Fri.Jan 22, 2021

How Society Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed

Dumb Little Man

Today, many people want to be like entrepreneurs. Relatively few are willing to face the risks business owners do, but everyone can admire the rewards some manage to earn. Glowing accounts of how companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google began are the epic tales of a modern fairy tale story.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Organization Skills for Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

Ways to Improve Your Organizational Skills as an Administrative Assistant It is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to thrive in chaos. It feels disorganized, unscheduled, and without direction.

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El Viento Viene, El Viento Se Va

Brilliantly Better

One of the reasons for moving to Valencia was that here you get more 300 sunny days per year. The temperature is most of the time above 25 degrees and, overall, you get an astonishing weather. Well, “overall” should come with a little bit of a disclaimer.

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My journey mapping the uncharted world | Tawanda Kanhema

TED Talks

Significant pieces of the globe are literally not on the map: they're missing from the most widely used mapping platforms, like Google Street View, leaving communities neglected of vital services and humanitarian aid.

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Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Benjamin Kadic

Recruit CRM

Recruitment podcasts have been the talk of the staffing town since long now and last year, Recruit CRM had launched its podcast with a special series called "Recruitment Entrepreneurs" where we have been featuring amazing entrepreneurs from Human Resources, recruitment startups and even talent acquisition managers and leaders.

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5 of The Best Credit Cards Designed for Small Business Owners

Small Business CEO

Running a small business, even if that business is just you acting as a freelancer, isn’t easy, especially when you’re just starting out. It takes capital for initial expenditures like office space, utilities, equipment, advertising, and office supplies.

5 Top-Rated WordPress Plugins for Small Business Sites

Small Business CEO

Starting a business is a monumental endeavor, and there are a few natural first steps to keep in mind to create a successful and long-lasting venture.

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