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How to Manage Your Time with a Journal

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The post How to Manage Your Time with a Journal appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Keeping a time management diary can be a valuable tool to help you to see where the bulk of your time is being spent. Continue reading → You just finished reading How to Manage Your Time with a Journal ! Consider leaving a comment! Recommended: Evernote Essentials. The post How to Manage Your Time with a Journal appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Productivity

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Shakespeare—for All Time

Daily Writing Tips

According to T. Eliot, April was :the cruellest month.” ” For me, April is Shakespeare’s month, a time to reread some of the plays and perhaps watch some of the film versions. Like his character Cassius in Julius Caesar , Shakespeare died on his birthday: William Shakespeare.

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Free Webinar: Discover How to Design Your Personal Career Plan – April 15, 2021

All Things Admin

There’s no such thing as a stable career. That’s Why You Need A Plan. Change can happen at a moment’s notice. A single business decision can determine where you live, what responsibilities you have, your salary, who you support – or whether you have a job at all. .

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How Can Recruiters Assess Candidates Accurately?

Recruit CRM

It may be easier to go with the flow whilst conducting job interviews , but sometimes even while following your entire hiring checklist, you might end up making a bad hire. According to the Department of U.S

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Shifting Focus

Brilliantly Better

Focus creates your reality. That’s a very simple observation, you don’t need a PhD degree in quantum physics to know that whatever you focus on, grows.

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Woods Like Home: A Checklist for Comfortable Night in Nature

Small Business CEO

Weekend in the woods is a pretty picture in the societal consciousness. Family on a picnic, a couple tracking mountains, or friends gathered for a hike are highly advertised images and for a good reason. A holiday spent in nature relaxes the mind and bonds people together.

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