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Why has Social Media Marketing Become Popular to Grow Your Business

Dumb Little Man

Google is the undisputed master of the web markets and being indexed in a more favorable position than a competitor is essential to have a return in popularity (and therefore, also economic) and to make your website productive.

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Happy Holidays!

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Podcast Episode 37: Happy Holidays

Simple Productivity Blog

Wishing you and your families very happy holidays. Support me at Patreon: [link]. The post Podcast Episode 37: Happy Holidays appeared first on Laura Earnest. Podcast

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Can You Ask for a Raise During the Pandemic?

On The Job

Many people believe asking for a pay raise during this time of crisis for many companies is a no-no. They're right. Sort of.

2020 130

Why Minimalism?

Dumb Little Man

Many people are seeking to live a life with less. But what exactly is minimalism? Put simply, minimalism is a way of living that’s focused on experiences while purging life of unnecessary possessions and commitments.

2020 193

How to Build a Business Case for Training Requests

All Things Admin

Requesting Training and Professional Development Support from Your Employer. Professional development is essential for every admin, regardless of experience. But when that training comes with a large price tag, it’s often out of reach. The solution? Asking your employer to make an investment in you.

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My Favorite Tools

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the things people constantly ask me is what tools I use. It’s like they expect I have some magic set of tools that makes productivity easy for me. Nope. I use some easily accessible tools, and most of them are free. So today I will talk about my favorite tools.

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6 Reasons to Get Certified as a Data Scientist

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Data science is advancing rapidly. One major advantage that it has over other fields of computer science is that it is a very interdisciplinary field. This means that it involves concepts from a large number of other fields of computer science and even beyond.

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5 Benefits of Working with a Business Coach

Small Business CEO

Launching and managing a business takes a great deal of hard work, patience, and perseverance. If you’re running a small operation and work alone, the pressures and responsibilities you face as a result can be difficult to manage.

2020 80

Learning To Play The Guitar – 4 Months Later

Brilliantly Better

A few months ago I posted something about learning to play the guitar. It was on June 18th 2020. In all honesty, I didn’t start on that day, because I decided to first go on Camino de Santiago (which, in hindsight, proved to be a very good decision). But a few days after I returned. Read more. The post Learning To Play The Guitar – 4 Months Later appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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Top Tricks To Promote Your Recruitment Brand During Christmas

Recruit CRM

The Holiday Season is the perfect time to connect with your clients! Whether it's by showing your loyal clients how you care, to warm up present and past leads, or even entice new ones with some strong advertisement campaigns, there’s a tremendous chance to use Christmas to your marketing benefit.

2020 52

How to Use Link Signals to Improve Search Engine Rankings

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In the digital age, a business’ website is a treasured asset. But before customers can shop at a business online, they need to find it first.

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Your Competitive Edge: 9 Golden Rules of Customer Service

Small Business CEO

Modern-day consumers are nowhere near as loyal or forgiving as their predecessors and that means you have to give them great customer service each and every time they decide to do business with you, or they might walk away and not return.

“To Cow” and “To Kow-tow”

Daily Writing Tips

Although the idiom to be cowed has nothing to do with Elsie the Cow, the use of corralled in a review of The Magical Chorus by Solomon Volkov in the Washington Post suggests a connection: The culturati who would, could or should challenge it are cowed and corralled.

2020 77

Shoe Repair Tips Everyone Should Know

Dumb Little Man

Are you attached to your favorite footwear and having a hard time giving it up to get a new pair? Worry no more because you can keep them for another year or two, especially those fancy and high-priced pairs.

2020 152

Should I Hire an SEO Company or Do It Myself?

Small Business CEO

Growing a small to mid-sized business is no easy task. Determining whether to contract certain jobs or do them yourself makes the path to business growth even more difficult. Any analyst or marketing consultant knows about the growth potential that search engine optimization (SEO) offers.

2020 71

Video Chat App: How to Build it in 2021

Small Business CEO

As the world progresses, video calling has become a very crucial part of life. It is finding its importance not just for entertainment and communication purposes but also for educational and business-related work. There has been a substantial rise in the popularity of video chatting applications.

2020 69

4 Major Reasons Behind Investing in Bitcoin During This Time

Small Business CEO

Well, 2020 is the year of bigger movement or change for bitcoins. According to the researches, people in large amounts are accepting bitcoin, and there’s a massive rise in those who are responding to bitcoin.

2020 69

Changing Business Strategies: 6 Effective Ways to Know

Small Business CEO

When it comes to your business, vigilant change and vigorous growth are absolute necessities. However, both change and growth are not easy. A CBInsights analysis of 101 startups polls 14% of businesses fail because of poor marketing strategies.

2020 69

4 Things Companies Can Do to Let Their Employees Know They Care

Small Business CEO

If 2020 did nothing else, it let many employees know how their company truly felt about them. Some businesses bent over backward to help their employees in light of the pandemic and the pandemonium it caused.

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6 Smart Ways to Tell Good Link Building Services from the Bad Ones

Small Business CEO

SEO is one of the top marketing strategies to get your name out there. Consisting of a whole range of different factors like keywords, site structure, mobile-friendliness, technical aspects, and so much more, it does get a little complicated at times to manage it all.

2020 65

Demystifying Manufacturing: 3 Tips for Working With Acrylic Sheets

Small Business CEO

Acrylic is a form of plastic that serves as a shatter-proof alternative to glass, and makers use it for a wide variety of applications. Also known as Plexiglass, acrylic is ideal for bullet-proof windows, signs, walls, aquariums, and protective shields, to name just a few common uses of the material.

2020 63

The UK is Leaving the EU in 2021: Here’s What You Need to Know

Small Business CEO

The UK is leaving the EU single market and customs union at the end of the transition period on the 1st January 2021. Brexit will have implications for all UK businesses who trade with companies outside of the UK no matter if they are within the EU or outside the EU.

2020 59

How I Teach My Students To Get 5-10 New Coaching Clients Per Month (Without Spending a Dime on Ads or Building a Webinar)

Small Business CEO

When coaching clients are told that a coach will help them land five to ten new clients a month, there’s often a concern that they will be advised by the coach to invest in ads or build out a webinar. These are some of the most commonly used sales techniques that coaches advise.

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