Mon.Apr 12, 2021

Investing In Yourself Is Better Than Any Stock Market Return

Dumb Little Man

There’s an investing secret that you probably didn’t hear in school. You also won’t get it browsing Reddit investing forums or get-rich-quick books. Are you ready for it? The best investment you’ll ever make is making the decision to invest in yourself.

2021 214

Why Virtual Teams Fight -- and What to Do About It

On The Job

My last post was on communications, and I wanted to address the topic again because there are some unique challenges with communicating virtually. One of the biggest issues is that team members are often communicating for the first time with someone they've never met in person.

2021 130

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5 Ways Pandemics Will Change Architecture

Dumb Little Man

The coronavirus has made radical changes in our lives, introduced a new “norm” , changing our perceptions and priorities. Today, you can often hear that the world after the pandemic will not be the same as it was before. Changes will certainly affect architecture and design.

2021 182

The giant leaps in language technology -- and who's left behind | Kalika Bali

TED Talks

Thousands of languages thrive across the globe, yet modern speech technology -- with all of its benefits -- supports just over a hundred.

2021 83

Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Lou Adler

Recruit CRM

Lou Adler , CEO and Founder of The Adler Group , talked about his entrepreneurial journey on our 10th episode of the Recruitment Entrepreneurs series.

2021 52

Monday Moving Forward: Pick A Theme For The Day

Brilliantly Better

Welcome to another Monday Moving Forward post, in which we explore ways to navigate the beginnings of the week smoother, nicer and, generally speaking, with not too much friction.

2021 52

Guide for Software Companies When Claiming R&D Tax Credits

Small Business CEO

Maybe you’ve heard that somehow a variety of practices associated with the implementation of updated or upgraded software might be considered for the R&D Tax Credits. Needless to say, the benefit is aimed at promoting the advancement of novel and advanced processes and technologies.

2021 65

Top 10 Ideas on Merchandising Your Jewelry Retail Shop Display

Small Business CEO

How to boom your business in a jewelry shop? You’ve loaded your retail location with extraordinary and chic adornments you realize your clients will cherish. However, loading your store is just essential for the condition.

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