Some training suggestions for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Quite often I am asked which courses I would recommend for assistants that are just starting in the profession and want to undertake some training to increase their skills and help them move up the career ladder. I always say that it is extremely important for assistants to attend training courses throughout the year. We have a shed load of skills that have to be kept up to date so that we can do our job effectively. Internal training and graduate programmes.

Launching Assist Training

Practically Perfect PA

Following the success of the Assist Conference a few weeks ago I thought I would put together a more extensive training course for two of our favourite conference topics – Events Management for assistants and Social Media/Apps/Office Tech (I can’t think of a catchy title for this one!). Both training courses are coming up in May and so I thought I would give you all a little more detail. This is where our events training course fits in.


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5 Ways to Promote Your Training Course through Effective Marketing

The Small Business Blog

Devising an effective course that meets a demand in your industry is only the start of a long journey towards making your training course profitable. In order to fill your course up with attendees, you will need a multi-faceted approach to marketing. To maximise the reach of your training, and to ensure that the people… Read the full article here: 5 Ways to Promote Your Training Course through Effective Marketing on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

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The Assistant's Toolkit - ProAssisting's free assistant training.

ProAssisting Blog

Go ahead and follow the instructions below to sign up today! To sign up and get your first free lesson now, follow these simple steps: 1. Digg Email Facebook Google Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati TwitThis Comments The Assistants Toolkit - Free Assistant Training Join ProAssistings free 10-part assistant training series delivered weekly to your inbox: CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW! hard disk recovery on With cloud computing, who needs to back-up their data?

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Choosing Administrative Training That’s Right for You

Office Dynamics

The challenge may come when you realize there are a plethora of training programs, conferences, webinars and other learning events for administrative assistants and executive assistants. For example, when assistants ask me which training would be best for them between our conference and World Class Assistant Certification live course, I ask them “What are your goals?” For those of us in the training/adult learning industry, there is a difference.

A Quick Round-Up of November’s Workshops and Trainings

Office Organization Success

How To Put Your Follow-up On Autopilot Using Autoreponders. This powerful technology lets you follow up with every single one of your subscribers, clients, and prospects automatically, saving you hours of time. Click Here to Automate Your Follow-Up. In just 30 minutes you can go from overwhelmed to organized when you join me for this fast-paced, content-rich training webinar. Training Workshops and Products

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New Training and Resources to Office Dynamics in 2019

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International is the global industry leader in the development and presentation of sophisticated executive and administrative assistant training, coaching, and resources. It is known that we offer a broad range of training, education, peer to peer networking, but this year we are adding even more to our catalog of resources! Here at Office Dynamics, we know that assistants are always coming up with great ideas, creating new systems or templates, or taking the lead.

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Here Are 5 Benefits Virtual Reality Brings To Soft Skills Training


More and more organizations are implementing or planning to implement a VR training program for soft skills. . VR is an engaging way to help train employees because it allows them to react to certain hypothetical situations then analyze their reactions. .

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NEW! OneNote 2016 Training Series

All Things Admin

Whether it’s creating effective systems for minute taking, follow-up on action items, travel planning, procedures documentation, or developing communication systems that are easy for your executives to scan for information, organization is a vital skill for success-minded admins.

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Technology Training Tuesday: Collaborating in OneNote

Office Dynamics

You’ll learn how to: Set up a notebook to facilitate collaboration. Microsoft® Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel will show you, step-by-step, how to set it up and make it work for various types of projects. The post Technology Training Tuesday: Collaborating in OneNote appeared first on Office Dynamics. Collaborating in OneNote. Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2014. Time: 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM ET. OneNote has never been easier to use than in the newest versions of Microsoft Office.

Shake It Up!

Office Dynamics

It’s time to shake things up. This week I’d like you to really step out of your comfort zone—shake it up! I have seen many administrative and executive assistants embrace training. I dare you to shake yourself up this week. The post Shake It Up! Career Management Motivators Projects Self Development 9 ways to enjoy life more shake it up shake things up at work tips for changing up your ho-hum routine

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Why Manufacturing Training is Important in The Digital Age

Small Business CEO

Within the manufacturing industry, training is a huge focus – and for good reason. The safety and wellbeing of a workforce rely heavily on the effectiveness of training. Human Resources Management manufacturing manufacturing training

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All the free training we offer in one place!

Office Dynamics

Our free training programs began in 2009 with the 26 Weeks to Administrative Excellence pre-recorded video program. As the year’s passed we continued to add in a few additional programs >v iew our free video programs < We hear from assistants on a daily basis that they love our training materials but they work for a nonprofit or their organization doesn’t believe in training the administrative professionals. More free assistant training at your fingertips.

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How to Get More Out of Professional Development Training: [Part 1] Getting Leadership Approval

Eat Your Career

My number one goal is to help ensure that participants get a TON of value from their training. After all, if you can’t get approval from your leaders to participate in training, little else matters. Of course, you’re still an adult with free will; you certainly can (and should) take part in training outside of work hours, and you can always pay for it with your own money. To gain leadership approval, you need to create a business case to support your training request.

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What is the Difference Between an Administrative Conference and Administrative Training?

Office Dynamics

With the plethora of offerings for administrative training and development, there is also a lot of confusion. I’d like to help you understand better so you can stop asking yourself “what is the difference between an administrative conference and administrative training?” When choosing an administrative conference or training, choose wisely. With Office Dynamics administrative training classes, participants have lots of time to practice in the classroom.

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What to look for in a training room

Practically Perfect PA

I’ve written this “What to look for in a training room” post for a couple of reasons. The first is that I was thoroughly depressed when I read through the search results for “What to look for in a training room”. But alas, the articles I found were mostly from training venues rather than those who use them. And the second reason was that we ran two training course last month and the training room… It was spectacular.

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Tips for Training Your Team Effectively Despite Social Distancing

Small Business CEO

It all starts with training. Here are some tips on how to train new employees in a socially distanced world. Stay up-to-date on recent CDC recommendations as well as laws in your state about training employees. Human Resources employee training pandemic

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September’s Workshops and Trainings

Office Organization Success

Here’s a roundup of this month’s workshops and training programs: From Overwhelmed To Organized – Discover The Simple 3-Step Online Business Management Model So That You Know Which Activities To Focus On At Each Stage Of Your Business Growth. In just 30 minutes you can go from overwhelmed to organized when you join me for this fast-paced, content-rich training webinar. How To Set Up Your Online Systems To Earn Your First $1,000 (Or More).

NEW! Systems and Procedures Training Series

All Things Admin

NEW 3-Part Training Series Available On Demand! Do you have procedures for daily tasks documented for easy reference and cross training? Sysems and procedures are your ultimate power tools! Join us for this 3-part series to help you get your office systems and procedures created!

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How Assistants Manage Their Workload (and all the extras, like training!)

Office Dynamics

Are you one of the many assistants who claims you can’t attend a training course or even get away for a free webinar because you’re just too busy? Here’s how assistants manage their workload and find time for other things, like training! . I am so impressed with administrative and executive assistants who manage their workload in addition to spending several days away from the office for training and development.

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The Decline of Employee Training & The Rise of Side Gigs

Small Business Labs

The chart below, which shows a decline in employer-provided and on-the-job training in recent decades, has been making the rounds in the economic blogs.  But given the Great Recession, it seems pretty unlikely that employer-provided and on-the-job training have done anything but decline since 2008. We believe the decline in employee training is having an interesting 2nd order effect - we think it's leading to more people having 2nd jobs. 

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[Free Training] 4 Key Online Business Management Systems

Office Organization Success

If so, I’d like to invite you to join me for a free training next week that I just set up for the express purpose of talking about online business management and marketing systems. It’s called: From Chaos To Calm: 4 Key Systems To Set Up When You Don’t Know Where To Start and you can register for it here. A follow-up sequence and a newsletter. I’ll see you on the training. Training Workshops and Products

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How Much Training Do You Really Need?

Step It Up VA Coaching

Is it really true that the more technical training and certifications you receive, the more valuable you are to clients? If you think you need additional training , consider that it might be wise to instead focus on what you do best—and do it really well. If you want to have a certain specialty , yes, it helps to get good training, but there is another way. In fact, most clients hire you because they like and trust you—not because of a training program.

The Mel Robbins Guide to Screwing Up


In her book, The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well Is the Key to Success , Megan McArdle explains that we gain skills by practicing things because we’re strengthening the connection between the action and the reward. Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger.

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When and Why You Should Have a Back-up Plan

Office Dynamics

How do you implement back-up plans in your work? The post When and Why You Should Have a Back-up Plan appeared first on Office Dynamics. Admin Assistant Training Creativity Problem Solving admin skills administrative assistant back-up plan effective assistant executive assistant plan b professional assistant training for assistants why you need to have a back-up plan workplace productivityHere’s hoping you’re ready for a great work week ahead….

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Provide Training Without Losing Productivity

Small Business Labs

Wouldn't it be great if everyone you hired could just sit down in front of a computer and start working immediately, with no training at all?  They'll need to be trained from the ground up. And longtime employees will also have a need for training eventually.   How do you carve training time out of the workday and not lose productivity? Group Training. Individual Training. Off-Duty Training.

5 reasons every assistant should attend external training

Practically Perfect PA

There have been so many times over the years that I have received an email about a fantastic training course or conference that I would love to attend. There are plenty of training opportunities for assistants but so many of us don’t attend external training events – in fact according to the recent Practically Perfect PA Industry snapshot 52% of respondents had not attending a training event in the last two years!

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Getting Tangled Up Managing Unrealistic Expectations

My EA Career

We gave up after a number of failed attempts to get Slinky to ‘walk’ down the steps. Executive Assistants that I coach, train and mentor consistently struggle to manage unrealistic expectations and helping them navigate this is something I focus on. .

2020 52

Video Training for Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

First Live Video Conference Training. I plan to create an online training program for administrative assistants this summer from this 3-hour workshop but will break it up into 8 or 9 short segments. We offer live and online (via telepresence) training for administrative and executive assistants Administrative Assistants. with Joan Burge, CEO, Office Dynamics. "It''s It''s like we were in the room together!".

11 Halos – 2nd Spring Training Season

Loosely Speaking

It’s true that you just can’t make this stuff up. We got a call the night before Dillon was asked to report to the major league game in case they needed a back up 1B player. Our group, surrounded by a sea of Giants fans, were watching, waiting, holding our collective breaths … and then we saw him step up onto the field, do his signature pre-at bat move: the bat held in both hands raised high and then stretched behind his neck.

How Do You Train And Retain Tech Talent? Use Podcasts, Says CEO Jen Grogono


By serving employees podcasts over PowerPoints, employees can listen anytime they want, using a familiar application that doesn’t require any ramp-up or training. All of this adds up to happier, more engaged employees who are more productive and more likely to stick with their jobs.

2022 82

Technology Training Tuesday: Advanced Minute Taking & Excel Pivot Tables

Office Dynamics

Are you lost on the follow-up? The post Technology Training Tuesday: Advanced Minute Taking & Excel Pivot Tables appeared first on Office Dynamics. Admin Assistant Training Career Management Technology Workplace Tools advanced minute taking continued learning excel pivot tables skills for assistants tech training technology for assistants webinar Advanced Minute Taking Workshop. Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2014. Time: 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM ET.

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7 Strategies to Speak Up to Get Results

Office Dynamics

I’ve lost my mojo and fear speaking up when I should,” confessed Janet who recently stepped into a new position. That’s why I’m offering these seven strategies to help you speak up and speak your truth the next time you feel that your voice needs to be heard: Clarity is Key. For example, are you speaking up to correct a misunderstanding that could lead to litigation or to heal a relationship riff? Consider the price you’re paying for not speaking up.

2016 117

How to Train Your Virtual Assistant?

Tips From T. Marie

Over the weekend I stumbled across a video on YouTube entitled “How to Train Your Virtual Assistant” posted by a virtual assistant service company. I’ve mentioned before that although you may need to give direction and communicate clearly , there should be no need to literally train a virtual assistant. Let’s start with the word ‘train’ Employers train their employees, so simply using that term should throw up a red flag.

Your Case for Training: Adult Learning Retention Statistics

Office Dynamics

ATD stands for the Association of Talent Development, formerly called ASTD (American Society for Training & Development). For 25 years I have been teaching live workshops, seminars and training programs for executive and administrative assistants. So if you have the opportunity to attend live seminars, workshops, training or administrative conferences, do it! I signed up for a 7 week course on developing effective online training courses.

2015 101

How to Get More Out of Professional Development Training: [PART 2] Retaining Information

Eat Your Career

In this article, we’re diving into the big question: How do you effectively capture—and more importantly, retain —learning in a professional development training program? For many professionals, training isn’t an everyday occurrence. Sadly, a lot of people get overwhelmed when it comes to training activities. The more you put into your training, the more you’re going to get out of it. You’re in training anyway. career advice Professional Development training

2017 109

The Star Performer’s Secret Sauce Free Webinar Replay [assistant training for 25 years and counting]

Office Dynamics

As a result of Joan’s question and observations, Office Dynamics was born, and our flagship training program for administrative assistants (The Star Achievement Series) quickly became a globally recognized game changer. Complete with prizes, giveaways, and Joan’s signature surprises, this 90-minute program offers information and inspiration for any assistant who wants to “up” their professional game and have a ton of fun in the process. 25 Proven Tips to Administrative Excellence.

2015 139

Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

Office Dynamics

The point I want to make in this Monday Motivator is don’t give up on your dreams. The post Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams appeared first on Office Dynamics. Admin Assistant Training Assistant Training Motivators Self Development boldness don't quit dreams Live a BIG Life monday motivator persistenceI had a full week last week as I spent 4 full days with 15 wonderful women from across the country.

2015 135

Are You Up for the Challenge?

Office Organization Success

Even though we’ve already done the first live training, you’ll still be able to catch up with the recording (and, by the way, ALL trainings are recorded for your convenience). In tomorrow’s training, we’ll be covering Setting Up Your Online Systems. Training Workshops and Products

2014 142

Charter Memberships Being Snapped Up

Office Organization Success

This week I attended a fabulous leadership training program in Toledo — I am a member of a local BNI (Business Networking International) Chapter, and as from October 1st I’ll be President of our Chapter. The training was to teach me how to step into this role. This training is absolutely critical (and is mandatory) if I am to take on this role, and without this training I know I wouldn’t be able to fulfill the position.

2014 139

Technology Training Tuesday: Advanced Minute Taking & Excel Pivot Tables

Office Dynamics

Are you lost on the follow-up? The post Technology Training Tuesday: Advanced Minute Taking & Excel Pivot Tables appeared first on Office Dynamics. Admin Assistant Training Career Management Technology Workplace Tools advanced minute taking continued learning excel pivot tables skills for assistants tech training technology for assistants webinar Advanced Minute Taking Workshop. Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2014. Time: 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM ET.

2014 100

Pump Up the Jam

Virtual Moxie

So it was that, smack dab in the last third of my relaunch of our training program (coming late this week, God willin’!) I got about the same benefit, in terms of waking up and getting more bang out of my work day, but I certainly had more fun dancing than napping (if you know me, you know what a HUGE statement that one is!), And just that fast, Wake Up Your Day was screaming at me to be created.

2011 168

10 Things To Keep In Mind While Training Recruiters For Your Search Agency

Recruit CRM

Recruiters are often known as the "source of hiring", but as a recruitment agency, your search for the perfect candidate can only go as far as how well trained your recruiters are. 10 Things To Keep In Mind While Training Recruiters In Your Agency 1.

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