Business Coach vs. Mentor: Which One Do You Need?


But if you’re looking for someone to help teach you, should you look for a coach or a mentor? But the reality is there’s a reason why there are two separate words—coach and mentor—in the English language. There’s a reason why coaching’ and ‘mentoring’ are often used interchangeably.

How To Find Your Mentor

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Whatever stage you are in your career, you need a mentor. A mentor brings out the best in you. You might be the king of experts in your company but you still need a mentor. A mentor does not only bring out the best in you, he or she also does keep your ego in check so you don’t go out of bounds. How does a Mentor differ from a Teacher? Simply put, a Teacher is a “push&# , a Mentor is a “pull&#. How do you find your mentor?


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Why Your Career Needs Reverse Mentoring

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That’s why more employers are starting to explore reverse mentoring. So Garrow, 51, began participating in the employer’s reciprocal mentoring program. Zachary, director of the Center for Mentoring Excellence , says reverse mentoring allows a young IT person to gain exposure to a senior-level person, “and the senior-level person gets to learn something” from the young employee.

How to be an Effective Mentor

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Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap How to be an Effective Mentor Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on August 2, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Mentoring can be one of the most effective means of teaching: inviting someone to learn from the example of another with more experience. Being a mentor doesn’t mean having all the answers to every question. A good mentor know which questions to ask to stimulate development in their protégeé.

Communication Skills That Have Impact…Choose The Right Medium

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How are your communication skills? Mentor? Bonus, Human Moments are a great way to demonstrate and practice your face-to-face communication skills! The post Communication Skills That Have Impact…Choose The Right Medium appeared first on Office Dynamics. In the 21 st century, we have so many ways to communicate. Is each communication medium interchangeable? Should you use whichever one is fastest or most convenient for you?

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At Your Side: Mentoring in the Workplace

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She said that new assistants are mentored for the first year of their working career. They work initially as an assistant-in-training and report to a senior assistant for mentoring and help with anything that comes up on the job. They are encouraged to bring any requests from their boss and run it by their mentors so they can think through the next steps. Because of this mentoring program they had no problem hiring young assistants right out of college.

The Skills You Need to be Great Boss

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That means you show leadership abilities such as good communication skills, an ability to stay focused on getting things done and a desire to help others to succeed, he says. He also suggests it's a good idea to find a more senior manager to serve as a mentor or to lead a project at work. Another big error: Assuming that just because you have top-notch skills in a certain area that you'll be a good manager. Hone your communication skills.

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7 Skills MBA Grad Requires to Become Successful

Small Business CEO

The knowledge that your mentors impart from books and from their own experience, your own real-life experiences, lessons learnt during training from professionals and technical knowledge are all of significant value.… … The post 7 Skills MBA Grad Requires to Become Successful appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Everybody wants to be successful in the business world but only a few manage to reach there.

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Invest in Interpersonal Skills Development is Important but Few Plan to Invest in Them

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Survey: Few CFOs Plan to Invest in Interpersonal Skills Development for Their Teams. June 19, 2013 / PRNewswire / -- Executives say it takes strong soft skills to move up the corporate ladder, but few firms provide training in this area, a new Accountemps survey finds. When chief financial officers (CFOs) were asked to identify the most common reason their employees fail to advance, poor interpersonal skills was the top response ( 30 percent ). Not developing new skills.

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When the music fades…

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What are your mentors saying? It is probably time to deploy your skills elsewhere. Business Failure business failure Business Mentors MentoringThe flow of the rhythm… the rush of the beat… the adrenaline pumping! Oh, the thrill of dancing! True music lovers really appreciate the swell of emotions they have when they find a new song. It would seem at first that you could never get tired of it.

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“Who, me, network?” Build Confidence in Your Networking Skill!

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The great thing is that networking is a “soft skill” that can be learned by anyone. Networking comes under the heading of a life-long skill builder. We are all somewhere on the continuum of networking skill strength. Show interest in people around you; asking about their jobs, best practices, pets, family, hobbies and current skill-building goals area are all wonderful beginnings. A guest blog entry by Nancy Fraze. “It’s It’s all in who you know.”

“Who, me, network?” Build Confidence in Your Networking Skill!

Office Dynamics

The great thing is that networking is a “soft skill” that can be learned by anyone. Networking comes under the heading of a life-long skill builder. We are all somewhere on the continuum of networking skill strength. Show interest in people around you; asking about their jobs, best practices, pets, family, hobbies and current skill-building goals area are all wonderful beginnings. A guest blog entry by Nancy Fraze. “It’s It’s all in who you know.”

Is Mentorship The Key To Career Advancement For Women?


When women mentor women, they create a shortcut to success in which they can help women develop leadership skills as well as the ability to advocate for themselves. . Mentors provide women with guidance on navigating their careers, advice on skill development, and ongoing support.

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Does Returning to the Office Help Diversity?


This will help your team build skills in avoiding such problems and especially help minorities feel supported as you build a more collaborative atmosphere. . At ISI, we are implementing a formal mentoring program that will provide special support to minority groups. .

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Getting Tangled Up Managing Unrealistic Expectations

My EA Career

Managing expectations takes skill and practise. Executive Assistants that I coach, train and mentor consistently struggle to manage unrealistic expectations and helping them navigate this is something I focus on. .

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Why Executive Assistants Need To Adopt A Slinky Mindset

My EA Career

The slinky is the perfect metaphor for the way I encourage Executive Assistants that I train, coach and mentor to adapt and adjust to the impacts of Coronavirus. The Power Skills Executive Assistants Need To Demonstrate During Covid-19.

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The Future of the Administrative Profession

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Demonstrate your leadership skills. These are fundamentals, critical foundational skills needed to fully mature your career. Cross-training, Mentoring – Open your heart and be a mentor to others. Being confident, prepared and honing your skills is a great way to handle this. How skilled are you in handling “offsite” support across time zones? Presentation skills – volunteer to make and give presentations whenever the opportunity arises.

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5 Steps to Creating Your Digital Portfolio

All Things Admin

Communication Skills. Writing Skills. It’s not necessary to include everything you’ve ever done; your main goal is to showcase your skills. Every admin needs a way to demonstrate their skills and shine a spotlight on their accomplishments.

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How to Upskill Yourself to Earn More Money 


Upskilling, or the process of taking your skills to the next level at work, can be a great way to increase your value at your current company and help you negotiate a higher salary when you start looking for your next employment adventure. Low cost or free skill upgrades.

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Strategies for Advancing Your Career in Administrative Services

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If you’re still struggling with time management, organization, professional presence, and communication, focus on amplifying your skills in these key areas. These kinds of leadership skills are only gained through practice and yet, they’re essential for advancement. Mentor Newbies. Mentoring shows you are team-oriented and not afraid of helping other people shine. Designed by Freepik.

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Take Your Seat … At The Executive Table

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What are the new skills admired and soon to be required of administrative professionals: Digital Savvy: learning semi-tech and self-publishing skills. This might involve making yourself visible or mentoring with others who are already subject matter experts. <Guest Post by Debbie Gross> Take Your Seat…At the Executive Table. Administrative Professionals leading in the 21st-century. Business today is changing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up or keep track!

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How to Improve the Employee Onboarding Process


Onboarding requires not only that the worker learns the crucial skills to excel at their job, and by extension, their career. It also requires that the worker learns soft social skills in the workplace.

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5 Powerhouse Strategies for Creating Administrative Peer Power

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Sharing expertise, mentoring and offering to cover for your colleague during their vacation or for a medical emergency, are all great contributors to peer synergy. Coming together is better than fighting for your own agenda. When you are trying to create change, whether in a process or for the administrative community in your organization, it is much easier to be persuasive when there is a group. There is strength in unity.

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Secrets Revealed

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Also, organizations need the more seasoned employees to mentor newer employees. Admin Assistant Training Career Management Communication Skills Interpersonal Skills Self DevelopmentEvery person has secrets. They may be secrets about their families, health, money, business, fears, or successes. Some things should be kept secret or within a very small group. But there are other secrets that we should be sharing with others.

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Someone in Your Corner

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That’s why mentors can prove to be a gift from the gods for those who need someone not only providing advice based on experience, but a supportive pat on the back when it’s needed. The advantage of having a mentor is that is gives you a person who will provide honest feedback in a secure environment. While many companies help workers set up mentoring relationships, there are times when an employee may want to seek out help confidentially. Tags: mentoring

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Bridge the Generational Communication Gap

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Talk to them as a friend/mentor. Admin Assistant Training Communication Skills Motivators Self Development administrative assistant baby boomers communication gap communication skills gen-xers generational communication Joan Burge millenials Monday Motivators nexters veterans world class assistantWe can bridge the generational communication gap between Gen-Xers, Nexters, Baby Boomers and Veterans. We just have to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of each.

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Google Executive Shares How To Work Your Way Up The Ladder Without A College Degree


Companies like Google, Walmart and McDonald’s have introduced their own programs to help staff work their way up the company’s ladder or adopt new skills that could help them expand their career outside of the organization. .

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Do You Have to Be Passionate About Your Job?


Listen to this week’s episode of the rich & REGULAR podcast and keep reading for some thoughts on how developing skills can serve you better than following your passion. While hobbies are important , developing skills that will further your career may take a bit more effort to discover.

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Ep 164: Kathleen Gauden – Owner of The Virtual Assistant and Company

Go Burrows

She took her Corporate EA skills and created a business managing very large estates (25,000 sq. She also mentors and teaches VAs starting out, or those wishing to take their business to the next level, via 1:1 coaching.

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Choosing Excellence Every Day

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I absolutely loved Joan Burge’s article, Core Admin Skills Always Need Improving ! The principle she discussed of renewing and improving core skills is closely related to what Steven Covey calls “Sharpening the Saw”: the deliberate improvement of our tools to help us become more effective. Before you can master any skill or role, you must have a holistic vision what it encompasses and entails.

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The Power of the Strategic Partnership Whitepaper

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The skills and attributes necessary to be successful as a Strategic Partner. – How do you help Executives understand how you can serve them as a Strategic Partner? . “I was always very fortunate to meet various individuals who mentored me. ” SELL YOUR “NINJA SKILLS.”

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How to Master The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers

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Stacy is a sought after mentor, consultant, trainer, and writer. Admin Assistant Training Administrative Professionals Week Assertive Communication Skills Executive Blog Mgr/Asst Team Multiple Managers Organizational Skills Productivity Workplace Tools A Great Day's Work administrative professional executive support how to prioritize with multiple managers juggling prioritizing project management Stacy Leitner supporting multiple managers

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Five Steps for Survival When You've Been Verbally Reprimanded

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Do you need anger management classes, or perhaps more training in an area that makes you defensive because you lack the necessary skills? This is a good opportunity to find a mentor who is willing to give you honest feedback and help steer you back on course. Tags: verbally reprimanded save job poor performance bad mentors could lose job yelled at by boss improve performance performance evaluations career advice Anita Bruzzese

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10 Must Follow Admin Resources On Twitter

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julieperrine Founder of Julie Perrine International & All Things Admin | Administrative & Leadership Expert, Mentor, Speaker & Trainer | Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Admin – Julie’s a great resource for assistants on tech skills, how to use today’s platforms for better connectivity and collaboration with your peers and as well as provide greater benefit to your organizations. I love this resource for keeping my skills updated and continued learning.

Begin with Gratitude and Watch the Miracles Flow Your Way


Is thankfulness a survival skill? My gratitude starts with my parents who raised me, gave me an incredible foundation that has lasted me all of these years and continues with the mentors who changed and revolutionized my life , my income, my bank account, my future.

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Multigenerational Communication & Cross-mentorship

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The diverse team has combined organizational and time management skills, event and meeting planning, business savvy, continued professional development drive and so much more to ensure success and positive outcomes. There are a variety of ways administrative professionals and the companies they work for can support multigenerational communication and cross-mentoring. Seek answers, ask questions, share your skills…never stop learning. By Dana Buchanan.

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How to Be a Better Communicator At Work Part 1

Office Dynamics

Leverage communication skills for business success. I thought I would start 2017 by focusing on one of the most vital business skills – communication. While everyone must competently use today’s information technology tools, too many of us are ignoring the proven importance and effectiveness of interpersonal communication skills. Mentor? Be a better communicator at work. We can never know enough about effective ways to communicate.

2017 101

So You Want to Take a Break from Your Career—Here’s What You Need to Consider


Use the time management skills from your previous role to make sure you stay on task regarding your goals. Be bold in asking your network for informational interviews, or if there’s someone specific who could serve as your mentor. What role does work play in our lives?

2022 219

5 Realistic Tips to Be More Positive


By stepping back and concentrating on my best skill, my mind switched from feeling frustrated to feeling fresh, alert and more willing to accept new information. Try seeking out a trusted colleague or mentor to take this challenge with you. “Think positive!”. Look on the bright side!”.

2022 258

From Executive Assistant to CEO

ProAssisting Blog

She has held many different positions throughout her 30 years working for the company but what is particularly interesting to us here at ProAssisting is how Ursula was mentored in the executive assistant position by her two different bosses. Finding the right boss who took the time—when there was time—to mentor her was key to Ms. It made me reflect on how much coaching and mentoring I was giving to my own assistant.

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