Ask the Admin: Meeting Minutes Retention

Administrative Arts

I got the following e-mail from Dee: I am the Secretary of our neighborhood community association, how long should we retain the minutes. I do not want to keep minutes for many years. You don’t indicate if you are talking about Board minutes or membership meeting minutes. According to every reference I can find for document retention, Board minutes should be kept permanently. Similar Posts: Ask the Admin: Meeting Minutes Retention.

Administrative Assistant Job Descriptions

Administrative Arts

Filing. This includes setting up and managing electronic and physical files. Scheduling and Setting Up Meetings. Also included here would be taking and transcribing meeting minutes. This can include anything from a last minute bank run to working on a company-wide committee to making sure everyone filled out an updated W-4. If that includes getting him a cup of coffee so he can continue working or make it to a meeting on time, then so be it.

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