Tue.Mar 09, 2021

4 Signs That You Need A Better Mattress

Dumb Little Man

Getting enough sleep is essential to staying healthy. With a well-rested body, you can do many things including having the energy to exercise, work, and play. Overall, you can achieve more things with a body that is not starved of sleep.

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NFTs are Helping to Monetize the Creator Economy

Small Business Labs

The Creator Economy - the economic activity generated by the people who create online digital content and the firms that serve them - is a hot topic in tech circles.    And one of the hottest creator economy topics is NFTs.    These are non-fungible tokens.      The reason they're hot is they provide a way to make money selling digital content. In simple terms, an NFT is used to prove the ownership and uniqueness of a digital item.

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It’s A Jungle Out There – How To Hire A Freelance Developer The RIGHT Way

Dumb Little Man

So you have a pending project in the pipeline and need more hands-on-deck?

2021 162

Love, sorrow and the emotions that power climate action | Knut Ivar Bjørlykhaug

TED Talks

Picture your favorite place in nature. How would you feel if it disappeared tomorrow?

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Facts, Signals And Truthfulness

Brilliantly Better

Every time we do something, every action we initiate, is based on some sort of analysis. There is a risk / reward assessment even for the tiniest thing that we do, and that’s how we can function consistently.

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Innovations in Touchscreen Technology

Small Business CEO

Touchscreen technology – something most gadget lovers take for granted in their everyday dealings with smartphones and tablets – didn’t achieve precision until the 1990s , but today, they are increasingly lighter, finer, and more adaptable.

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