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RTO Mandates Driving Away Top Performers, Gartner Study Confirms


Statistically, a business that decides to issue a return-to-the-office (RTO) mandate faces a higher risk of losing top talent this year. A recent Gartner report reveals that employees at organizations with RTO mandates have a lower intent to stay compared to those at organizations without one. Notably, high-performing employees reported a 16% lower intent to stay in the face of on-site work requirements.

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Bringing workplaces back to their prime requires a holistic approach

Workplace Insight

The pandemic radically changed the way we work and kick-started the proliferation of the hybrid model and widespread remote work. Now the picture has shifted once more, with headlines pointing to increasing return to the office policies introduced by organisations, with greater productivity and collaboration among their top reasons for doing so. Dubbed the year of the ‘Great Office Return’ by Virgin Media 02 Business Movers Index , 2023 saw four in ten companies mandating a return to the five-da


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New Report Shows Telework Boosted Federal Employee Morale After Years of Decline As Policies Are Under Review In Washington


New data shows U.S. federal employee engagement and job satisfaction rates have notably increased over the previous year — reflecting how telework opportunities influenced perspectives to push scores in the positive direction for the first time in four years. The 2023 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government Rankings , which included responses from over 1 million federal employees, reveals an overall engagement and job satisfaction index score of 65.7 out of 100, which is a 2.3-point incr

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A Simple Strategy for Short Weeks


This might be a week that feels shorter to you. Depending on when you’re reading this, it might actually be a short week where you live thanks to a holiday. It’s common to feel a bit behind after such interruptions. But fear not — I’ve got a straightforward and effective strategy to share that can help you catch up or stay on track during these compressed weeks.

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Unlock Your Productivity: Simple Steps for Every Professional

Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive guide on productivity. This detailed resource explores the three fundamental pillars of effective task management: Todo List Mastery, Time Management, and Habit Optimization. Learn to capture and prioritize your tasks effectively, schedule them using proven strategies like the Pomodoro Technique, and maintain your productivity through consistent habit tracking.

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Leveraging AI to Unlock Human Potential | Angela Hood – CEO and founder of thisway global Inc.


Angela Hood Angela Hood – CEO and founder of ThisWay Global Inc., a company that converges technology with talent networks to unlock human potential. One of the fastest growing SaaS automation companies in the world. Hood is a well respected thought leader and international keynote speaker on the topics of mitigating bias using artificial intelligence, the ROI of diversity and human-centric automation.

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