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9 Simple Tricks to Supercharge Your whole Day

Dumb Little Man

Some of us are morning people, able to get up full of energy and charge into the day with nothing but a quick bite to eat and a cup of coffee. Others of us need to build up to the point where we no longer long to return to bed for another hour. Yet, virtually all of us have felt that slump in the middle of the day, where we have to fight the urge to take a little nap at the desk or curl up on the break room sofa. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Minimum Wage Versus On-Demand Economy Jobs

Small Business Labs

Critics of the on-demand economy say the jobs aren't good. The main reasons given are lack of security, lack of benefits and low pay. When I hear these complaints, my reaction is compared to what?    If you compare them to manufacturing sector union jobs from 30 years ago, I agree that on-demand economy jobs aren't great. But jobs like that are quite rare these days. Also, the majority of people working in the on-demand economy are part-time.

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5 Signs You Are Out Of Balance

Simple Productivity Blog

We all get busy. Busy is something we can expect from time to time. But when we start giving too much of our energy and focus, we can get out of balance. Today we will look at the 5 signs you are out of balance, and then look at the consequences, and what you can do. The 5 Signs. There are five signs that I look for when I am considering the balance in my life. Nothing Is New. My mother and I talk every week on Skype. When she asks, “what’s new?” I really try to tell her what is going on.

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A review of Assist Travel 2015

Practically Perfect PA

We held our first Assist Travel conference and exhibition on Friday 25th September at the Hilton Bankside and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I hope those that came along enjoyed it too. It was particularly brilliant being the first event to take place at the Hilton Bankside. The hotel itself was not open to guests and you could literally smell the fresh paint in the conference space.

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4 Reasons Why We Never Give Ourselves the Advice We Would Give to a Friend

Dumb Little Man

I mostly found myself giving people the best advices ever. I always try my best to leave the person feeling better and inspired. But when I fall into the same situation, I never treat myself the same. I always found myself being negative to myself and recently chatting with my friends I realized we all make the same mistake. We never treat ourselves the way we would treat a friend.

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The Rise of Online Lending

Small Business Labs

The Rise of Online Lending is a new entry in Intuit's Dispatches from the New Economy report series. It was released in conjunction with an announcement that Intuit and Fundbox  are partnering on a new product that allows small businesses a simple way to fix their cash flow by advancing payments for their outstanding invoices within QuickBooks.

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Did Someone at Work Just Steal Your Idea?

On The Job

Have you ever had someone steal your idea? If you've been in the workplace for any amount of time, the answer may be "yes." But as Daniel Solis points out , there really isn't a way to steal an idea, because someone else has probably thought of it first. The world of work is rapidly changing, and ideas often are zipping around the workplace like a squirrel after drinking a case of Mountain Dew.

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Reaching a Goal? Here’s 10 Common Fears that May Derail You

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There are 2 kinds of fears – instinctive and unnecessary. Instinctive Fear: This is immediate and temporary – the type of fear when you have a near-miss accident. Your fear impulse notifies your brain that then pumps a bunch of adrenaline into your system. Your heart beats fast; you get shaky; you may sweat. But soon it is over and your return to normal. Unnecessary: These are the fears that grip us insidiously – they creep into our thought and often paralyze us, keeping us from moving forward.

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The Return of Guilds

Small Business Labs

The New Yorker's The New Guilded Age  provides an excellent historical overview of guilds and their potential return. Key quote: From roughly the turn of the first millennium to the French Revolution, guilds operated as associations of independent craftspeople, setting standards for their lines of work and cultivating lively subcultures around their labor.    The article focuses on  Prime Produce , a New York city coworking collective.

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Reminders for "Messies"

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2008-01-25 11:48:11. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Author and "Organizing Lady" Sandra Felton has written many books about organizing for "messies." " She herself is a recovering messie so her advice comes from first hand experience. Cleanies vs. Messies She often writes that "cleanies" tidy up automatically, without having to be reminded or nagged at.

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Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire

Practically Perfect PA

We arrived at The Gleneagles Hotel during its year long 90th birthday celebrations at the tail end of an exceptionally warm and sunny Scottish autumn. The fine weather made September and October that bit busier at one of Scotland’s three Leading Hotels of the World. Like all leading hotels there never seems to be a quiet time to visit.

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How to Organize Your Writing Workplace for Better Productivity

Dumb Little Man

The #1 problem every blogger tries to solve is productivity. No matter how cool you are, you need to write; you need to blog by creating, improving, generating, and distributing good content to your audience. To do this effectively, you have to be productive. Even such awesome and super productive bloggers as Seth Godin think on increasing their productivity level. This problem is not new, and everyone looks for tips and tricks on better blogging, reads guides, searches for inspiration, etc.

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How to Get More Done in Meetings

On The Job

No matter how many cell phones you ban from meetings, or how many meetings you have while walking or standing or whatever you try to do to make them shorter, meetings just don’t seem to get better. The reason, says Al Pittampalli , a meetings expert who advises organizations like NASA and IBM, is because meetings have become the “Kabuki dance of corporate politics,” as leaders and teams use them as a way to dodge work, decisions and personal accountability.

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Future-Proof Your Career

Office Dynamics

NOTE: Monday Motivators will not be published on November 2. We will be recuperating from our big conference! Dear Monday Motivators, Happy Monday! It’s that time of year again for the Office Dynamics staff to put everything they have got into high gear this week. We are one week out from our 22 nd Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, which sold out in May!

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Where to Get a Writing Critique

Daily Writing Tips

From time to time, I receive emails from writers, asking me to critique attached poems or short stories. In the early days, I would send a polite reply, explaining that I hadn’t time to critique their work. Now I simply delete the email and attachments and get back to my own writing. The DWT Contact page states the policy that our writers don’t answer questions via email. Critiquing a manuscript of any length is time-consuming. Time is the most precious possession of a working writer.

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What To Say To a Girl You Just Met

Dumb Little Man

How many beautiful women have you let waltz out of your life before they were even in it? She could have been your blushing bride but you didn’t even speak, probably because you ‘didn’t know what to say.’ ’ Back in the day, I let hundreds of babes breeze by because it took too long to construct the perfect opening line. Now, I can approach with an empty brain and instantly make conversation. All because of this one epiphany… You can say whatever you want.

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The Productivityist Podcast Episode 62: 15 Time Secrets with Kevin Kruse


Joining me this week on the podcast is the author of 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. We talk about why Kevin wrote this book, how to wrap up your work day responsibly, the idea of awareness and how it relates to productivity, the importance of routines, and more. Relevant Links. Get Kevin’s “15 Time Secrets” book for FREE (only pay for shipping). Peter Tunney | Artist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur. High Output Management by Andrew S. Grove | Amazon.

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Effective, Efficient, Effectual, and Efficacious

Daily Writing Tips

My recent post on cost-effective and cost-efficient garnered a couple of emails from readers who suggested that I might not be aware that effective and efficient have different meanings. Despite the difference between the words effective and efficient when used alone, once the word cost is added to them to produce cost-effective and cost-efficient , the meaning of both compounds appears to be economical or cost-saving.

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Daily Writing Tips

A reader has asked me to discuss the word quantify : I was hoping you could help me with the word quantify. I feel like I’m not quite using it correctly. As a term in logic, quantify means to ascribe universal or particular quantity to a term or proposition. For example, the statement “Dogs are playful” is not quantified. Adding a word like some or all quantifies it: “ Some dogs are playful.” “ All dogs are playful.”.

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Stigma, Stigmas, and Stigmata

Daily Writing Tips

Another term associated with religious practice, but often used in other contexts, is stigma. The word has two plural forms: stigmas and stigmata. Stigma derives from Greek and Latin words for the type of mark made by burning, like the brand placed on a slave, or by cutting. The word’s figurative meaning is “mark of censure or infamy.”. The plural stigmata appears in a line at the end of Saint Paul’s Letter to the Galatians.

2015 74

The Value Of Going Off The Grid


This piece was originally published in The Productivityist Weekly. Not signed up for the newsletter yet? Click here and you’ll get it delivered to your inbox every week and receive a copy of The Way of The Productivityist Manifesto absolutely FREE!” ” Let’s face it, we are being inundated with email, RSS feeds and many other types of information on a daily basis – it seems never ending.

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Inferno and Infernal

Daily Writing Tips

When I see the word inferno , I think fire , but originally, the word did not carry the connotation of intense heat. The association with burning derives from beliefs taught by some religions about the afterlife. The OED offers only one definition of inferno : Hell; a place of torment or misery compared to hell; a place likened in some respect to the Inferno of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Merriam-Webster offers three definitions of inferno : 1. a place or a state of torment and suffering.

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Introducing The Awareness Building Class


Awareness and focus are two essential elements needed to “be” productive and take your life to the next level. To improve focus, you must also maintain a high level of awareness, and this often does not come naturally. Honestly, this is an area each of us can improve in. Because of this, I’d like to present a new product I’ve created with my friend Shawn Blanc called The Awareness Building Class.

2015 71


Daily Writing Tips

The verb electrocute was coined in the late nineteenth century on the model of execute in the sense of “to inflict capital punishment upon.”. Unlike execute , which has a legitimate Latin etymology, electrocute is a portmanteau word. Fowler ( A Dictionary of Modern English Usage ) held it in disdain: This word does not claim classical paternity; if it did, it would indeed be a barbarism.

2015 71

Verb Mistakes #11: Fare

Daily Writing Tips

The verb fare derives from the Old English verb faran , “to travel.” In OE it could also mean “to undergo” or “to suffer.”. In modern usage, the verb fare is used to mean something like “to get along.” Here are examples of correct usage: [Sanders] offered a stunning chart that showed just how poorly most Americans have fared during economic recoveries since the advent of Reaganomics. NBA Then and Now: How Today’s Superstars Would Have Fared Across Eras.

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