Wed.Jun 10, 2020

7 Benefits Of Using Google Ads

Dumb Little Man

Is Google Ads right for your business? Is it worth the investment? These are the questions you have to ask yourself before you approach any new strategy, particularly paid online advertising.

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Obstacle And Opportunity Start With The Same Letter

Brilliantly Better

One of the perks of working from coffee shops is the amount of meaningful conversations you can have – based, obviously, on the number of interesting people you meet there.

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How to Avoid Black PR: What to Expect and How to Fight?

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Good reputation is a very important aspect of a successful business. But sometimes slander and black PR get in the way, damaging your business. Therefore, we will tell you how to act in this situation. Fight with Black PR – Make Your Reputation Perfect Again.

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Furlough and Terms for Changes in Employment Status

Daily Writing Tips

This post explores definitions and connotations of various terms associated with leaving one’s place of employment. Discharge.

2020 75

How to turn your dissatisfaction into action | Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr

TED Talks

After the devastating rebel invasion of Freetown in 1999 and the Ebola epidemic in 2014, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, mayor of the city, refused to be paralyzed by her frustration with the status quo. Instead, she used her anger as a catalyst for action.

2020 83

Episode 310: Trying Times with Bosco Anthony


My guest for this episode of the program is digital strategist, renowned speaker, and good friend Bosco Anthony. When we decided to have this conversation initially, we had a different set of topics in mind.

2020 52

Make Your Online Business Stands Out

Small Business CEO

It is probably pretty clear by now that being your own boss comes with immense perks. This is not to say that there aren’t always more drawbacks than one would imagine, but being your own boss is without a doubt more rewarding and potentially lucrative than working for someone.

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Why Continual Training is Important for CEOs

Small Business CEO

The majority of CEOs already have a number of years of personal development and experience under their belts. However, continual training is an important part of CEO development, particularly for those who want to remain ahead of their competition.

2020 61

How to Invest in Properties When You’re Not Rich

Small Business CEO

Many people invest in properties when they are rich or when they have a stable income with money to spare. Many think what investments in properties can cost a bomb and hence they push back their investments until it never happens.

2020 56

Reverse-Engineering What Makes Them Tick: 5 Common Denominators of Successful eCommerce Stores

Small Business CEO

It’s becoming more clear every day that eCommerce is the future of retail shopping. Even successful traditional brick-and-mortar stores have found that they can’t remain competitive without an online presence.

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