Mon.Nov 30, 2020

How to Keep Your Struggling Remote Team Motivated

Dumb Little Man

There has been a surge in employees working from home ever since the outbreak, and work from home seems to be productive for many companies. But a good percentage of remote workers say that it is a challenge to stay motivated all the time. Source.

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30 Day Challenge: Gratitude

Simple Productivity Blog

2020 has sucked on so many levels, in so many ways. I'm tired, as I'm sure most people are, of being confined. I caught myself in a negative thought spiral the other day. And that doesn't do me any good. Because once I'm caught in that, it takes a lot of effort to get out.

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6 Organizations You Can Join Remotely to Make a Difference

Dumb Little Man

Unless you’ve been at a meditation retreat , you may have noticed that 2020 has been a disaster. I’d summarize what happened, but I don’t think anyone really needs—or wants—a reminder.

2020 162

3 Things You Must Know for a Job Interview These Days

On The Job

When interviewing for a job these days, you need to be ready to tweak your responses so that you help an employer see how you'll not only be dependable and valuable once we all return to normalcy -- but also if you need to work remotely.

2020 169

3 Tips for Business Growth in 2021

Small Business CEO

This has been a challenging year for businesses around the world, and the fight for survival has never been more critical. 2021 may see a brighter future on the horizon, but by no means will it be plain sailing for businesses in any industry as competition grows fiercer.

2021 76

Increasing Instagram Followers: Top Tips for Your Business

Small Business CEO

As we have adjusted to the “new normal” amidst the pandemic, social media platforms’ role has become more important for all businesses.

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