Wed.Mar 31, 2021

Understanding How Home Title Fraud Happens

Dumb Little Man

Home, it’s where the heart is… that is until that heart gets taken illegally by somebody else and you are left evicted on the street. While that seems drastic identity theft, home loss is more common than you think.

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Making Your At Home Office Space Work for You

The Assistant Room

Working full time in an office will undoubtedly become a thing of the past, another major change since it was made illegal to smoke in all enclosed […]. The post Making Your At Home Office Space Work for You first appeared on The Assistant Room. Career


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Total Daily Energy Expenditure – Getting Through The Day

Dumb Little Man

What is TDEE? Total daily energy expenditure is abbreviated as TDEE and represents the total amount of energy a person uses in a whole day. This amount of energy varies every day as it depends on your routine body activity, so it becomes hard to measure it accurately.

2021 151

Have You Stayed at the Party Too Long? Backbone LIVE! With Melinda Vail Goodnight, Southwest Airlines

Admin Awards

Melinda Vail Goodnight, Senior Executive Assistant at Southwest Airlines once found herself in the all too common and uncomfortable position of being somewhere where she didn’t feel valued while supporting someone that she knew didn’t truly embrace the Administrative role.

2021 52

Breaking Glass Ceilings

Team ELS

Breaking Glass Ceilings with Bonnie Low-Kramen & Cathleen Schreinder Gates, President at SimpleNexus. Join this ELSx webinar where Bonnie Low-Kramen interviews Cathleen Schreiner Gates, President at SimpleNexus.

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Episode 364: Collaborating with Nature with Darren Virassammy


Podcast host and entrepreneur Darren Virassammy shares how connecting with nature will cultivate your excellence.

365 Days Writing Challenge – Checkpoint Three

Brilliantly Better

This is my 3rd month in a row of daily blogging. Since January 1st, I published an article every single day. That makes this the longest streak of writing – 90 interrupted days. And this is my monthly “checkpoint”, a post in which I look back and try to evaluate the challenge.

2021 52

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Language around gender and identity evolves (and always has) | Archie Crowley

TED Talks

Dictionaries and grammar "rules" don't have the final word on language -- and believing they do can harm more than help, especially for the trans community.

2021 52

What is Transatlantic Shipping?

Small Business CEO

Transatlantic shipping, for the purpose of this article, is the movement of goods between the UK and the US, and vice versa. From a US perspective, the UK is currently its 7th largest goods trading partner at a substantial $132.3 billion in total two-way goods trade.

2021 60

The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life | Michael Levin

TED Talks

DNA isn't the only builder in the biological world -- there's also a mysterious bioelectric layer directing cells to work together to grow organs, systems and bodies, says biologist Michael Levin.

2020 52

How to Start a Wholesale Liquor Distribution Business

Small Business CEO

For various reasons, starting a liquor distribution business is more difficult than running any other company. For starters, the liquor industry requires more taxes, rules, and laws compared to other industries. However, the business can be very profitable, and here’s how to start one.

2021 56