April, 2022

Is a Two-Week Notice Necessary When You Quit?

Eat Your Career

Recently, I’ve seen some discussion around the topic of the traditional two-week notice period given when you quit a job. Some folks are saying it’s no longer necessary. Some argue it is. So, as a career coach, I wanted to weigh in on the topic and offer my professional opinion.

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A Key Factor to Consider When Looking for a Venue for Your Meeting

Office Dynamics

What is the most important factor to consider when looking for a venue for your meeting

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PIP vs. PDP: What’s the Difference?

Eat Your Career

We can probably all agree: Business abbreviations are the worst! When you don’t know what they mean, they sound like random letters thrown together to make some people feel superior and leave the rest of us feeling totally confused and ignorant.

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Does a Home Business Need Regular Business Hours?

Tips From T. Marie

One of the reasons owning a home business is many people’s dream job is the desire for flexibility. Working 9 to 5 or longer, plus the added time of commuting means a large chunk of time daily is spent either going to, coming home from, or being at work.

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Elevating the Virtual Interviewing Experience

How do you break through the digital barrier when conducting a virtual interview and share your exceptional self? Think in unconventional ways to elevate the virtual interviewing experience.

Is Endless Scrolling Ruining Your Career?

On The Job

When I first began working from home decades ago, people were envious and said they wanted to do the same. They often asked me for advice, and there were two things I told them: 1. You cannot work with kids underfoot. Be disciplined and set a schedule.

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4 Questions That Will Change Your Life


Nothing stands still. Things either get better or they get worse— you are ?getting getting better or worse. It’s a universal principle starting with the universe itself: that which doesn’t expand, contracts. You are either going forward or backward.

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Episode 418: Joshua Becker talks about Things That Matter


Things that matter just hits different. And not just those things, but the book by Joshua Becker of the same name. Joshua isn’t just one of my favourite people to have a conversation with, he’s one of my favourite writers.

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Navigating Increasing Complexity at Work

Eat Your Career

It’s no secret that the working world is more complex today than it’s ever been in the past. Everything is fast-paced, highly advanced, unpredictable and interconnected, which makes your job much more difficult.

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10 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Admin Team

All Things Admin

Administrative Professionals Week (April 24 – 30, 2022) is an excellent time to show your admin team how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication, especially as they have weathered the global health crisis of the past couple years.

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Research Shows Why Your LinkedIn Photo Matters

On The Job

If you're like most people, you have a lot of photos. Photos of you with your bestie. Photos from a fun weekend with your family. Probably even a few work photos from the company picnic. You probably also have lots of selfies. Perhaps you even posted one of those selfies on your LinkedIn profile.

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Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

If You Want to Change Your Life, Change What You Think


I sometimes think of life as a battlefield—albeit a metaphorical one. Can anyone deny that bloodless battles rage around us every day, often fought against familiar enemies that loom from the past?

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What Is Cryptocurrency’s Role In The Future Of Work?


According to Dennis Consorte, Small Business Consultant and Expert at Digital.com, companies who pay their workers in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have been shown to improve their hiring rates. .

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Episode 419: Adrienne Smith talks about playing football, giving her all, and giving back to the game


I’ve always wanted to interview a football player for the podcast. Thanks to Adrienne Smith , I got my chance.

2022 82

Is HR the Enemy?

Eat Your Career

I’ve been working in the professional development arena for a long time now. I started my business in 2009, and it’s funny how much has changed—and how much has stayed the same. One thing that has always been true is this: People really mistrust Human Resources.

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Is a post-COVID remote work policy right for you?

Business Management Daily

With COVID restrictions easing up and vaccines now readily available, many business owners are planning for the return to the office. Others are wondering if they’ll even really need an office at all after two years of their team working remotely without a loss of productivity.

Top Ways to Borrow Money in 2022

Small Business CEO

The post Top Ways to Borrow Money in 2022 appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. You need to learn how to borrow money effectively if you want to avoid mistakes and know how to avoid the debt cycle. Knowing how to deal with debt is as important as knowing how to deal with your personal finances.

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10 Collaboration Tools to Bring Your Next Great Idea to Life


“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” ” Those are the words of Halford E. Luccock, a prominent professor at Yale Divinity School. It’s nice, but it boils down to another, prettier way of saying collaboration is key. And it is.

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WeCrashed…We Watched: Here’s Our Review of the New Apple+ Limited Series


WeCrashed focuses on the tensions of the growth of the enterprise while maintaining the “soul of the company.” . All and all, WeCrashed is a fun ride for folks in the world of shared office space who have been inundated with headlines of WeWork’s tremulous journey for the last decade. .

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ELSx Webinar: The Career Behind the Job

Team ELS

ELSx Webinar: The Career Behind the Job. June 27, 2022 | 1pm CDT. Register Today! Join Helen Monument in the latest ELSx Webinar: The Career Behind the Job.

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The studied carelessness of agile workplaces

Workplace Insight

In recent years we have grown very fond of borrowing foreign words to describe some of the more difficult to express ideas about wellbeing and the new era of agile, experiential and engaging work.

2022 74

The Impact Of Design On The Return To The Office

All Work

Despite hybrid working set ups, there is still some reluctance to return to the office. But why, and how can the physical workspace itself help address this issue?

2022 72

6 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs – What You Can Learn From Them

Small Business CEO

The post 6 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs – What You Can Learn From Them appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. What do the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have in common? Not a great deal, really. Entrepreneurs come from all backgrounds and walks of life.

2022 77

The Science of Changing Other People


My friends thought I was insane. I had worked incredibly hard to land the opportunity to anchor two national newscasts at CBS News. Every morning, more than 1 million people tuned in for their daily dose of current events from me, Michelle Gielan.

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California’s 32-Hour Workweek Could Have A Ripple Effect On The Rest Of The Country


California may be one step closer to passing its 32-hour workweek legislation for companies of 500 or more employees. . The policy will need to overcome opposition from the California Chamber of Commerce and other organizations. This week, the state’s?Labor

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Ep 161: Alicia Fairclough – Executive Assistant to Co-Founder at Uncapped and Founder of EA How To

Go Burrows

Alicia Fairclough is Executive Assistant to Asher Ismail, Co-Founder of Uncapped. She is also the Founder of EA How To. In this episode, Alicia shares her story of becoming an executive assistant, why she started EA How To, the power of community, and how to remain productive while working from home.

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British Council for Offices honour London’s best workplaces at annual Regional Awards

Workplace Insight

Six London workplaces have been recognised at the annual British Council for Offices’ (BCO) Regional Awards.

2022 71

Power Of Public Speaking


Looking for 10 quick and easy-to-implement tips to power up your presentation game? Here it is, along with information on how you can work with Danielle to get you from behind the scenes whether you are speaking in-person or online!


4 Reasons to Start Your Small Business This Year

Small Business CEO

The post 4 Reasons to Start Your Small Business This Year appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Deciding when to start your small business is important.

2022 75

3 Ways to Get Better at Dealing with Change


We all know that nothing lasts forever. It’s a fact of life that has guided the evolution of our society since the dawn of time. Without change, there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement. Improvement means moving forward. It means making life better.

2022 95

What Is The Importance Of Task Automation In Productivity And Well-being?


97% of workers believe that automation will improve their organization’s efficiency. . The average employee loses around 60 hours a month doing easily automatable tasks, so the incentives for automating those tasks is quite clear. .

2022 83

Ep 164: Kathleen Gauden – Owner of The Virtual Assistant and Company

Go Burrows

Kathleen Gauden is owner of The Virtual Assistant & Company and has been working from home since long before it was hip and trendy. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Kathleen shares tips for working remotely so tune in to hear her story and advice. LEADERSHIP QUOTES.

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A third of workers think their jobs are at risk from automation

Workplace Insight

A new poll claims that one in three (37 percent) employees consider their current job to be at risk from automation and digital transformation.

2022 70

Having Confidence While Living in the Uncomfortable


Join Sabrina Smith to learn some of those secrets and why it’s important to project confidence and presence no matter the circumstance. Learn administrative professional Career Advice Communication leadership

6 Unique Small Business Ideas for Nurse Practitioners

Small Business CEO

The post 6 Unique Small Business Ideas for Nurse Practitioners appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Most people think that business owners have some special education in business, marketing, or even an MBA.

2022 72

How I Use My Journal to Change My Mindset


My journal used to be exactly what you probably picture when you think of a preteen writing in her diary. Pink and floral, it was sealed with a cheap gold lock and a key I kept around my neck.

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