Sun.May 19, 2024

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Mindfulness at Work: How to Audit Your Workspace and Maximize Well-Being


Ever wonder if your workspace is helping you be as calm and efficient as possible? Many of us are so busy trying to get all our work done that we don’t stop to take in and appreciate the environment where we spend so much of our time. With more people trying to manage stress and anxiety while staying as productive as possible, it is imperative to practice mindfulness at work and set up your workspace to boost overall health, well-being and success, whether working from home or in an office.

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What Is The Promotion Paradox? A Critical Issue For Today’s Managers


Modern work demands are driving individuals to seek out roles that align with the values they hold both in their personal-life and at work. 29% of employees quit their jobs within a month after their first promotion. Deloitte finds that a sense of belonging in the workplace can lead to a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% reduction in turnover risk, and an overall increase in employee job satisfaction.

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Remote work boom creates risk of professional isolation, study finds

Workplace Insight

While the pandemic ushered in a wave of remote work with benefits for both employers and employees, a new study warns of a hidden risk: professional isolation. Researchers from Colorado State University found that remote employees experiencing isolation reported feeling less engaged and more depleted at work, potentially leading to burnout. The study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology, surveyed 445 participants across two points in time.

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Ep 272: Natalie Schaefer on 5 Common Challenges for Emerging Assistants


Natalie Schaefer is executive business partner at Aparium Hotel Group, and founder of EAPathfinder – a guidebook for Executive Assistants. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Natalie talks about five common challenges for emerging executive assistants: communication, time management, leadership and initiative, relationship building, and career development.

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Unlock Your Productivity: Simple Steps for Every Professional

Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive guide on productivity. This detailed resource explores the three fundamental pillars of effective task management: Todo List Mastery, Time Management, and Habit Optimization. Learn to capture and prioritize your tasks effectively, schedule them using proven strategies like the Pomodoro Technique, and maintain your productivity through consistent habit tracking.

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Major US firms scammed by massive North Korean remote work laptop farm

Workplace Insight

A massive remote work scam may have fooled hundreds of US companies into hiring North Koreans. US prosecutors have accused North Korean nationals of infiltrating over 300 US companies, including Fortune 500 giants using a so-called laptop farm. The elaborate scheme, facilitated by an American accomplice, allegedly saw millions of dollars funnelled back to the sanctioned nation.

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International report calls for collaboration on AI, highlighting both benefits and risks

Workplace Insight

A landmark report claims to shed light on the double-edged sword of advanced artificial intelligence. Backed by over 30 nations, the International Scientific Report on the Safety of Advanced AI paints a picture of a technology brimming with potential benefits, but also fraught with potential risks if safety isn’t prioritized. This first iteration of the report, launched at the AI Safety Summit, fulfils a key commitment set forth during the historic Bletchley Park discussions and the subseq