Guide To Life Insurance: How to Make Sure Your Policy Takes Care of You

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While regular insurance can cover car repairs, medical bills and home repairs, life insurance can make sure your family will still be provided for and left money to live on in case something happens. In this article, you’ll learn the best tricks to make sure your life insurance policy is prepared to take care of you and your family. In reality, the monthly premiums are almost always so much higher than for a similar term policy. Life Insurance.

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“Race norming” and the long legacy of medical racism, explained

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The NFL recently announced it would end the practice, but race norming is still used across the medical field. As the NFL notes, race norming isn’t just employed in the league’s cognitive exam — it’s quietly used across medical specialties, from pulmonary medicine to cardiology.


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Obamacare's Impact on Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment

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In particular rising co-pays and deductibles are resulting in many not getting medical treatment due to high out of pocket costs. Government Policy Independent workers Small Business EconomyThere's no doubt the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or better known as Obamacare) has been a good for freelancers, the self-employed and other independent workers.

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Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill Likely Bad for the Independent Workerforce

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The insurance industry, hospitals, consumer activists, the AARP advocacy group and organizations such as the American Medical Association, American Heart Association and American Cancer Society all oppose the bill. gig economy Government Policy

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5 Types of Insurance You May Need But Haven’t Heard Of

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The solution is cyber liability and privacy policies. Cyber liability insurance policies can cover these businesses in the event of emergencies. With a policy against unfortunate accidents, you can enjoy as many adrenaline-fueled escapades as you want. Pet liability insurance is sometimes included in home insurance policies. However, you should still take the time to read your policy just to make sure that it’s there.

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5 Financial Emergencies Everyone Must Be Prepared For

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The costliest expenses in today’s times would surely be medical expenses, which we often prepare for. Sudden Medical Expenses. How often have you heard someone say that they have not taken a health insurance policy at the moment because they have just got their medical tests done and everything is as it should be? What they conveniently forget is that accidents and medical situations can happen unexpectedly, and they bring with them massive financial burdens.

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5 Simple Ways to Pay Off College Debt Faster

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Most loans do, but you want to avoid surprises by knowing what your lender’s policies are. You can be trained as a medical biller or electrician, for example, at a relatively low cost and be paid more in your first job out. If you have a massive debt on your student loans, you’re not alone. Many people do. The standard repayment period for student loan debt is 10 years. That means you will be spending a chunk of your monthly income to repay your student loans for a decade.

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Retirement Made Easy: Tips To Make The Transition Simple

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Talk to your bank and check your employer’s retirement policy to find out where you are at before retiring. If you have health issues, it might be a good option to also look for institutions that can help you with mobility or medications. At some point in your life, you may have to retire. This phase can be challenging, intimidating, and even overwhelming, especially if you’re not really sure how to make the necessary adjustments.

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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs

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Workers’ compensation costs extend far beyond the cost of your insurance policy. The costs of a workplace accident also include time lost, attorney fees, disruption to your daily operations and medical costs. Injuries – no matter how minor or severe – can be time-consuming and costly for any business. Here are four ways you can reduce workers’ compensation costs. Make Safety a Priority.

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The Online Platform Economy as a Safety Net

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" Regular readers may remember this was one of the key findings in our On-Demand Workforce Workforce study conducted with Intuit and released in 2017.    In that study, we found 21% of online platform workers reported they participated in this type of work to get through financial hardships or shocks, such as a job loss or major medical expenditures.     gig economy Government Policy Independent workers

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Health insurers are threatening not to cover some patients’ ER bills

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After outcry from doctors and patients, the insurer said it would delay implementation until the Covid-19 pandemic has passed — but it still plans to institute the policy eventually. But there are problems with that idea, according to the half dozen health policy experts I spoke to.

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Why food and housing assistance is essential for improving America’s health

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The most promising frontier in US health policy has nothing to do with doctors or hospitals. whereas America spends more on medical care. When they get sick, they have a harder time both finding a doctor and affording their medical care.

Is Workplace Drug Testing Changing?

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With that, employers may not share this information or any other medical information this test may reveal. However, employers do reserve the right to perform a drug test under certain conditions and it’s very likely that your own company operates under one of the following policies: Upon hiring, employers may do a drug test before taking on a new employee, but must also test every incoming employee. After an accident but policies cannot discourage reporting.

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Gymnastics still hasn’t fully reckoned with its abuse problem

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Three years ago, more than 150 women testified in court that Larry Nassar , a former doctor for USA Gymnastics and sports medicine physician at Michigan State University, had subjected them to sexual abuse in the guise of medical care.

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How Employers Can Help Fight The Opioid Crisis

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Opioid medications have been used since the beginning of human medicine. In 2017, the CDC announced that opioid use had reached epidemic levels in the United States, but the problem had already been building for years before that. People started seeing advertisements for different medications and conditions they may never have heard of before, including powerful opioids. Around the same time, medical providers started to include pain levels as a vital sign.

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Sha’Carri Richardson and the last gasp of the war on marijuana

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Policy at all levels is taking time to catch up. Canada and Uruguay have also legalized cannabis, even as it puts them in conflict with international law; other countries are considering similar moves, with several dozen already legalizing marijuana for medical uses.

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Why India Is a Rising Star Among Exporting Nations

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At the same time, government policies aimed at boosting economic growth make India an up-and-coming exporting nation. But India’s main attraction to buyers is low price, according to companies such as Tamil Nadu-based CareNow Medical, which makes mosquito-repelling sprays and wipes. To address some of these shortcomings, India’s government in 2011 approved a National Manufacturing Policy to help lower taxes, provide faster permits and ease restrictive labor laws.

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What the American dream looks like for immigrants

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A 2017 study found that a staggering 90 percent of children born in 1940 earned more than their parents did at age 30; for children born in 1984, that percentage has declined to just 50 percent. I went to medical school. American medical training is stupidly hellacious.

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