Thu.Mar 25, 2021

Recode's 10 ways office work will never be the same

Small Business Labs

At around 4,000 words, Recode's 10 ways office work will never be the same is really more of a report than an article. The article is chocked full of data and links to interesting studies illustrating what offices will be like post-pandemic. 

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A New Way to Model Your Nursing Homes

Dumb Little Man

The pandemic has, of course, affected virtually everything but one entity that stands out: nursing homes. You can combat this problem with sleek, modern design.

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What is Olympic revelation? Game Development is the creative

Office Organization Success

There is a fate of metamorphosis in the gambling trade due to AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT(Internet of Things), the proliferation of AR and VR realities, the retirement of 5G, and buyer data. This pillar is part of a fresh gradation that fathom the top liquid marathon renew in a rude. The gambling fair is maturation at proud swiftness. The assemblage now trusts in created unaccustomed technology that can benefit millions of gamers ????????? all over the circle.

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An election system that puts voters (not politicians) first | Amber McReynolds

TED Talks

From hours-long lines and limited polling locations to confusing and discriminatory registration policies, why is it so hard to vote in the US?

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The Conversation: What Your Boss Needs to Hear


You’re ready to address your promotion – how do you have “the conversation” with your boss? How do you address the compensation? What about negotiating? Let’s discuss all these important points that you cannot skip.

Information Myopia, Or How To Screw Up By Ignorance

Brilliantly Better

The other day my flat mate sent me a message asking me what type of peas do we usually buy. She was at the grocery store, and we use to cook together, one of the dishes being based on canned peas with carrots. As I was the one buying it, most of the time, she. Read more.

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How to Make an International Wire Transfer – A Complete Guide

Small Business CEO

There are plenty of reasons you may need to send an international wire transfer. From paying for a dream vacation to sending a gift to a loved one overseas or shopping online with your favorite international boutique store.