Mon.Aug 03, 2020

It's Looking Like a "Swoosh" Recovery for the U.S.

Small Business Labs

It's looking much less likely the U.S. will experience a sharp, V-shaped recovery. Instead, a growing amount of data is indicating a slower, "swoosh" shaped recovery is likely.

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How to Shape Your Startup into a Brand

Dumb Little Man

According to Seth Godin , a brand is defined as: “The expectations, stories, memories, and relationships that account for a consumer’s choice of a product or service over another.”. In simple terms, a brand is what your business does to create a memorable impression in the mind of your audience.

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How the Pandemic Can Help Your Grow in Your Career

On The Job

During these months of quarantining, working from home, juggling new schedules and home situations and just trying to remember what day it is, it can be tough to think about anything good that can come from this pandemic.

2020 141

3 Biggest Mistakes Made While Writing Emails that are Simple to Solve

Jen Lawrence

Like it or not, email is still our default form of communication and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Sure, you can add in various collaboration and communication tools, but you’re not going to completely get rid of emails.

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