Sun.Mar 28, 2021

Block Scheduling: Good or Bad?

Simple Productivity Blog

If you are looking to stop wasting time in your day, block scheduling can seem like a really good idea. I tried it for a few weeks, and I have found that it has pros and cons. What is Block Scheduling?

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Ep 108: Jennifer Brown on Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Go Burrows

Jennifer Brown is an award-winning entrepreneur, dynamic speaker and diversity and inclusion expert. In this episode, Jennifer talks about working with a fully remote team, email management from the executive’s perspective, and how executive assistants can help cultivate an inclusive workplace.

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Choosing Your Own Hallucinations

Brilliantly Better

“Santa Claus is an old man dressed in red, hovering around the North Pole in a flying sledge, pulled by reindeers with wings” By and large, the sentence above would qualify as a symptom of a serious psychological disorder, if spoken by an adult.

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How to Adapt Your Commute To Work For A Happier Life

Small Business CEO

Many people look forward to a lengthy work commute as it provides them with an opportunity to awaken their senses before entering the office and starting their workday.

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The Importance of FRL Maintenance

Small Business CEO

FRL are crucial in production performance and machine safety. Ensuring that correct devices are chosen and properly maintained is very important. What can engineers do to ensure equipment continually functions properly? photo credit: Library. Why does the equipment fail?