Mon.May 10, 2021

Debunking The Myths — And Uncovering The Advantages — Of Health Savings Accounts

Dumb Little Man

When you started your career, you were probably told that working hard and saving plenty of money would put you on your way to financial independence and a comfortable retirement. While this is good and true advice, it overlooks one thing: Your savings won’t matter if you aren’t healthy.

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U.S. Birthrate Hits Another All-Time Low

Small Business Labs

One of the interesting statistics from the 2010 U.S. Census was their finding that the U.S. birthrate hit an all-time low in 2010.  

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What Bosses Need to Do Now for Teams Moving Back to the Office

On The Job

Some people are anxious to get back to the office and leave behind the days of working at their kitchen tables in their pajamas.

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Exceptional EA

A thought for your day, with my good wishes to all … Once you choose hope, anything’s possible. Christopher Reeve.

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How COVID-19 transformed the future of medicine | Daniel Kraft

TED Talks

The pandemic forced the world to work together like never before and, with unprecedented speed, bore a new age of health and medical innovation.

Moving the Needle Part 2

Team ELS

Moving the Needle Part 2. Join Trish Stadler, Sherell Bains, and Julie Kavanaugh for Part 2 of Moving the Needle on the Executive Assistant Career. More time will be dedicated to Q&A so come prepared with your questions! Featured Guest Speaker: Trish Stadler.

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Bonus Episode: The Patreon Process with Steve Dotto


Steve Dotto shares how you can best leverage support from your community through Patreon, and why it should be a key pillar to your business – so you can keep creating great content. Steve is an expert in helping people master tech to live the life they want.

2021 52

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What You See Is NOT What You Get

Brilliantly Better

In media, that is, only in media. Both in traditional media (sometimes abbreviated as MSM, Mainstream Media) and social media. They are both reality distortion techniques which are greatly affecting our ability to perceive what is, and to act accordingly.

Signs You Need an Executive Assistant (and NOT a “VA”)


One of the first questions people ask when they realize they need help in their business is, who is it that I need to hire? Sometimes it’s difficult to define because it seems like you have so many disparate tasks! We’re here to help with a few clues.

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Covid-Friendly Work Party Essentials

Small Business CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic has had one of the largest impacts on businesses worldwide. Workplaces and stores have been forced to shut down and work remotely for the past year.

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