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4 Steps To Manifest What You Want

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Our every day thoughts and feelings fuel the decisions we make. Whether our thoughts are positive or negative, they have an effect on our lives. Have you ever told yourself “I can do it” and then went ahead and actually accomplished the task? It’s not luck or magic; it’s simply manifesting. Manifesting what you want in your life takes work. First, you need to step back and reflect on your life and identify what you truly want. Nothing can happen unless you put your mind to it and take action.

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Get started on your festive party now

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I know it is mid-July and we are a world away from the festive season, but it is time to start planning out the end of year party. You may think I am crazy, but actually, this is the best time of year to start thinking about your office do. Planning your festive celebration should […]. Core Skills Events Management Featured admin administrators assistants Christmas Party EA Events Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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From Man’s Best Friend to Family’s Favorite Child

Small Business Labs

Regular readers know we like Pet Trends here at Small Business Labs. So we had to cover the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's article The Pet Economy Kicks Into Overdrive. The article covers the growth of the pet economy. Key quote: The surge in spending on pets – and explosion of new products, services and unique “experiences” to help quadrupeds and their owners bond more closely – is at an apex, tracking to break U.S. records this year. According to the article, "the U.S.

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Do I Really Need a Professional Development Plan?

Eat Your Career

If you’ve been following my work for any period of time, you know that I’m a big fan of Professional Development Plans (also referred to as PDPs). I often create these plans in collaboration with my career coaching clients, and I frequently provide training workshops on this topic. However, one question I repeatedly hear is this: Do I really need a professional development plan? What if I don’t have any big career aspirations?

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Getaway From Stress: 7 Reasons Why You Should Travel

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Stress plays a huge role in our lives. Some of the biggest factors that contribute to the increase in stress are work and money. Many people are caught up in the nature of their work. They often forget how important it is to keep their mental and physical state healthy. How can we reduce our stress? It is important for our health that we keep things in balance. One of the effective ways of reducing stress is to take a vacation and travel.

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Working collectively and sharing best practice in your EA network

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Networking is such an essential part of the Assistant role. We can work in such silos that without a network to support our endeavours, the position can be very lonely. I genuinely believe that every organisation which employs a group of Assistants should have a network in place for those Assistants because we can benefit […]. Career Development Featured Networking admin administrators Assistant network assistants Career EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant

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40% of Americans Say They Struggle to Pay Bills

Small Business Labs

The Washington Post's ‘This doesn’t look like the best economy ever’: 40% of Americans say they still struggle to pay bills covers the fact that despite a strong job market and a 10 year long economic recovery, a lot of Americans still struggle financially.

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6 Essential Items You Must Have For Your New House

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Congratulations on buying your own house. However, I’m sorry to tell you that this is just the beginning. After numerous visits to the bank, going through multiple official papers, and getting ahold of your finances, you still have lots to do. Don’t worry, this checklist of things you need when moving into a new house should make things easier for you. Cleaning Supplies. The first thing that you must have is cleaning supplies.

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Should you use a Free WordPress Theme for your Business Website?

Tips From T. Marie

There’s no doubt that WordPress is the ideal choice for building your business website. Recently I touched on the fact that WordPress is an ‘ array of moving parts’. One of those parts is the theme. In WordPress, the theme is the part that dictates your design. Where your logo appears, your colors, and whether a large ‘hero’ image appears on your home page are all items most likely controlled by your theme.

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Comparing the Risk Profiles of Independent Workers vs. Traditional Job Holders

Small Business Labs

One of the clear findings from the MBO Partners State of Independence study series is that, on average, independent workers (freelancers, independent contractors, the self-employed, etc.) and those with traditional jobs have different risk profiles.    Simply put, independent workers are more comfortable with the risks associated with being independent than traditional job holder are.

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The Best Way to Answer Questions About Strengths, Weaknesses

On The Job

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? These are two very common questions asked in job interviews, and they should catch no job seeker off guard if they've prepared their answers. The problem for many applicants is that those answers aren't very good ones. They may be something like, "Oh, my greatest weakness is that I work too hard." Internal eye roll from the hiring manager.) Or: "My greatest strength is that I love people." Another internal eye roll from the hiring manager.)

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Building A Startup: What Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

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It’s July 2003 and you’re a sophomore Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg. You’ve been playing around with a pet project. You’ve got no commercial aspirations for it. It’s just fun to code. It’s a “hot or not” photo comparison site. You call it FaceMash and your friends love it. Then, it finds its way onto the main Harvard servers and your education as a young entrepreneur begins.

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Do You Own Your Premium WordPress Theme License?

Tips From T. Marie

WordPress requires a theme in order to customize the design of your website. In most cases, to get the level of customization you desire it will require a premium WordPress theme, which requires the purchase of a license. As someone who not only creates WordPress Websites but often provides maintenance on sites created by others, one of the biggest issues my clients and I run into is a premium WordPress theme that isn’t licensed to the client.

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Technology of the week: Sales Navigator for Gmail

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This week’s Technology of the Week: Sales Navigator for Gmail What is Sales Navigator Sales Navigator for Gmail is a Chrome extension that shows you everything about your contacts (social links, contact info, etc.) inside your inbox. This is an amazing tool when communicating with someone that you do not know or when you need to […]. Featured Office Technology Technology of the week admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant technology

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Podcast Episode 5: Using External Brains

Simple Productivity Blog

Our brains simply can't hold everything that goes with modern life. Add in some stress, and it's more like a sieve than a filing cabinet. Today I'll talk about some common external brains and some tips on how to use them. The post Podcast Episode 5: Using External Brains appeared first on Laura Earnest. Podcast

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6 Ways to Deal With an Insecure Partner

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With the huge pressures that life can put on relationships — from work-related stress to health issues, becoming parents and even social media — it’s no wonder many of us feel insecure at times. Likewise, most of us have, at one point or another, found ourselves trying to reassure a partner who doesn’t feel as confident in a relationship as they should.

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What is a Premium WordPress Theme & How to Choose One

Tips From T. Marie

In an earlier post , I recommended that when building your business website with WordPress that you opt for a premium theme over a free theme. Does that mean that any WordPress theme that you pay for is going to be a great choice for your website? Absolutely not. So what is a premium WordPress Theme and what you should look for when choosing one? A premium theme comes with a cost The simple definition of a premium theme is that you have to pay to use it.

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Self-discipline for Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

As I’ve developed as a business owner, I’ve come to realise how vital self-discipline is for success. I work from home, and I set my hours, which, as you can imagine, can lead to a lot of procrastination and a lot of time wasting. I also can spend way too much time working, when I […]. Core Competencies Time Management admin administrators assistants Competencies EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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5 Advanced Stress Management Techniques

Simple Productivity Blog

Stress is everywhere in modern life. Some of it is chronic, everyday stress. And some of it can be extreme, brought on by situation and choices. Today I'll look at some advanced stress management techniques that don't get (in my opinion) enough coverage, but can be extremely useful. The post 5 Advanced Stress Management Techniques appeared first on Laura Earnest. Stress

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The Lazy Nomads’ Top 3 Safety Tips for Travelers in 2019

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Worldwide, 400,000 pickpocketing incidents occur daily. And more likely, this figure is higher since innumerable people assume items stolen from their backpacks or pockets were lost. Among the top risks associated with travel include theft, scamming, political unrest, natural catastrophes, and health risks. While traveling might be fun, there’s always danger. With that, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, take into account the following safety tips for travelers.

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Do This One Thing to Ensure You Always Have a Job

On The Job

Amazon recently announced that it plans to spend $700 million to retrain 100,000 employees in an effort to help its workforce adapt to a world using more automation and new technology. Retraining will focus on moving more employees into tech-savvy roles. Still, not everyone is offering praise for the move. Critics contend that Amazon is only dealing with a problem that it created in the first place.

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Nutritional vs Nutritious: What’s the Difference?

Daily Writing Tips

Is there any difference between the words “nutritional” and “nutritious”? They’re both adjectives that refer to the nutrients in a food. Nutrients covers both “macronutrients” (normally defined as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) and “micronutrients” (vitamins and minerals). You’ll quite often see “nutritional” and “nutritious” being used interchangeably, but there is a difference. Nutritional is an adjective that’s used in a neutral context to talk about the properties of a food.

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Episode 253: Elevate Your Eight with Kris McPeak


On this episode I spent time with Kris McPeak. Kris is the author of “Elevate Your 8: 21 Days to Prosperous Time Management” and the CEO of SilverPeak Development, an online career coaching community. During the day she also works at the foundation of a community college. Kris loves swimming, knitting, binge-watching TV, and learning new things. Kris McPeak is a self-appointed guru on work-life balance and finding your dream job.

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5 Things You Must Know in C Programming Language

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Programming rests at the center of different technological advancements we witness in this decade. Operating systems, mobile applications, and many other technologies are based on programming. Over the years, the computing landscape has also witnessed many programming languages and new languages continue to emerge every day. Capabilities of programmers to learn these languages and implement them in practical solutions can attract new career opportunities.

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5 Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers

Small Business CEO

Every business out there has to find a way to retain current, but also attract new customers. Offering a quality product or service is what matters the most, but what good will it do if no one knows about it? Hence, having a well-defined strategy that will get you new customers, but also keep the ones you have satisfied, needs to be one of your top priorities. Of course, that strategy has a lot to do with smart marketing efforts.

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7 Ways to Stop Making Bad Decisions In Life Without Self-Sabotaging

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Every day, I find myself saying things like, “I’m glad I chose to go on this trip”, or “This was the biggest mistake I’ve ever done”. And I try so hard to get things right and avoid all the wrongs — including making bad decisions in life. The thing is, I really just don’t want the consequences of my decisions to turn into a Friday the 13th horror movie that people talk about for years. I mean, imagine having a great business idea but then making the wrong decision on how to execute it.

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Fighting Back Against Back Pain

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Did you know that back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide? There are a lot of ways we can sustain a back injury in our everyday lives, from work life to home life. Once you have that type of injury, it is very difficult to recover from it. That’s because recovery takes time and resources and many people just don’t have the sick days or additional resources to cover a prolonged recovery period.

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How To Become A Successful Instagram Influencer

Small Business CEO

If you want to become a successful Instagram influencer, you should know that it takes a lot of hard work. You need to know a little marketing knowledge and finesse if you want to create a huge Instagram following. There are many reasons why people visit Instagram. photo credit: @angelinadanilova. The most important reason is because they want to connect with their favorite brands and discover new trends.

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The benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

Small Business CEO

Some people don’t prefer to hire a plumber because they feel they can fix the problem. However, this decision is very risky because plumbing is a very complex process. Hiring a professional plumber to fix your problems has plenty of benefits. Major problems in the house, such as low water pressure in the house, frozen pipes, extensive water line damage, etc. call for a professional plumber assistance. These are plumbing issues s that don’t require a DIY solution.

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What Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Missing

Small Business CEO

The best digital marketing strategies take companies to new heights. Since consumers spend a lot of their time online, successful companies reach them through various online platforms. From social media updates to website optimization, digital marketing is essential to business success. As a business owner trying to grow your brand, you need to upgrade your digital marketing strategy if you want to achieve your goals. Continue reading to learn what your digital marketing strategy is missing.

2019 62

How to Manage Rapid Growth as a Business Owner

Small Business CEO

All business owners aim for growth – after all, who doesn’t want their company to thrive? But while rapid growth is exciting, it’s often tricky to manage. A lot of the time, many of us don’t know what to do with the extra money we’re taking in. To sustain this boom, it’s vital to invest leftover profit wisely. To deal effectively with fast growth, why not follow our top business tips? Spot the cause of growth. So, you’re enjoying a profit surge – but why, exactly?

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4 Amazing Online Website Builders You Need to Know About

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The major players in the website building industry offer great speed, performance and uptime. Making a decision on which one fits your personal needs can be hard without doing some research. Find out more info about website builders and their specific strengths. For a rundown of some popular choices, check out the four companies below. Squarespace. Squarespace is an interesting choice for any company.

2019 57

How to Reduce Food Waste Starting from its Production Process

Small Business CEO

Food waste is one of the most relevant issues in the global debate about the future of our planet. It’s generally accepted that an improvement of world population’s quality of life passes necessarily through a more scientific approach to the recovery of natural resources. And all the products – both fresh or processed ones – destined for food consumption purposes are definitely part of this area of interest. Focusing on the production process.

2019 57

Countering Natural Disasters with Construction Technology

Small Business CEO

Natural disasters are an unavoidable reality of life on Earth, but it is only in recent decades that the likelihood of catastrophic events taking place has been considered as part of the design and construction of buildings. With that in mind, here are just a few of the most impressive technologies and feats of engineering that have been deployed to make modern structures safer, more stable and less likely to suffer serious damage in a range of disastrous scenarios. Burj Khalifa.

2019 55

4 Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing HR

Small Business CEO

Human resource management is an essential function for any business. They are the ones who find, train and support the team that keeps the business running. Yet it is a function that many businesses choose to outsource. They may outsource everything from recruitment of hard to find experts to everything in the HR department from hiring to payroll to regulatory compliance. Here are four reasons you should consider outsourcing HR. It Reduces Costs.

2019 54

Why Incorporate Your Online Business in the United States – and How to Do It

Small Business CEO

If you have started an online business and are wondering how to incorporate in the United States in order to take advantage of a number of benefits, then this article – written in a collaboration with Ivy Answer – is for you. Read on. Why Incorporate your Online Business?

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3 Reasons to Have Portable Restrooms at Your Next Events

Small Business CEO

Holding events regularly is a great marketing and networking strategy every business owner should consider. Through events , you can attract new customers or clients and boost the loyalty of the existing ones. Additionally, by holding an event you get an opportunity to learn from others, meet mentors and even investors or partners. However, this is only possible when you plan your event well.

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