Mon.Oct 11, 2021

How CEOs Can Use Digital Transformation to Improve Customer Retention

Small Business CEO

The buck usually stops on the CEOs table, especially for small businesses, and marketers who do the main job of converting and retaining customers don’t find their task easy; it takes ingenuity to convert a customer, and the effort that goes into retaining customers can at best be described as herculean.

2021 86

Do This One Thing to Be a Better Listener

On The Job

Are you a good listener? Most people believe they are good listeners, yet others often don't say the same about them. That can lead to a lot of misunderstandings, frustrations and hurt feelings.

2021 141

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3 Keys to Successful Investing


You hear investing advice about how to time the market or make big gains before an inevitable market drop, but that information isn’t usually beneficial to the average long-term investor.

2021 92

11 Tips On Writing The Best Recruiting Cold Emails & 20+ New Templates

Recruit CRM

Be it your LinkedIn community, your passive candidates or even your clients, we understand the hard work it requires to prompt engagement. But, unfortunately, there are hundreds of emails and InMails already bombarding your clients and candidates.

2021 62