Wed.Feb 17, 2021

4 Great Ways To Improve The Safety And Security Of Nursing Homes

Dumb Little Man

Working at a nursing home can be stressful. You’re responsible not just for the well-being of elderly residents, but also for their safety and security — 24/7. No matter how talented your workforce is, you still need technology to help.

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Is an Administrative Assistant Certification or Designation Worth It?

Office Dynamics

In the ever-evolving administrative profession, a topic of recent interest has been training, certification, and designations. Many top-notch organizations are looking to the future with an eye towards optimization and growth.

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5 Ways To Incorporate Video Into Your Instagram Recruiting Strategy

Recruit CRM

With a continually changing work environment, employers are placing more emphasis on creating a sustainable business culture. Hiring employees with the appropriate skills that fit into this environment is of the utmost importance.

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Going Somewhere

Brilliantly Better

It’s still dark when I wake up here. Winter still keeps the sun down until 8 AM, but I’m usually up an hour before. As I finish my morning routine, I’m dressing up to get out for my daily cup of coffee.

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Episode 358: Calm Your Chaos with Nicola Taggart


Chaos is a constant. So what can you do to embrace life’s ebb and flow? Nicola Taggart joins the show to share her latest tips. This episode is brought to you by The New Yorker.

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How to Complete Projects on Time and on Budget

Small Business CEO

Time is a huge factor in determining the success of any project. Even if you complete necessary objectives and deliver high-quality results, you’re unlikely to win client and customer approval if everything is finished long past its due date.

How theater weathers wars, outlasts empires and survives pandemics | Cara Greene Epstein

TED Talks

When catastrophe strikes, art prevails -- and has done so for centuries.

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Is Internal or External Management Training Best for your Business?

Small Business CEO

Without employees, your business would not be the great asset it is today, so it’s important that you focus on continuously training them to develop their skills, encourage career development, and grow your business.