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Developing confidence and inspiring trust in your career

Practically Perfect PA

Developing confidence and inspiring trust in your career Achieving success in your Assistant career often pivots on an attribute known as executive presence. This encompasses the capacity to inspire confidence in your Executive, colleagues, direct reports, and external stakeholders. Executive presence is less about having all [.

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Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Virtual Assistant Company

ProAssisting Blog

Discover the best virtual assistant company catering to your needs—whether high-touch service, budget-friendly, or US-based. Find efficiency within your budget.

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Hello Alice Co-founders Carolyn Rodz and Elizabeth Gore Are Fueling the Small Business Ecosystem


Falling down a rabbit hole in pursuit of an elusive white rabbit is the first of many fantastical experiences for a young girl in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. A journey filled with unexpected events is an apt comparison for what many small business owners encounter in entrepreneurship. That’s why Carolyn Rodz and Elizabeth Gore drew inspiration from the classic book when launching Hello Alice, a small business platform that connects entrepreneurs with financing opportunities and facilitates

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From “Rockstar” to “Let’s Circle Back”: Cringe Office Terms To Avoid


When jargon is used appropriately, it can enhance communication and credibility. But when misused or misunderstood, it can have the opposite effect. A recent poll of 1,551 people revealed that despite one in five people disliking business buzzwords, they still use them for the sake of professional appearances. Among the findings, “win-win” ranked as the top buzzword, while “new normal” was deemed the most hated.

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Mastering Remote Onboarding: Proven Strategies for Seamless New Hire Integration

Speaker: Tim Buteyn, President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions

Join this brand new webinar with Tim Buteyn to learn how you can master the art of remote onboarding! By the end of this session, you'll understand how to: Craft a Tailored Onboarding Checklist 📝 Develop a comprehensive, customized checklist that ensures every new hire has a smooth transition into your company, no matter where they are in the world.

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Republished: The brain-dead megaphone of work

Workplace Insight

There is nothing new about any of this. And yet it’s all new. I’ve spent months talking to people who really know their stuff about work and workplaces and underlying nearly all of those conversations is the following paradox. They know about flexible working, the under-utilisation of space, the twenty minute neighbourhood, the work ecosystem, universal basic income, the digital workspace, the office as club, all the rest of it.

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NaughtOne introduces Percy: a bold, versatile lounge chair

Workplace Insight

NaughtOne, the global office furniture brand, has launched Percy, a striking yet simple lounge chair. From offices to universities to hospitality environments, Percy exemplifies adaptable design that is ideal for a wide range of modern spaces. The Percy Lounge Chair is the latest addition to NaughtOne’s collection of functional yet stylish furniture.

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Could Flexible Work Policies Be Linked to Higher Revenue Growth?


Firms that are fully embracing remote work arrangements are not just striving for better attraction and retention rates; this decision could also be leading them to outpace their peers in revenue growth. According to a report published by hybrid work management firm Scoop in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group, companies offering flexible work arrangements have shown remarkable revenue growth.

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6 Simple Email Strategies To Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Jennie Lyon

In the whirlwind of online marketing, we’re constantly hunting for marketing strategies that capture attention and supercharge our growth. Get ready because I’m about to introduce a bona fide game-changer that’s truly a digital force to be reckoned with – email strategies! Now, let’s dive into why email marketing is an indispensable in your marketing… The post 6 Simple Email Strategies To Skyrocket Your Business Growth appeared first on Jennie Lyon Digital Marketing

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Massachusetts Considers a Four-Day Workweek Pilot


Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill that would help establish a four-day workweek trial program in the state. As reported by Boston 25 News and CBS News Boston , this initiative would create a two-year pilot program to help the state study the impacts and benefits of a shortened workweek. The proposed “Massachusetts Smart Work Week Pilot” would require interested employers to apply and qualify for participation in the program.

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Unlock Your Productivity: Simple Steps for Every Professional

Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive guide on productivity. This detailed resource explores the three fundamental pillars of effective task management: Todo List Mastery, Time Management, and Habit Optimization. Learn to capture and prioritize your tasks effectively, schedule them using proven strategies like the Pomodoro Technique, and maintain your productivity through consistent habit tracking.