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Set Healthy Boundaries at Work

Office Dynamics

Another boundary you might need to set is your accessibility after hours to your leader as far as emails go. As I travel and talk to hundreds of administrative office professionals ranging from administrators to executive assistants, I’m hearing them say they are spending too much of their personal time (evenings or weekends) managing and/or responding to emails from their leader. The problem is… she started responding to her leader’s emails and taking action steps if required.

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Episode 246: How to Be Great at Your Job with Justin Kerr


Justin is a self-described efficiency monster, He is the author of the rogue corporate playbooks How to Write an Email and How to Be a Boss. It covers the basics, like the universal requirements of every workplace—working with other people, making stellar presentations, communicating effectively over email. On the term “efficiency monster” (4:50). On being caught with the email trap (6:58). On today’s episode, I spent time with Justin Kerr.

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