Thu.Oct 07, 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Customer Feedback For 2021

Small Business CEO

If you run a business that offers products or services to customers, it’s normal that customers will talk about your brand and company.

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3 Skills Every Leader Must Cultivate to Successfully Manage Distributed Teams


The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way people work. This is changing every aspect of work—not just where and how work gets done—but also workplace design, employee-employer relationships, employee expectations, management styles and more.

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5 Types of Legal Forms of Business

Small Business CEO

One of the things that every entrepreneur struggles with is choosing from the several legal forms of business. Each of these legal forms of business has its own set of advantages. Read this post to learn more about the five different business structures and their key characteristics.

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13 Best Meditation Apps to Add Mindfulness to Your Self-Care Routine [2021]


We’ve known for centuries and longer the benefits of daily meditation. Today, those benefits are scientifically documented. In fact, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health makes clear the health benefits of mediation.

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Great Business Ideas To Start This Year


Looking for a new venture to try this year? Entrepreneurship is a tempting beast, and when you feel stuck in a rut or are looking for a way to make more money for yourself and your family – starting a business can be a great idea.

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8 Best E-Commerce Books for the New Entrepreneur [2021]


Starting and growing an e-commerce can seem daunting. The skills for growing a successful online business go far beyond creating a great e-commerce website. The entrepreneur needs to learn the usual business basics plus content creation, data analytics, conversion funnels and more.

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5 Things Ethereum Does Better Than Bitcoin

Small Business CEO

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and years later, it still leads the pack in terms of popular opinion and market value. That said, Bitcoin can’t rest on its laurels forever, and other promising cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are now starting to generate a lot more hype.