Sat.Jul 06, 2024

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Why Digital Nomads Are Choosing Co-living


Remote work options and the gig economy have created an increase in digital nomads, people who have location-independent work. Social media tends to paint the life of a digital nomad to be a thrilling adventure of flexibility and freedom. However, the reality can often be lonesome and overwhelming. Making friends on the road is challenging, and the impact on one’s mental health can be a lot to take in.

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Incoming government sets out its plans for changes to employment law

Workplace Insight

One of the Labour Party’s key pledges during the election was to initiate a large-scale reform of UK employment law within the first 100 days of taking office. As a result, we can expect some changes relatively quickly, although it may take some time for many of them to become law. The proposed reforms are set out in their ‘ Plan to Make Work Pay: Delivering a New Deal for Working People ’ and highlight what UK employers can expect to see immediately and in the future.