Fri.Jan 29, 2021

How To Avoid The Most Common Valentine’s Day Mistakes Men Make

Dumb Little Man

So, you made it through the major holidays and you’re breathing a sigh of relief, right? That New Year’s kiss marked the end of worrying that you’d purchase the wrong gift, fail to be festive enough, or not show the right amount of appreciation for her efforts at making things merry and bright.

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Tips for Saying “No!” the Nice Way

Stephanie LH Calahan

How easy is it for you to say “no” to requests that you do not want to do? For many, it isn't easy! In today's fast-paced, activity-rich society, we are all juggling a lot of responsibilities. You believe that you are handling all of the items well, and nothing is falling yet.

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The 6 Stages Of A Toxic Attachment (To Anything, Not Just A Person)

Brilliantly Better

We’re human, so we’re flawed. By design, we go through existence by clinging to various perceptions. That’s how we make sense of the world, stacking clinging on top of clinging, forming identities and then navigating events based on those identities and values.

2021 63

7 Tips To Make Your Construction Business A Success

Small Business CEO

Whether you’re a contractor who’s decided this year, you’re going to try and go it alone, or you’re a small construction business owner looking to take your business to the next level, it can be hard to know how to stand out from the competition.

2021 63

How to avoid catching prickly emotions from other people | Jessica Garza

TED Talks

Difficult emotions can get under your skin if you're not careful. Sport and performance consultant Jessica Garza calls this the "jumping cholla effect," inspired by a sneaky kind of cactus that detaches and burrows its spines into unsuspecting passersby.

2021 52

Business Insurance Benefits for Small Business Owners

Small Business CEO

As a small business owner, it is vital that you ensure your business is protected in different ways – this protection should extend further across the business as a whole including you and your employees.

2021 63