Fri.Jun 05, 2020

How Not To Be A ?Man?

Dumb Little Man

Addressed to men, for the benefit of women. If you are a male and are single/divorced/separated/married but available/in an open relationship/nursing a heartache/just a plain philanderer, there is more sex/companionship/romance out there than ever.

2020 163

5 Things I Look For In A Productivity App

Brilliantly Better

I’ve been writing about productivity apps for a long time. Before it was cool, so to speak. I’ve been using dozens and, in time, I grew tired of them, eventually. I only use a handful now, and I seldom change them. I think, in a way, a productivity app is like a relationship: it has.

2020 85

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5 steps to remove yourself from drama at work | Anastasia Penright

TED Talks

No matter your industry, you've experienced drama at work. In this funny and all-too-relatable talk, community leader Anastasia Penright outlines five steps you can follow to better coexist with your coworkers and focus on what's really important.

2020 83

Why Digital Marketing can Help your Business be Successful Even in Times of Adversity

Small Business CEO

With most countries now starting to leave lockdown after the coronavirus pandemic, all organisations have faced unprecedented challenges. Face-to-face contact has been almost non-existent with several business sectors being forced to close to try and control the spread of the virus.

2020 76

What Would’ve Happened if There Was no Internet During Quarantine?

Small Business CEO

2020 has come down on us quite harder than we could’ve ever imagined. With nothing to do, we have been forced to follow The New Normal. Frankly, if things would continue to go on like this, then that time is not far when our mental peace is completely torn apart.

2020 63