Mon.Jan 17, 2022

Time to Set Goals? How to Have a Successful Year


We’ve reached that time of year when people think about what they’d like to achieve. Every successful executive assistant we know is a goal setter. It’s often a trait that sets them apart from others.

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3 Project Management Practices to Improve Your Daily Work

Eat Your Career

It’s no secret that I’m passionate about project management. One of the reasons I love this field of study is because it’s just so darn useful. A lot of project management practices have broad application; they can be used for managing many aspects of work, far beyond projects.


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The 4 Things Hiring Managers Really Want to Know

On The Job

As more people job hop these days in an effort to obtain better positions, they need to understand that just because they have a pulse doesn't mean they will be hired.

2022 157

Use Due Diligence to Make Investing Easier


You may have heard the phrase doing your due diligence and know that it means to do your homework before you take a job, invest in a business or otherwise enter into a relationship that carries some risk.

2022 87

Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

How to Start Pacing Your Productivity


When contemplating your level of productivity, it’s easy to get caught up in how much you’re able to do in a given day, week, and so on. Quantified productivity is something anyone can calculate.

2022 83

Professional Product Packaging: Fundamental Tips For Startups

Small Business CEO

You’ve probably already heard the notion that first impressions last. You may have also heard this one: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” ” Both these statements must be at the core of your product marketing strategy as a startup. photo credit: Rawpixel.

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