Fri.Feb 12, 2021

New Business Applications Continue to Surge

Small Business Labs

Over the past 6 months new business applications have surged.    As the U.S. Census chart below shows (click to enlarge), the surge is continuing with 492,000 applications filed in January. This us up 73% compared with last January. 

2021 204

When Is Being Right Wrong?

Brilliantly Better

The place I’m living in for the last two years, in Valencia, is really small. It has a few advantages, but space isn’t one of them. The kitchen is so tiny, it can barely hold two people at the same time. Being so small, it means you can reach to anything you need without moving.

2021 75

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Calques: Linguistic Immigrants in English

Daily Writing Tips

English vocabulary includes thousands of words that originated in languages other than Old English. Some of these linguistic immigrants never quite acculturate. They continue to sound foreign, but some English-speakers find them useful in particular contexts.

2021 69

The hidden history found in your teeth | Carolyn Freiwald

TED Talks

Your teeth carry secrets: centuries of history about your ancestors, from where they lived to what they ate and where they traveled.

2021 83

4 of The Biggest Potential Business Dangers

Small Business CEO

Businesses always want to stay open and profitable. Some may want to expand and add revenue sources, but the bottom line for the typical business entity is to remain open and functional, with products or services going out and money coming in.

2021 74

Making Cents of Your Budget


Let’s talk about which types of vendors will likely be disappearing from your budget, and the vendors that will take their place. With live events being drastically limited in comparison to previous years, what shift will your business see in your annual budget?

8 Strategies to Scale Your eCommerce Business

Small Business CEO

eCommerce businesses have the potential to grow fast but scaling is not easy. You not only have to drive traffic to your site but also turn visitors into leads or, even better, buying customers. photo credit: Pexels.

2021 68