Sun.May 23, 2021

Where to Get Free and Low-Cost Ebooks

Simple Productivity Blog

I am a reader. The term "voracious" has been applied, but to me, it is just the level I read at. During a typical month I will read upwards of 15 fiction books. That can lead to some hefty book bills, unless you know where to get free and low-cost ebooks.

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Once Upon A Time

Brilliantly Better

Let me tell you a story. In Ruzafa, one of Valencia’s trending neighborhoods, there was a small restaurant called Kana Makhan. I wouldn’t know about it if it wasn’t for a digital nomad meetup that ended there.


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Ep 116: Lucia Landini on Happiness at Work

Go Burrows

Lucia Landini is a longtime senior executive assistant in Italy skilled at working with leaders to achieve shared go als. In this episode, Lucia and I talk about happiness at work, self-esteem, soft skills, and more! LEADERSHIP QUOTE.

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5 Cash Flow Management Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Small Business CEO

Cash flow refers to the inflow and outflow of cash, which is needed for a business to run effectively. For any business, managing cash flow is extremely important. While sales, production, and other areas are important for a business, financial management is crucial.