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Should You Agree to Requests for Sample Work From Potential Clients?

Virtual Moxie

Call them sample projects, test projects, or anything else you like…as a professional virtual assistant, should you do them if asked by a potential client? My opinion is a big, fat nope. And it’s not only because you deserve to be paid for your work, which you clearly do.

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How assistants can learn to improve business processes

Practically Perfect PA

How Assistants can learn to improve business processes In this post, we will look at how Assistants can learn to improve business processes. Have you ever taken time to analyse your business processes, or do you just ‘do’ them without thinking? Do you ever notice any of your teams’ processes [.].

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The Professional Puzzle – Becoming a Stellar Administrative Assistant

Office Dynamics

Becoming a stellar administrative assistant is the product of hard work, dedication, and a thoughtful approach. Continue reading. Admin Assistant Training Communication Skills Executive And Assistant Partnership Multiple Managers

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You Will Survive: 8 Strategies to Overcome New Entrepreneur Anxiety


Close your eyes and imagine stepping onstage to deliver your first TED Talk. It’s one of the most important moments of your career… only you forgot your pants. Feel that weight in your stomach? That same wide-eyed, what have I done?

2021 113

Want to hire great people and keep them from quitting? 4 strategies that work


This post is part of TED’s “How to Be a Better Human” series, each of which contains a piece of helpful advice from people in the TED community; browse through all the posts here.

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Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Arjun Lall

Recruit CRM

Arjun Lall , the Co-Founder of Rocket considers himself not a conventional recruitment entrepreneur since he doesn't have a full-blown recruitment background but has taken his AI-enhanced recruitment agency to a whole new level with his sharp entrepreneurial mindset.

2021 74

7 Effective Way to Improve Your Conversion

Small Business CEO

If you are running an ecommerce business, it’s important that you focus on improving the conversion rate. As more businesses are coming online to sell products and build new customers, it’s crucial to gain an edge.

2021 86

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Social media content ideas for October

Karen Vivarelli

Stuck in a content rut? Here’s some content ideas to give you inspiration! Have you finally written that killer content strategy plan but just need a little inspiration and kick-start your creativity? Look, we have all been there before where some days it’s easier to write than others.

What Is A Hiring Freeze? 7 Smart Things That A Recruiter Must Do During One

Recruit CRM

Firstly, stop panicking. So, your client(s) have declared a hiring freeze. This might happen to you now more than ever, as the coronavirus pandemic has led to more than one-third of companies across the globe freezing new hires.

2021 58

Reasons Why your Next Business Computer Should be a Laptop

Small Business CEO

When coming to buy a new computer, the first thing you’ll need to decide is what type of machine is right for you. Today there is a vast array of different types of computers to choose from – everything from laptops and desktops to tablets and even the newer hybrid notebook/tablet models.

2021 81

How to Know If You’re Financially Ready to Start a Business


Are you ready to start a business ? If so, you aren’t alone. In the wake of mass layoffs and resignations, the U.S. saw the number of new business applications surge to more than 4 million. COVID-19 might have been the catalyst for these new ventures, but how many of them will make it long term?

2021 102

Episode 389: A/J Jackson talks about Music, Glasses and Color Theory


Best known as the lead singer for the band Saint Motel, A/J Jackson has taken on another exciting endeavour – AVIEW, an innovative new eyewear brand. Find out how he schedules time to be an artist. This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp.

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5 Easy Ways to Market Your Small Business with Facebook

Jennie Lyon

I’ve talked a lot about using Facebook to advertise your business! However, it’s been a while since I followed up. The global pandemic has reshaped the business world, and we were all forced to adapt or flounder.

How to Build a Retail Marketing Strategy That Really Works

Small Business CEO

Make the most out of your retail marketing efforts and develop a strategy that drives engagement and increases sales. Image courtesy of Pexels.

2021 82

7 of the Best Career Books to Help You Land Your Dream Job [2021]


Recent data suggests that employees are l eaving their jobs in record numbers. With many work positions unfilled, you might say it’s a seller’s market for job-seekers. But taking advantage of opportunities like this requires care, skill and planning.

2021 99

8 Productivity Apps Every Business Owner Needs


No business can thrive without adequate productivity. But even the most productive and enthusiastic individuals, teams, and corporations require careful management, planning, and collaboration.

2021 52

Ep 133: Why I Chose the Rope and Carabiner Image for the Cover of The Leader Assistant Book

Go Burrows

Ever since my book, The Leader Assistant came out, people have asked me why I chose to use an image of a climbing rope and carabiner for the book’s cover. Well, I’m glad you asked.

2021 52

How to Deal With Bad Review as a Small Business

Small Business CEO

Online reviews are an important tool that helps small businesses attract new customers. Social proof associated with online reviews gives new customers enough confidence to purchase your products and services, despite not being familiar with your business.

2021 81

7 Daily Habits to Build Your Resilience


Strengthening your emotional resilience takes practice. That’s because mental fortitude—the ability to bounce back from adversity—isn’t necessarily innate. Circumstances shape how we react to adversity. Over time, we can pick up bad practices that drain us of our strength and energy.

2021 96

The Rise Of Non Fungible Tokens

Brilliantly Better

I am fascinated by trends. How they slowly cook, under the radar, how they explode, and how they eventually fade away.

2021 52

How Much Should A Home Business Charge?

Tips From T. Marie

Deciding what to charge can be one of the most challenging aspects of running your work from home business. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling services or products, in order for your business to be successful and support you, the pricing has to be right.

2021 32

Uniforms and Brand Recognition: How to Keep Your Business Memorable

Small Business CEO

When your team presents a professional image, customers will view your business differently. By wearing a uniform that reflects your work quality, you can gain your clients’ confidence over time and enhance your overall business image in the process.

2021 79

Combat Workplace Burnout by Setting Better Boundaries


One summer, I jumped on an opportunity to move to a specific area where I’d live and work for three to four months. Nobody knew me, which meant I could focus on my tasks with minimal distractions. Soon, I found myself working day and night.

2021 89

Moxie Tip #12: Check Your Ethics

Virtual Moxie

Ethics are a big deal in life and in business. No one likes to deal with people whose ethics are lacking. How high are yours? For instance, would you know a conflict of interest if you saw one? And do you have a standard for how to deal with one when it shows up?

2021 26

How to Set Boundaries When Working From Home

On The Job

For many employees, working from home is becoming a new reality of their career -- although how much they work remotely can depend on their job, their company and their boss.

2021 31

6 Things to Check When Picking an Expat VPN

Small Business CEO

A VPN is one of the most important online tools for an expat. It helps you access sites from your home country, unblock geo-restricted content, secure your Internet traffic on public WiFi, and more.

2021 78

Change Isn’t Just About Where You’re Going But About Who You’re Becoming—Here’s How to Develop Your Best Identity


It’s easy to say you’re ready to change. It’s even easier to throw yourself into a self-improvement project, buying dozens of books and courses to stimulate your growth. But planning your dream identity is only the first step.

2021 87

Here’s how your climate-related choices are contagious (in a good way!)


One of the biggest reasons our personal lifestyle choices matter when it comes to the climate crisis is that what we do changes us. And the other big reason is that what we do and say changes others, too. .

2021 12

Referrals Over Customers and Other Key Insights All Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs Should Know


How do you start a business from complete scratch? This is the question this week’s guest on SUCCESS Line , Kailene, came on the show with and one that I suspect many of you have asked yourself. .

2021 86

Do Competitive People Make More Money?


Being competitive might seem like a prerequisite to getting ahead at the office. You need to be cutthroat, consistently winning and constantly pushing to be your best self.

2021 81

This Work-from-Home Setup Will Give You Serious FOMO


Who: Joe Silberzweig. What: Co-Founder of Medium Rare. Where: Los Angeles. Medium Rare (founded by Silberzweig and fellow Forbes 30 Under 30 alum Adam Richman) aims to be the Gen Z version of Dick Clark Productions, partnering with athletes, entertainers and brands to build iconic media properties.

2021 77

How Anger Can Affect Your Whole Day


I’ve stopped checking the news first thing in the morning.

2021 73

A Guide to Find the Best Marketing Channels and Agencies for Your Industry

Small Business CEO

The marketing channels you choose have the potential to determine the future of your business. These are the modes through which your business reaches its customers, clients, and stakeholders.

5 Ways Small Businesses Benefit From Automated Accounting

Small Business CEO

Automation is on the minds of small and large businesses alike. The advancements technology brings now makes it possible for companies to speed up and automate what would’ve otherwise been a tedious and erroneous process.

2021 52

How to Start a Successful Event Planning Venture

Small Business CEO

The event planning industry certainly suffered some setbacks in 2020 and this year, too, as the global pandemic left people stuck at home more than usual, and many events canceled.

2021 52

Everything you Need to Know About Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Small Business CEO

If you’re a small manufacturing business or work with raw materials, you may be considering an oxy-fuel cutter. But what actually is oxy-fuel cutting, and is it right for your business? photo credit: YouTube. What is Oxy-Fuel Cutting?

2021 52

Best VPNs service to Consider in 2021

Small Business CEO

You might have heard about VPNs in the past, but what exactly are they, and why are people advised to consider them? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and this is a cybersecurity software that encrypts your web traffic data. It gives you extra privacy even as you browse online.

2021 17