Thu.Jun 11, 2020

Beat The Competition: Self Discipline For Business Success

Dumb Little Man

How would you describe the business landscape in today’s time? Would you describe it as competitive? Ruthless? Cutthroat, aggressive, or maybe a dog-eat-dog world? Well, all of the above are accurate discussions of how the business world truly is.

2020 205

One Health Advantage of Work Autonomy and Control May be Less Risk of Dying

Small Business Labs

Independent workers (freelancers, gig workers, independent contractors, etc.) consistently report a major benefit of being independent is the work flexibility, autonomy, and control it provides. It turns out having work flexibility, autonomy, and control may also mean you are at less risk of dying.

2020 182

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The Best Productivity Hack For WhatsApp

Brilliantly Better

And the only productivity hack I know for WhatsApp, honestly. Just to make things clear, WhatsApp doesn’t particularly strike me as a productivity app. On the contrary. It can be the most distracting thing in your digital inventory.

2020 83

What tech companies know about your kids | Veronica Barassi

TED Talks

The digital platforms you and your family use every day -- from online games to education apps and medical portals -- may be collecting and selling your children's data, says anthropologist Veronica Barassi.

2020 83

7 Ways to Move Your Team Remote

Small Business CEO

Remote work has been steadily gaining traction in recent years, most especially now. If you’re lucky, you’ve enabled your team to work remotely–but if not, it’s never too late to start. There are many advantages to moving your team remote.

2020 70

Moving to a New Home? Here’s How A Moving Company Can Help You

Small Business CEO

Moving home is a huge event in our lives and it can also be one of the most stressful.

2020 60

Things Your Law Firm Can Do to Increase Visibility Online

Small Business CEO

Digital marketing is taking a leading role in the current world following the advancement in technology. For maximum visibility, a law firm needs to adapt to this changing trend of marketing their legal services online.

2020 56