Tue.Feb 02, 2021

Importance Of Virtual Support Staff To Your Business

Dumb Little Man

Gone are the days when virtual assistants (VAs) were thought of as some kind of internet-enabled secretaries. Known as multi-talented multitaskers, virtual assistants are now seen as highly-skilled, independent professionals who provide a variety of business services from a remote location.

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The Rapidly Growing Creator Economy

Small Business Labs

Axios' App rush: Talent over trash covers the growth of social media apps where the content is created by digital content creators who are getting paid.    Key quote: The big picture:  Creator-economy platforms like Patreon, Substack and OnlyFans are built around content makers who are paid. It's a contrast to platforms like Facebook that are mostly powered by everyday users’ unpaid posts and interactions.

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Podcast Episode 40: The Way to Pick What to Do Next

Simple Productivity Blog

In Chapter 2 of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity , David Allen spells out the four criteria model for choosing the next thing to do. He says that you choose what to do next based on (in this order) context, time available, energy and priority.

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Communicating with Confidence

Eat Your Career

Communication is a complicated, multi-faceted skillset required for professional success. Unfortunately, it’s a tough one to master. More important than what you say is how you say it. All too often, messages are muddied because of insecurity, self-doubt and nerves. People don’t hear the words because the delivery is so distracting. Confidence has the power to enhance your communication in dramatic and surprising ways.

How a geospatial nervous system could help us design a better future | Jack Dangermond

TED Talks

What if we could better understand the world's biggest challenges simply by looking at a map?

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Optimizing Brain Cycles

Brilliantly Better

Do you know what “speed” means when we’re talking about computers? Specifically, about the Mhz/Ghz number before a CPU name, like 3.2Ghz Intel Xeon? If you’re a geek, you obviously do, but if you’re not, you probably imagine is something related to how fast a computer can be at running certain tasks. And, overall, you’d. Read more. The post Optimizing Brain Cycles appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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Video Calling Apps You Can Use to Make Virtual Calls From China Besides Skype

Small Business CEO

Without a doubt, video conferencing apps have reaped big in this COVID-19 pandemic era. Because a significant percentage of employees have been forced by social distancing circumstances to work from home. Same can be said of VPN apps, and if you are yet to find a reliable VPN, read about Astrill China eligibility. Video conferencing apps have bridged the communication gap between companies/organization management and employees.