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It's Looking Like a "Swoosh" Recovery for the U.S.

Small Business Labs

It's looking much less likely the U.S. will experience a sharp, V-shaped recovery. Instead, a growing amount of data is indicating a slower, "swoosh" shaped recovery is likely.

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How to Shape Your Startup into a Brand

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According to Seth Godin , a brand is defined as: “The expectations, stories, memories, and relationships that account for a consumer’s choice of a product or service over another.”. In simple terms, a brand is what your business does to create a memorable impression in the mind of your audience.

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Podcast Episode 28: Saying No

Simple Productivity Blog

Saying no is a crucial skill to learn if you are going to be in charge of your life. Today we will look at when and why to say no, how it's not always a black and white answer, and various ways to say no. The post Podcast Episode 28: Saying No appeared first on Laura Earnest. Podcast

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Ready for Anything! How to Practice Proactive Career Management (Webinar)

Eat Your Career

Join us for this month’s free webinar on the topic of Ready for Anything! How to Practice Proactive Career Management. Date : Wednesday, August 19, 2020. Time : 11:00 AM Pacific | 12:00 PM Mountain | 1:00 PM Central | 2:00 PM Eastern.

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MIT Economists on the Impact of COVID-19 on Labor Markets

Small Business Labs

The Hamilton Project essay The Nature of Work after the COVID Crisis: Too Few Low-Wage Jobs is authored by MIT economists David Autor and Elisabeth Reynolds.    The essay covers four shifts being accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and their impact on labor markets. 

2020 184

9 Productivity Tips Your Work-From-Home Career Needs

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Whether you are a full-time office worker, a freelancer, or entrepreneur, get ready to pile your bricks and really get stuff done! The population percentage of remote workers is on the rise. Several organizations are getting used to their employees working virtually from anywhere in the world.

2020 183

The Balanced Life Myth

Simple Productivity Blog

Too many people talk about living a balanced life, as if life can be slotted into the chunks of a pie graph. The truth is, we don't balance, not as people typically think. In fact, it's not about doing more, but rather being deliberate about what you do, and letting the rest go.

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Misology and Other Words In the News

Daily Writing Tips

As an avid reader for more years than I care to mention, I have a reasonably large reading vocabulary, if I say so. During the past few months, however, I am encountering more and more unfamiliar words in my daily perusal of various newspapers and websites.

2020 93

7 Winter Foot Problems and Tips for Keeping Them At Bay

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With winter just around the corner, most of us are already dreaming of long days spent on the slopes followed by leisurely evenings by the fireplace.

2020 175

When Camino de Levante Doesn’t Want You – But Camino de Sanabres Does

Brilliantly Better

I’ve been wanting to do Camino de Santiago (or some form of it) for a few years now.

2020 72

Slack Etiquette: Become a Slack Pro in No Time

Small Business CEO

Online communication has always been an essential part of business operations. However, it became far more crucial during the last couple of months. Given the world’s current situation, many companies had to send their employees home to work remotely.

2020 79

Episode 326: The Power of Process with Justin DiRose


On this episode I’m joined by Justin DiRose , a productivity expert and remote work consultant from northern Minnesota. He has a passion for becoming better, the distributed workforce, being a great dad and husband, and music. This episode is sponsored by TextExpander.

2020 52

5 Trends In E-Learning You Should Know For The Coming Decade

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This year’s pandemic has accelerated e-learning from a “good-to-have” to a “must-have” option for every organization. It’s bringing to the forefront strategies that are on the rise and showing no signs of slowing down in the coming decade.

2020 174

3 Biggest Mistakes Made While Writing Emails that are Simple to Solve

Jen Lawrence

Like it or not, email is still our default form of communication and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Sure, you can add in various collaboration and communication tools, but you’re not going to completely get rid of emails.

2020 52

8 Proven Ways to Increase Employee Productivity at work

Small Business CEO

Let’s face it: ensuring maximum employee efficiency is one of the biggest concerns of many Business owners and Managers these days. It is practically impossible to lead a team with different temperament and views and not have any clashes and miscommunication.

2020 79

Episode 325: HEY! I’m Talking Email with Phil Simon


I wanted to talk to someone who knows communication and email to talk about that subject. So Phil Simon joined me once again to talk about email – and in particular, the new kid on the block, HEY. Relevant Links.

2020 40

Fun Activities That Involve Your Children and Pets Together

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Life isn’t easy, more so if you are a double parent (meaning you have kids as well as pets to take care of). It can get a lot hectic to balance and spend equal amounts of time with both of them.

2020 166

12 Frequently Asked Questions About Student Loan Debts

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For millions of Americans, student loan debts are something that is always in the back of their minds. They can be very complicated, and this can lead to a lot of questions.

2020 162

Seeing the Benefits of Coworking Spaces After No Choice But To Work from Home

Small Business CEO

Remote work was already a growing trend long before the COVID-19 pandemic came about and flipped the whole world upside down. When the virus changed everything, the meaning of remote work was included in those changes. It was no longer a choice whether employees could or would work from home.

2020 75

3 Ways To Grow Your Business

Small Business CEO

Over 627,000 new businesses are created each year, and only 51% of enterprises last beyond five years. Opening a business is tough, but the good news is that companies should have, on average, 15-45% year-over-year growth.

2020 73

Digital Marketing Strategies for Rehabilitation Centers

Small Business CEO

Addiction has become such a huge problem in every country on the planet. Whether it is an alcohol or drug addiction, a gambling addiction, or an addiction to sex, reaching out and helping addicts to overcome their demons is more important now than ever.

2020 72

How to Buy a Generator That’s Right for Your Business

Small Business CEO

Did you know that losing power for just one hour causes the average American commercial customer over $1,800 ? Considering that power outage in the United States lasts nearly 198 minutes, this could be a huge cost burden.s.

2020 69

Debt Financing Vs Equity Financing: Getting Your Business Off the Ground

Small Business CEO

Unless your business has a massive balance sheet, you will need financing at some point. For small businesses, you might have to choose between different financing options, keeping in mind that each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How to Sell Property Online for a Good Price

Small Business CEO

Selling your house is a big deal. Let’s be real, it’s a decision that can’t be made easily. You are selling something you once called home. It maybe took you years to decorate and make it your own cozy space, so it can take a lot of time, energy, and effort to let it go and sell it.

2020 68

Increase Brand Awareness With These 6 Ingenious Ways

Small Business CEO

Your business faces competition from other companies in the market, and it’s your duty as a smart businessman to create a different brand that stands out. The big question is how do you increase your brand awareness?

2020 66

Rome DUI Tips: What To Do If You Get Caught Abroad

Small Business CEO

Getting charged with a Driving Under The Influence (DUI) will always face you with a lot of legal trouble and serious consequences. More so when you’ve been charged abroad. When you’re traveling abroad, this isn’t one that you’d exactly like to take home as a souvenir.

2020 61

An Overview of Key Employment Contract Issues Due to COVID  

Small Business CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone and a large percentage of the workforce in the United States and lots of people have been laid off. This has contributed to an economic crisis that has only compounded the public health crisis.

2020 56