Thu.Jan 21, 2021

The Growing Role Small Businesses and Independent Workers Play in Corporate Ecosystems

Small Business Labs

McKinsey's Ecosystem 2.0: Climbing to the next level summarizes ecosystem 2.0 as: In the emerging world of Ecosystem 2.0,

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Understanding your personality and communication preferences

Practically Perfect PA

Understanding your personality and communication preferences Understanding your Executive's personality, behaviours and communication preferences are crucial to building an effective relationship and partnership.

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How Increases In Remote Work Will Affect The Wage Gap

Dumb Little Man

The past year has led to an unprecedented increase in employees working from home. Just under 90% of global organizations either mandated or requested their workers to do their jobs remotely last year.

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When Is Something Becoming Obsolete?

Brilliantly Better

Lately, I’ve been struggling at work with a 3 year old React Native project, which kinda fails to work anymore. It is the standard type of spaghetti code on top of last minute features, which eventually leads to a dead end.

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Team Productivity Low? 5 Tips For Every Aspiring Project Manager Out There

Small Business CEO

Beyonce said “girls run the world” and we don’t disagree. But here’s to people who run teams, the Project Managers. Several qualities of excellent project managers differentiate them from their other team members, and rightly so.

How vulnerability makes you a better leader | Tracy Young

TED Talks

As the founder of a startup, Tracy Young often worried that employees and investors valued male CEOs more -- and that being a woman compromised her position as a leader.

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