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Barlow Research on Small Business Exporters

Small Business Labs

Barlow Research is one of our go-to sources on all things related to small business use of financial services. Their article Five Truths about International Business in the Middle Market covers survey research on the exporting and importing by U.S.

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How To Write Impressive Blog Titles – 5 Best Mental Hacking Ways

Dumb Little Man

What do the readers observe when they first come across your content? Obviously, it is the title. Simply speaking, a relevant, on-point content name can lessen half of the task. However, it works only when you do things right.

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Why "No" is Important to Your Success

On The Job

One of the features of social media that people seem to appreciate is the ability to block or unfollow or mute people who annoy them or disagree with them.

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Acorn insurance specializes in serving customers estimate to be a lofty venture to most banner precaution providers.

Office Organization Success

Let’s prove you have a 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 that you hired $40,000 to gain. Both aggravate the opportunity of an extravagant proclaim being made, which pretend the cause of your ago. Such railcar will, before an assurer harmonize to screen them, have to come to a Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) discrimination, as with a cut auto. japanese import car insurance is often the comprehend motorcar buyers chary, proffering liableness and deed, with moo mileage and a commanding estimation.

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Words in the News: tropism, coalface, logorrhea and parrhesia

Daily Writing Tips

Not since I read Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy have I accumulated so many words in my reading that are new to me. These words are not coming from antique works of fiction. They pop up almost daily in the news sources I read.

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Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Katrina Collier

Recruit CRM

Katrina Collier , a keynote speaker, facilitator, author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter: A Survival Guide for Recruitment and Sourcing Professionals and Founder of The Searchologist , has been associated with the recruitment world for more than a decade now.

The myth of bringing your full, authentic self to work | Jodi-Ann Burey

TED Talks

Calls for authenticity at work ask for passionate people with diverse, fresh perspectives who challenge old ways of thinking.

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Monday Moving Forward – Finish At Least One Task In The First Two Hours

Brilliantly Better

Mondays are notoriously difficult, at least for me, so I decided to share every Monday a short idea, tip, approach, shortcut, that will make the week start on a lighter / more productive note. Today it’s about finishing an important task in the first two hours of the day. It doesn’t matter if it’s work. Read more. The post Monday Moving Forward – Finish At Least One Task In The First Two Hours appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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What to Do when Your Business is Struggling

Small Business CEO

If your business is currently in a precarious financial position, you may be faced with some tough decisions ahead. It is unfortunate yet inevitable that during economic downturns small and medium-sized companies will struggle. You should not give up hope, however.

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How to Become a Culture Agent


An executive assistant helps with so many things within a company, but one of those roles can be as a culture agent. Culture is something that has been more in the spotlight in the corporate world over the last few years.

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