Thu.Mar 18, 2021

Improving decision-making for Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Improving decision-making for Assistants Many Assistants are worried about making decisions because they are worried they will make the wrong one. We have talked about how important it is for Assistants to have space for making mistakes. That is very important.

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Uber Grants U.K. Drivers "Worker" - But Not Employee - Status

Small Business Labs

After losing a U.K. Supreme Court case,  Uber this week announced it would be classifying its U.K. drivers as "workers." "  This means Uber's 70,000 UK drivers will get a minimum hourly wage, holiday pay, pensions and other benefits.    Unlike the U.S.,

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Best plan for making a modular kitchen

Office Organization Success

The process of restoring the present kitchen or installing an original one from the score is an enormous undertaking. So, before opening with the kitchen development, it is indispensable to conduct required research to make certain the final fixing is practical for its planned use.

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Online learning could change academia -- for good | Tyler Dewitt

TED Talks

Higher education remains rooted in rigid, traditional structures and tracks -- and it's at risk of getting left behind in favor of expanded access, greater flexibility and tailored learning.

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Can Recruiters Avoid Gender Bias In Workplace With These 4 Steps?

Recruit CRM

The World Health Organization (WHO) clearly states that about 1/3rd of a person's life is spent at work. Therefore, how he/she spends their time at work will determine their overall well-being, happiness and mental health.

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Promotion Time: How Do You Know When the Time is Right?


You’ve been working to hone your skills and following your promotion strategy since Day One. Now, how do you know when it is time to have that critical conversation? Let’s talk about how to know it’s time to address your promotion.

Moving the Needle on the Executive Assistant Career Part 1

Team ELS

Moving the Needle on the Executive Assistant Career Part 1. Join Trish Stadler and a panel of esteemed EAs to learn how they moved the needle on their careers. In this ELSx webinar, we will cover: How to enhance your role by going outside the box. How to brand yourself, who are you as an EA?

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Potential Funding Options to Get Your Small Business Off The Ground

Small Business CEO

You have a strong business idea and you know how far your business could take you. The only thing standing between you and your success, is your funding. Finding the right source of funding is one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs today.

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Practical Ways to Improve Sales Through Customer Service

Small Business CEO

Your customer service team is on your business’s front line as the direct outreach to your target audience. As the golden ticket to success for any business, customer service should always be a priority and business area that is constantly being improved through innovation.

How To Become a CEO

Small Business CEO

Many young professionals aspire to become a chief executive officer of a large company. In addition to being a highly esteemed position, the role of a CEO often comes along with a sizeable salary. Not surprisingly, this post also involves a great deal of responsibility.

Get Better Results with Strong SEO Link Building

Small Business CEO

It may seem like effective SEO strategies are a moving target, but there is one constant amidst what feels like almost constant change: effective SEO link building. Without this arrow in the overall online marketing quiver, results will be lackluster at best and a total failure at worst.

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