Sun.May 09, 2021

Anti-Procrastination: Clear the Deck

Simple Productivity Blog

Every now and then I take a long look at my to do list and I realize that drastic action is called for if I am gong to significantly cut it down. I schedule a "clear the deck" day.

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Ep 114: Tara Sims – Sr. Manager of Administrative Services at Comcast

Go Burrows

Tara Sims is Sr. Manager of Administrative Services at Comcast. She supports the newly named President of Xfinity and Central Division President, and leads a team of administrative professionals that support the Central Division Office.

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Remote Work – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Brilliantly Better

I’ve been working remote since before it was cool. The work I do is compatible with this medium, my primary income source is programming, and the secondary sources are coaching and writing.

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3 Tips for Running a Successful Retail Business

Small Business CEO

Retail is a notoriously tough industry. Customers are demanding, competition is fierce, and profit margins are often slim. However, don’t let this reality discourage you. There is still plenty of room in the retail world for small businesses to enter and find success.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Blog Post’s Reach

Small Business CEO

You might be wondering how you can increase your blog’s reach. Getting traffic from your regular customers helps you stand out as an authority in your industry, but how can you utilize content to attract new customers? According to Statista, there are approximately 31.7

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