Sun.Jul 07, 2024

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Ep 279: Rebecca Afful – Program Assistant at the European Union in Ghana


Rebecca Afful is an Administrative Professional with over a decade of experience in executive support and office management. She has had the opportunity to work in multiple industries such as aviation, banking, international non-profits, and diplomatic missions. Rebecca also founded the Administrative Professionals Network of Ghana. In this episode, Rebecca talks about creating opportunities for yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, fostering professional relationships with peers, and uti

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The iPhone-ified Office: Transforming The Workspace To Meet Employee Demands


Modern employees require office environments that go beyond basic amenities, offering purpose-built spaces that enhance productivity and accommodate diverse workstyles. Creating adaptive and thoughtfully designed zones that cater to different activities and needs — while eliminating friction and promoting a positive brand experience — is critical for motivating employees to return to the office.