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3 Questions You Must Ask to Get Ahead

On The Job

Are you good at your job? If so, congratulations. But it's not enough. If you really want to move up in your career or in your company, then you've got to offer more. You have to go beyond your job description and figure out how your input contributes to the bottom-line success of the company.

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Take Time for Rest and Relaxation

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Take Time for Rest and Relaxation appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. It’s three days before Christmas and things are ready to go. There will be a couple of things that need to be done on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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Ep 146: Mimi Coiffait – Sports Industry Executive Assistant & Operations Manager

Go Burrows

Mimi Coiffait is a specialist sports industry EA and operations manager with over 10 years of experience supporting high profile organizations.

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An Ideal Christmas Checklist for Agency Recruiters

Recruit CRM

The year came to an end really fast. Your holiday decor is up and your plans for Christmas is already in place. You’re probably taking a break and planning to spend time with your family and friends but did you take care of things at work?

Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

5 Hiring Tips in a Virtual World


One thing we do often as part of running an agency for virtual executive assistants is hiring remotely. We’ve learned a thing or two along the way!

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At Home with Our Founder Jess

The Assistant Room

As we turned 5 this year and have survived 2 years of the pandemic, we decided to go back to the beginning and speak to our Founder ad Managing Director Jess. The post At Home with Our Founder Jess first appeared on The Assistant Room. Career

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Imagine If Santa Was a Recruiter!

Recruit CRM

2021 is nearing its end, and oh my God, what a crazy year it has been! Though it's typically a slow time for recruiters, there's a lot to be done in terms of learning and making your employer brand stand out. And guess who's making it more effortless this Holiday season? Santa Claus!

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6 quick ways to speed up a slow Mac

Small Business CEO

The biggest pain of an aging Mac, like with any device, can slow down and performance significantly drops. However, this may not be just because of old hardware – there are some speedup tips to help improve your Mac performance in a matter of minutes. Update your MAC.

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Ep 68. The Holiday Show on Heads Together with Bonnie Low-Kramen – 12/22/21

Bonnie Low-Krayman

We talked about things we learned in 2021 and some great tips to stay sane in 2022. Take a listen and please share with others. Join Bonnie and Jen for Heads Together – The Holiday Show on Wed Dec 22, 3PM ET! Let’s put our heads together to share ideas for enjoying the holiday season!

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Episode 402: Wes Kao talks about Maven, Cohort-based Learning and Seth Godin


As co-founder of the altMBA, Wes Kao helped create the modern cohort-based education movement with Seth Godin. Wes has led over 150 launches for Fortune 500 brands and startups, and is recognized as a leading expert in B2C marketing.

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How to Write a Job Offer Letter That Candidates Will Appreciate?

Recruit CRM

The hiring process is exhausting! After tons of interviews, you finally find the right person to be part of your squad. And you want to make them an offer they can’t refuse. As satisfying as this moment is, it can also be a stressful one too.

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What is The Future for USD?

Small Business CEO

The US Federal System has printed a lot of unsecured dollars over the past year. Therefore, many people rightly fear an imminent strong depreciation of the dollar, and some even believe that the United States is bankrupt.

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The Art of Social Media Marketing: 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid + Free Hashtag Calendar

Jennie Lyon

There are undoubtedly a lot of opportunities for an entrepreneur. I know; you’re probably overwhelmed with excitement!

Ep 67. Mindset Coach Suzie Flynn on Heads Together with Bonnie Low-Kramen – 12/15/21

Bonnie Low-Krayman

The Road to Confidence with Coach Suzie Flynn. Mindset coach Suzie Flynn has walked the talk. A former assistant for 22 years, Suzie understands how it feels to lack confidence and what it takes to tap into your own personal power that no one can take away. Related links: [link] [link] [link].

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Resetting Company Culture


Now is the best time to bring up the conversation about evolving our company cultures. With so many organizations starting to bring employees back in house, there is a natural hesitation.

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5 Tips for Creating a Winning Sales Playbook

Small Business CEO

Suppose you’re to describe the qualities that would distinguish a top-performing salesperson. You may say they’re confident, assertive, persuasive, competitive—any strong qualities may come to mind. But it takes more than simply the perfect set of abilities to be a successful salesperson.

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End Christmas Slowly

Ian's Messy Desk

The post End Christmas Slowly appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. You spend weeks planning, shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating, caroling and much more. Suddenly, on December 25th, it seems to end in a flash.

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Ep 66. Guest Brenda Rogers on Heads Together with Bonnie Low-Kramen – 12/8/21

Bonnie Low-Krayman

Ep 66. Our guest on Heads Together Dec 8 at 3PM ET is Brenda Rogers, CAP, ACEA, whose journey as an EA led her to Chief of Staff for Gordon Ramsay, North America, and travel to London, not once but twice in 2021.

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6 relationship resolutions to make this year


Most of us intuitively know that having close, supportive relationships is important to our general happiness and well-being, and decades of scientific research confirm that human connection not only affects our mental health but is also a key determinant to how long we’ll live and how physically healthy we’ll be during those years. .

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These Are the Tasks your Business Will Soon be Using Software to Do

Small Business CEO

You are already using software to perform a number of business tasks that were once done manually. A good example of this is document editing. Your business degree did not come with a guarantee that you would be a good writer or editor. Official communications from CEOs are usually a jumbled mess.

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Don’t Automate Your Tests Without Proper Goals – Test Automation Guide

Small Business CEO

The demand for the delivery of quick delivery of quality software is increasing. Quality at speed requires organizations to find practical solutions using Agile, continuous integration, and DevOps methodologies.

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7 Ways to Revive Your Workplace Culture

Small Business CEO

Great office culture is so much more than cool promotional items and catered team lunches (though that can certainly be a part of it). It takes work to create and maintain a good workplace culture and, over time, it can decline if you’re not actively cultivating it. Source: By

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Frequent App Downloads Can Provide a Pathway for Regular Business Engagement Via Social Media

Small Business CEO

According to Gravitee’s worldwide app downloads widget , social networking apps are the most popular app downloads in the US., with TikTok and Facebook topping the list. Social media is a significant factor in the success of today’s businesses.

How to Launch an Escape Room Business Successfully

Small Business CEO

Do you sometimes wish to escape from the hectic world? This is quite a common human desire to flee from the routine. The reason for this is not always the specifics of a person’s life but the wish to experience something new and feel like someone different.

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DDoS Attacks: Causes, Effects and How to Protect your Site

Small Business CEO

A DDoS attack is surprisingly easy to carry out and millions of websites worldwide are affected every year. And the worst news? The numbers are growing every year. photo credit:

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6 Challenges to Your Azure Cloud Security and How it Can Be Mitigated

Small Business CEO

The Azure cloud brings massive opportunities for technologies to advance. But it can also introduce numerous challenges. Cloud security is a concern for many enterprises, and Azure cloud security can be challenging to navigate.

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Five Things to Look For in a Company Before Taking the Job

Small Business CEO

Regardless of the position you are applying for in any company, it is crucial to consider every detail of the company and the associated opportunities. While the paycheck is substantial, it does not always translate to happiness. You want to be happy where you work. photo credit: Rawpixel.

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What an Inclusive Company Culture Looks Like

Small Business CEO

Inclusivity matters. Research shows that diverse teams are better equipped to anticipate the shifting needs of consumers and solve problems that might interfere with business success.

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Burns Funding Binds Together a Business Offering that Produces Passive Income Streams

Small Business CEO

Burns Funding, an alternative funding company for entrepreneurs and small businesses, has introduced a program, which founder and serial entrepreneur Peter J. Burns III promises will “create residual wealth” for those who participate.

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Best Way to Grow Your Business Through Online

Small Business CEO

Nowadays, when consumers want or need information on something, they do not go to the yellow pages or the local newspaper, they search for it on the internet using a web browser, or as it has become popular today to use an AI device to find it for them.

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Steps The Self-Employed Need to Take To Save for Retirement

Small Business CEO

There are tons of perks to being self-employed, but they come at the cost of certain benefits others take for granted. One thing that people working for a boss have is a 401(k). This does not relieve them of the need to think about saving for retirement, but it does give them a foundation.

How to Win in a Highly Competitive Market

Small Business CEO

Not all markets are highly competitive. That can be a real advantage if you happen to dominate a niche that no one else can do. Of course, there is a fine line between a niche and a monopoly. Antitrust is a funny thing that is no laughing matter. Apple started out with two guys in a garage.

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Get a better understanding of the science of climate change in just 6 charts


November’s UN climate conference, COP26, turned a spotlight on the climate crisis. But in order to better understand the policies and impacts of global warming, it’s useful to understand the science behind it.

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