Mon.Apr 26, 2021

Best Advice On How To Successfully Start Your Online Business

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The global effects of the Great Lockdown and the world’s subsequent transition into an increasingly agile and digital culture has spawned the advent of entrepreneurship and new online businesses.

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What is Ultra Wideband?

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Apple recently announced AirTags , which they describe as: AirTag is a supereasy way to keep track of your stuff. Attach one to your keys, slip another in your backpack.

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Study Reveals One Simple Way to Negotiate Better

On The Job

If you've ever watched any of the cable news shows, you know that it seems whoever talks the most -- and the loudest -- seems to win. But it appears that such a strategy doesn't work in negotiations, according to new study.

5 Smart Ways to Get Work Done While You Travel


If you are like most business persons, you are usually on the road, and with the world working on a full-time basis, there is no excuse to disconnect those several hours you are traveling. In fact, traveling has now become the best time to catch up on your work.

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Movie Review: Looking For A Lady With Fangs And A Moustache

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Khyentse Norbu is a Nepalese Buddhist monk I follow for a few years now. Not your typical lama, dressed in traditional robe and preaching – although, at times, he does that too.

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Employers Identify Big & Small CV & Resume Mistakes (Infographic)

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Have you been wondering why submitting your job applications has not been resulting in many job interview invitations? Perhaps we could blame mistakes on your CV or resume.

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5 Eco-friendly Business Ideas

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A green business uses sustainable resources that reduce its carbon footprint on the earth. With eco-friendly practices on the rise, people across the globe have been searching for businesses and companies that are environmentally friendly.

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Why Ever Contractor Should Have Insurance

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If you own and operate a contracting business, you face risks inherent to the type of work that you do. While on the job (and even when the job is already finished) there is a chance that your employees, clients, or uninvolved strangers could suffer injuries or have their properties damaged.

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To accomplish great things, you need to "let the paint dry" | Daniel J. Watts

TED Talks

As theaters closed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the creatives who populated their stages were plunged into a state of seemingly endless uncertainty. Aided by a delightful and metaphorically resonant piece of performance art, multidisciplinary artist Daniel J.

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Why Small Businesses Use Cloud Backup Services

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Things can be very challenging for small businesses in all industries these days. In addition to having larger rivals to compete with on a global basis, many also struggle when it comes to time, resources, and business finances.

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Why You Need A San Fernando Valley Public Adjuster 

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Accidents and calamities are a fact of life, sometimes you can get through life without ever experiencing one directly, while for some, they get to experience it more than once in a lifetime. These unfortunate events bring a lot of damage and losses and it is what insurance has been designed for.

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Top Ideas To Start E-Commerce Store Without Investments

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You don’t need a large upfront investment to launch a great e-commerce business. Without the need for riches, you can create an online store with valuable products to offer to your customers. There are several ways that you can do this using the tools available to virtual entrepreneurs.

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