Wed.Jun 17, 2020

Daily Habits That Will Increase Your Happiness To The Max

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Who doesn’t want to feel happy all the time and get rid of all life’s sorrows? Alas, it’s not always possible to stay in your best spirits. What most people don’t understand is that happiness is not something that can be achieved by material things.

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10 Terms About the Coronavirus You Should Know

Daily Writing Tips

One by-product of the COVID-19 pandemic is the introduction of a vocabulary pertaining to the disease. Here are ten terms everyone should know to help them and others in their families and communities understand the disease and avoid contracting it.

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LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts: LinkedIn’s Best Practices

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LinkedIn is the largest online professional networking platform. It’s only wise to make use of it the right way. If someone is only using it as an online resume, then they are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

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30 Days Into A 230 Days Writing Challenge

Brilliantly Better

Last month, on May 15th, I stared a 230 days writing challenge. The goal was to write every day until the end of 2020. So far, so good, I’m on track with more than 30 posts already (32, to be precise, if we include this one too). Since this is quite a big task, I.

2020 77

Are Passwords Obsolete?

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What is the future of passwords? It seems that every year our passwords become more complicated and less secure, but why? The history of passwords gives us some clues as to why passwords just don’t seem to work and what they might become in the future. Are passwords already becoming obsolete?

2020 175

8 Ways To Improve Your Productivity And Mental Health

Small Business CEO

During a pandemic, productivity and mental health may seem to function far apart from each other, but they actually work hand in hand. For many of us, including myself, there has been a lot of pressure to not only stay productive, but to accomplish more than ever before.

2020 90

The alliances needed to rebuild the developing world | Achim Steiner

TED Talks

Developing countries need strong alliances between the public and private sectors to rebuild after COVID-19, says Achim Steiner, administrator for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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A dose of reality about generic drugs | Katherine Eban

TED Talks

Investigative journalist Katherine Eban set out to report on a seemingly straightforward question: Are generic drugs really identical to their brand-name counterparts?

2020 83

Episode 312: Curating Your Life with Gail Golden


This episode of the podcast delves into the concept of curation with the author of Curating Your Life , guest Gail Golden. This episode of the podcast is sponsored by Shippo. The #1 challenge for most e-commerce businesses? Shipping. And these days customers expect it to be flawless.

2020 52

Why Do Online Retailers Need to Use Conversion Rate Optimization?

Small Business CEO

The benefits of conversion rate optimization for online retailers may not initially seem clear. Yet, with every other aspect of operating your online business, one thing is for sure.

2020 65

How to Earn Money from Home

Small Business CEO

With the world in crisis and more people than ever are stuck at home without jobs, there has never been a better time to pick up a side-hustle. A side hustle is something that you can devote whatever spare time you have to whilst earning money at the same time. Ideally, they are scalable.

2020 63

How to Ensure Your Retail Store is Health and Safety Compliant

Small Business CEO

Health and safety law extends to all enterprises, no matter how small they are. You are responsible for the health and safety of your retail store. It is necessary to take proper precautions to reduce the dangers of occupational accidents and have a safe working atmosphere.

2020 63

3 Types of Penny Stocks That Are Worth Trading

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission defines a penny stock as any stock that trades below $5 a share. While savvy investors use penny stocks’ low prices to make money, many people are tempted to buy them without doing their research, but this is a mistake.

2020 60

How to Identify Winning Products That Sell

Small Business CEO

Searching for that perfect product to start a business with can admittedly be difficult. Many of today’s inventors stumbled across their idea by chance or they say it “just came to them.”

2020 52