get around those systems. Here’s what you can do to buy cheap flights using VPN: Clear your cookies.

2019 142

Oprah’s three questions for running effective meetings

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Oprah’s three questions for running effective meetings appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Meetings, meetings, meetings! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. It’s estimated that on any given day in the USA, there are 11,000,000 formal meetings held. That works out to well over 200 million meetings per month. Around half of those meetings are 30 to 90 minutes in length.

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In The Blink Of An Eye

Simple Productivity Blog

This is an extremely hard post for me to write. Sometimes your life can completely change in the blink of an eye. On Monday April 22, my husband and I were watching the pictures from my daughter's trip to Europe. The next minute, he was having a seizure. He had another one at the emergency room, and two more after he was transferred to ICU. It's now a little over a week later. He is recovering and out of ICU. He is looking forward to coming home. He's one of the lucky ones.

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Launching the Virtual Summit June 2019

Practically Perfect PA

As you know, Practically Perfect PA is in the business of delivering the most up to date, cutting edge content to improve the career of our readers. We do this mainly through posting our articles every week but, did you know that we also deliver amazing content via our Virtual Summits? On Friday 14th June, […]. Featured Virtual Summit admin administrators assistants EA Events Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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10 Design Rules You Should Never Forget in 2019

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Graphic design is a creative and fulfilling profession that can earn you lots of career opportunities if you work hard and smart. According to the PayScale report, the average salary of a graphic designer is $43 thousand per year, while the most successful professionals earn more than $60 thousand annually. But if you want to become a proficient designer, you have to understand the fundamental principles in this field of work.

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How to get the most from your journaling habit

Ian's Messy Desk

The post How to get the most from your journaling habit appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. I didn’t start keeping a journal until I was in my thirties. I’d grown up thinking only girls wrote in diaries. However, once I overcame that misconception and got started, I quickly discovered the benefit and pleasure that came from keeping a journal.

2019 116

How Do I Tactfully Voice My Concern? – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

Executive Assistants and Administrative Assistants have to deal with a lot. Whether that is working remotely, working with several managers or executives, and sometimes supporting an entire floor of employees! Usually, these difficult situations bring up situations that leave them asking, “how do I tactfully voice my concern?” ” Heather D.

2019 134

7. Conducting Business Development

Recruit CRM

For any new entrepreneur, business development activity becomes the key to survival and sustainable growth. The good news is that in a ‘permanent recruitment’ business, the billing and payment is ‘success based’ with no credit for just the effort (unless you have taken a retainer fee). In such a scenario […] Source. Blogs

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Out-Of-State Medical Marijuana Cards: What You Need To Know

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Can you use medical marijuana card out-of-state? What do you need to know about medical marijuana reciprocity? Let’s answer these questions and more in the following along with what you have to know about qualifying conditions and patient rights if you qualify for MMJ. Qualifying Conditions. Per Amendment 2, the following is the list of qualifying medical conditions to apply for and secure a medical marijuana card in Florida. Cancer. Crohn’s disease. Chronic nonmalignant pain. Glaucoma.

2019 134

Are You Ignoring This Simple Key to Success?

On The Job

When was the last time you wrote a thank-you note? I'm not talking about an email or a text. I'm talking about a handwritten note to someone expressing your appreciation or gratitude. The kind, you know, that has to have a stamp and be put in that thing known as a mailbox. For many people, the last time they wrote such a missive may be when they were in school (elementary). But for those who are really savvy about their careers, a handwritten thank-you note is a key to their success.

2019 109

Margaret Atwood’s MasterClass Review: A Course on Creative Writing

Daily Writing Tips

I wrote about MasterClass a couple of months ago in my review of James Patterson’s course on Writing – and this month, I’ve been enjoying Margaret Atwood’s course on Creative Writing. In case you don’t want to head back to that post, I’ll quickly recap the basics of MasterClass itself here: What’s MasterClass? MasterClass is a well-established brand with a website that offers courses from many big names in the writing world.

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Don’t Worry About It


“Don’t worry about it.”. I hate this phrase. Hearing this phrase does the exact opposite of its intent. It creates worry for me. I find that worry is a waste of time. I’m with Travis Bradberry on this. He said the following about worry: “‘What if?’ ’ statements throw fuel on the fire of stress and worry.

2019 70

Can Tea Help With Your Diet?

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Dieting is not your favorite thing to do. You try to eat healthy foods and exercise when possible. It’s helping you to lose weight, but you would like to do more. You’ve heard a lot about the health benefits of teas. The drink seems to help with everything from heart disease to diabetes. With all the qualities it has for fighting disease, can tea help with your diet, too? The answer is, yes! Tea may help with weight loss. Types of Tea.

2019 133

What the Most Productive People Know About Email

On The Job

As summer approaches, many new graduates will begin their careers in a variety of organizations, full of hope and determination about changing the world. The more seasoned workers sort of smirk at this enthusiasm, knowing it won't take long to break their spirits. In fact, there is one thing guaranteed to bring down these hopeful young people: email. Hundreds of emails will begin to clog these young worker's lives -- they might be surprised how often that "ding!" signals a new missive.

2019 100

3 Tips for More Effective Social Media Images

Small Business CEO

Images should form a key part of any social media campaign, as more and more emphasis is being placed on visual content nowadays. However if you are going to start using images more frequently – you need to make sure they are effective. While there are many elements at play that determine how effective an image is on social media, there are a few essential tips that you should try to follow: 1. Go with bright and vivid colors.

Episode 242: Exploring The Productivity Paradox with Tonya Dalton


On today’s episode, I spent time with Tonya Dalton. Tonya Dalton started her first business in 20019 working out of her home juggling two small kids. By 2011, she had grown the business to the point where her husband could leave corporate America. The company continued to flourish, but something was missing. In 2014, she closed up shop to follow her true passion, inkWELL Press ®—a company centered around productivity tools, training and education.

2019 52

Amazing Discount Strategies That Keep Your Sales Moving Upward

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While discounting is an intrinsic aspiration of all the customers, it is arguably the most important pricing strategy for all businesses, especially retailers. It, however, requires a great amount of prudence in execution. You can consider it as a double-edged sword. It can allure customers and drive sales. And with wrong implementations, it may lead to a reduced bottom line as well.

2019 132

4 Important Tips to Store Your Wine Safely

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Are you an ardent wine collector looking for ways to store your wines at their best condition without spending a fortune? Are you in need of some really effective wine storage tips? If you have some wine that you aren’t planning to consume anytime soon, then you’ll be anxious to store it safely. That way, it will remain in prime condition to be used at a later stage.

2019 127

How to Make a Real Ice Pack for $0.30

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We all get hurt and if you’re a kid, you want immediate comfort. Sometimes, just the thought of remedy is enough to sooth the pain. My wife has done a few things for ice packs. The ole’ ice in a Ziploc bag and the frozen sponge trick have worked wonders. However, Target was selling real ice packs one day and she spent a lot for it.

2019 126

What Can We Learn From Blue Zones?

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What keeps you going in life? Be it a positive affirmation, regular exercise, healthy diet or a reason for being, those individuals among us who achieve particularly long lives have a variety of attributions for their longevity. Good habits and positive thinking aside though, there is more to the picture when it comes to centenarians. The secret may lie within Blue Zones and the inhabitants who live there. What Are Blue Zones? Via

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The Top Mobile Marketing Tools You Need Right Now in 2019

Small Business CEO

Mobile marketing is a new breed of digital marketing. It targets audiences that use handheld devices, like mobile phones, tablets, and the like, to access the internet daily. In other words, online marketers these days can create successful mobile advertising campaigns to increase their customers base significantly.

2019 68

How Responsive Web Design Affects SEO?

Small Business CEO

More than computers and laptops, people are focusing on using the internet through their mobiles. The mobile platform has become an essential point for dominating the world of the online industry. The SEO scenario changed since the day Google announced its new algorithm for the websites to be responsive and mobile friendly. A website that isn’t mobile-friendly does not have any use. The SEO implemented responsive websites can have a positive impact on the traffic.

2019 67

4 Morning Routine Habits for a Productive Day

Small Business CEO

You may not realize it but the choices you make in the morning set the tone for your entire day. Are you starting your day with productive habits that encourage activity throughout the day? Or do you spend your mornings sipping a cup of coffee scrolling through your phone? Include these four habits in your morning routine to get your mind right for the day ahead. 4 Habits to Optimize the Day Ahead. You don’t need to reorganize your entire life.

2019 57

How To Best Offer Training & Development To Staff

Small Business CEO

Your business is only as good as the people you have working in it. Therefore it is key to not only hire the correct staff for each position, but to ensure that training and development is an ongoing process and not neglected. Each and every business and industry is constantly moving, changing and progressing and you need to move with it. Have A Training Plan For Every Member Of Staff.

2019 55

Linked or Not? The Relationship Between Your Personal Finances and Business Opportunities

Small Business CEO

Got the ball rolling about starting your own business but not sure about the money involved? You’re not alone. More than four in ten Americans worry about finance and cash flow when it comes to their new business, based on the market survey by Capital One. Given the numbers, it’s reasonable to question the link between personal finances and business. So… does your personal finance affect funding a business and business opportunities or not? Personal Finances as your Bedrock.

2019 53

GBP/USD Currency Pair – The Best Investment Solution in 2019

Small Business CEO

Although other financial markets, such as the cryptocurrency one, have emerged exponentially in the past few years – the Forex market is still unmovable. With a daily turnover that surpasses $5 trillion, the Foreign Exchange market is the top choice of millions of traders each day. Find out below why the GBP/USD currency pair is the best investment solution in 2019! The GBP/USD currency pair – Brief History.

2019 52

The Best Tax Deductions For The Self-Employed

Small Business CEO

When you’re self-employed, you likely want to find as many tax deductions as possible. While everyone else is waiting for a refund, you’re probably thinking about all of the money you’re going to have to pay the IRS, even if you estimated your taxes and paid quarterly. There’s plenty to keep up with throughout the year including your mileage log if relevant, your receipts and any other information that you might be able to use for your deductions come tax time.

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