International Criminal Lawyers and Small Business

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As the nature of business blitzes across borders, whether that be business to business or business to customer, sooner or later, you might need the services of international criminal lawyers. International criminal lawyers tend to specialise in cases where two legal jurisdictions operate.

Insights for Small Businesses with Exposure to Foreign Exchange Risks

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Many small businesses looking for growth often forge strategic alliances for international exposure. Some small businesses find suppliers in foreign markets in order to create a competitive advantage. Interestingly, when it is time to create financial accounts, many business owners with international exposure are surprised that their top and bottom lines are not impressive. … Economy & Environment foreign exchange international business

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10 minute power meeting technique. | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

by Stefan Töpfer on Oct 31, 2007 When you have internal meetings try to keep them short. Remember this is a rule for internal meetings, for meetings with customers this rule does not apply – within reason of cause. Suppliers will probably thank you for short meetings, so they too can get more done. E-Mail me or follow me. Outsourcing Options For Small Business Focus on your business, timeshare professionals. Starting a Small Business?

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How To Prepare Your Data For Industry 4.0

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This time period was known as the Mechanization era as communities began to experience rapid growth from automated machines and tools, steam and internal combustion engines, and the refinement of iron and steel metals. data be provided from all suppliers.

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How You Can Help The Environment When Planning Your Next Holiday

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Limiting international trips is a great way to lower our overall carbon footprint. Buying from local suppliers also encourages independent businesses who often produce a far lower carbon footprint than big brands.

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Top tip guide to managing global ground transport

Practically Perfect PA

Organising the most appropriate ground transportation supplier for your company can be straightforward, but to get the best value and the best travel experience from your service provider, you need to find out a bit more information. Choose the best supplier for your needs. Answering all of these questions will help to pin down the best ground transport supplier for your needs. Check your supplier’s health and safety policies. It sounds simple.

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Selling to Big Companies: 8 Sales Tips to Land Your White Whale


Yet taking this approach to a corporate decision-maker immediately creates objections such as, “We’re happy with our current suppliers.”. Internal examples are mergers, spinoffs, venture capital funding, new leadership or changing corporate direction.

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The New Multinationals: Small, Micro and Solo Businesses Driving the Next Wave of Globalization

Small Business Labs

Globalization and international trade was once driven almost exclusively by large multinational corporations.   They’ve also made it much easier for global customers and suppliers to find, connect and do business with one another.  No longer. Propelled by global online markets and platforms and a growing global middle class, small businesses and even freelancers and individuals are exporting goods and services in growing numbers. In fact, according to the U.S.

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How can Assistants achieve greater recognition at work?

Practically Perfect PA

If you haven’t already, read our first blog on what to look for in an event supplier , and our second, on common issues PAs face with career development. Share knowledge with other PAs through internal and external networks. What can PAs do to make sure they are getting the recognition at work that they deserve? How can Assistants achieve greater recognition at work?

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Win an award-winning Brother office labeller

Practically Perfect PA

Ian Metcalfe, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at Brother International Europe said: “A professional labelling machine is an essential office device due to its efficiency in storage, retrieval and time-saving. And you can find the P-touch range from all good office suppliers or online at [link]. ( *GfK 2014 study conducted amongst 1,501 businesses with labelling devices across UK, France and Germany).

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Invest in yourself

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Think about how you can achieve these objectives on your own, through the company or with an external supplier. Research the suppliers that would assist you achieve these objectives. If you would like to improve your time keeping skills could you go along to a training course run internally by your company? If it is a specific PA skill, for example minute keeping, find and research the best external supplier for that course.

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Online Platforms Enabling the Rise of Global Micro Outsourcing Firms

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Individualization , which the paper describes as "the puzzling elimination of returns to scale, resulting in a supplier base that consists of one-person micro-providers." For instance, Alibaba has emerged as a significant platform for international trade in intermediate and final products, especially among SMEs and microenterprises.

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6 Tips to Adopt Eco-friendly Printing Practices at Home or the Office

Eco-Office Gals

Find a Green Ink Supplier. These certifications demonstrate the company’s commitment to managing its internal and external impact on the environment. So, with a bit of research, you can move your home or office to an environmentally conscious ink supplier, which is a simple yet efficient way of reducing your ecological impact. Printing is unavoidable in a variety of settings, from personal to academic and professional.

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The Key to Being More Innovative

On The Job

As part of the turnaround team, Docherty focused on restoring internal collaboration. Sunbeam partnered with suppliers, inventors and outside companies, moving from launching 10 new products in the first year to more than 150 by the end of the second year. Docherty says working with outside creative partners not only jumpstarted internal creativity, but helped Sunbeam navigate through Chapter 11 reorganization and rebuild the company to profitability.

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The Launch of PA Insiders – for PA to PA Recommendations

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This is often the way with us PAs – we have banks of knowledge which sometimes we only need to use once – a big office move, a one-off international conference. – a website where PAs from anywhere can search the database to find a supplier suggested by another PA, with their reason for recommending and relevant contact info etc. Hi, I’m Merryl Futerman and I am one of the founders of PA Insiders.

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Getting buy in from the boss

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Internal & External Training. Support for an Internal PA Network. Internal & External Training: The first external conference that I ever attended was Square Meal Venues and Events. This eventually enabled me to then request paid internal and external training. The best way for me to do this was to do an internal time management course. “Succeeding in business is all about making connections. Business is all about personal contact.

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Remember to visit CTI at the Office* Show next week

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If you haven’t been before, it is a fantastic exhibition for PAs, EAs, VAs, Office Managers and Administrators, which brings together lots of great training and really relevant suppliers for office professionals. If you are responsible for booking flights or hotels or appointing a travel supplier then this is the one event you will not want to miss! This post is sponsored by Corporate Travel International (CTI).

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The 2019 Top Tech Events to Attend for Your Business

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For any company that either runs their own internal servers or operates data centers to provide hosting or related services to customers, this is a key convention. The expo features the computing media, service providers for data centre facilities as well as technology suppliers. If your business has a global focus or is looking to expand internationally in the future, you should consider attending these top tech events.

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Career development for Assistants: 5 common problems and how to solve them

Practically Perfect PA

Read the first one, on what to look for in an event supplier , and watch out for the third and final blog, on how to ensure organisations value PA work! See also if internal and external PA networks have evening seminars and other networking opportunities available. For instance, PAs could sign up for courses that would allow them to give internal training on software such as PowerPoint.

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How policy and cost savings are helping to drive the uptake of low-energy, retrofit LED Lamps

Eco-Office Gals

The great energy savings have allowed retrofit lamp suppliers such as MGC to show a return on investment on certain products within 2 years and with the expected life of some products at more. This article has been created by David Jackson, International Sales Manager at MGC Lighting Group , one of the leading LED lighting suppliers in Europe. “The traditional GLS lamp is dead!”

8 Easy Contract Changes to Make for More Sustainable Events

Practically Perfect PA

Wherever you are planning your event ask your venue to ensure they buy local food and drink product and wherever possible use local suppliers. The University of Greenwich run a great placement programme for corporates and agencies looking for interns and event students. Chances are your venue and suppliers are willing to make all these changes, they just need to be asked the right questions!

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How can Assistants achieve greater recognition at work?

Practically Perfect PA

If you haven’t already, read our first blog on what to look for in an event supplier , and our second, on common issues PAs face with career development. Share knowledge with other PAs through internal and external networks. What can PAs do to make sure they are getting the recognition at work that they deserve? How can Assistants achieve greater recognition at work?

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Which tasks should assistants manage?

Practically Perfect PA

Assistants should manage all aspects of their executives business travel including both domestic and international trips. Suppliers. Including researching new suppliers, maintaining contracts, communications and invoices. As I’ve always said our main role as assistants is to free up time in our executive’s day so that they can focus on the big stuff.

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10 tips for organising car hire

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Many of your business travel agents will be able to organise this aspect of the business trip and will also be able to provide discounts if they book through their own preferred suppliers or through the airline’s preferred car hire company. International driving permit. It is worth getting your boss an international driving permit if they intend to use hire cars on many of their business trips.

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Networking with ACE Connects

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Back in November I had the pleasure of speaking to 50 assistants who were attending a networking event organised by ACE (Assistant Community EMEA), an internal networking group set up by assistants at BlackRock. Simone White, the founder of ACE Network, will be speaking about internal networking groups at our conference next year – Assist Conference.

Core soft skill: Resilience

Practically Perfect PA

Having a strong network before internally in your organisation and with other assistants, clients and suppliers is pretty crucial these days. Over the next few months I am going to introduce a few new features on Practically Perfect PA. We currently have the Day in the Life and Technology of the Week posts, which seem to be really popular. Today I am going to start a new one – Core Skills.

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Why India Is a Rising Star Among Exporting Nations

The Small Business Blog

My company, international trading website, currently has 2.9 million India-based members and hosts more Indian suppliers than suppliers from any other country outside of China. The ability to communicate with suppliers via phone, e-mail and Skype in a common language reduces confusion, response time and translation errors. China for more than a decade has been the world’s go-to country for manufactured goods. But competitive advantages do not last forever.

2013 163

Technology to make events simpler

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Previously they boasted about simply replacing those bulky brochures or guides you would get at events but now they are being used for internal meetings, sales meetings and many more corporate meetings. International executive travel to attend meetings is on the decline and in its place are smart time saving, cost effective streaming of our events. With our internal events or our client events it is very easy to reach our audience.

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7 Cross-Border Dropshipping Tips Winners Use

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Dropshipping is an e-commerce order fulfillment model where a facilitator (dropshipper) receives orders from buyers (shoppers), passes it on to manufacturers or suppliers and delivers those orders direct to customers (D2C). Know International Trade Regulations. It is easy to cross the line with cross-border dropshipping if you are ignorant of relevant international trade laws. Thinking of scaling or taking your dropshipping business overseas?

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The Stunning Growth of Small Business Globalization

Small Business Labs

Key quote: Small businesses worldwide are becoming “micro-multinationals” by using digital platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Alibaba to connect with customers and suppliers in other countries. It's not just small employer businesses that are expanding internationally. Every so often a report comes across our desk that makes us go "wow!" " McKinsey's Digital Globalization: The new era of global flows is such a report.

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A review of Assist Travel 2015

Practically Perfect PA

Throughout the day our delegates had meetings with our exhibitors who represented a variety of suppliers within the travel industry. As she worked for Skyscanner she knew they had the internal resources to make this a reality. We held our first Assist Travel conference and exhibition on Friday 25th September at the Hilton Bankside and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I hope those that came along enjoyed it too.

2015 147

It’s Good To Talk!

The Small Business Blog

Communication difficulties can also cause problems with suppliers, leading to unnecessary confusion and ultimately, cost. A large company has difficulty with internal communication because of the amount of bureaucracy involved, as well as inter-departmental communication also often being a weak link in the chain. Good communication is vital for every business; whether big or small, working from an office, or from home.

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Some training suggestions for assistants

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Internal training and graduate programmes. If your company has an internal training programme which could be online do take the time to have a look at the options. You can meet with potential suppliers but also attend free training sessions. I did go on an internal course which was an introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Day in the life from Cressida Ford, PA at Cardiff University

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The diary claims a lot of time – scheduling and rescheduling meetings – and I also have a shared inbox with the other assistants so we can cover each other and make sure everything’s getting done that needs to be; that can be processing overtime payments for technical staff, arranging catering for supplier meetings, international travel, expenses…. This month we have a day in the life from Cressida Ford, PA at Cardiff University. Cressida recently spoke at the Assist Conference.

2017 169

News from Assist Travel

Practically Perfect PA

The venue has been confirmed and we have some brilliant suppliers attending the exhibition. . Every April, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) publishes a list of the most popular international cities for business travel and this year the worldwide community that supports Practically Perfect PA will give our attendees the inside track on the top destinations.

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The Common Mistakes Futurists Make

Small Business Labs

Key quote: While most of us are in roles where we are focused on exploiting the current business model, nowadays, everyone’s job, regardless of level, is to be somewhat of a futurist who is able to foresee where the business is going and internalize the change by creating and executing their individual plans. But changing the way houses are built requires an enormous amount of change by a whole lot of people - from builders to suppliers to government agencies to house buyers.

2014 140

Job descriptions for Personal Assistants – Merited or inherited?

Practically Perfect PA

The Skill-set of the modern PA is a far cry from tea and typing: Exceptional Communication – with colleagues, clients, suppliers, peers and the public (includes Active Listening). Jennifer Corcoran is an Office Manager with 20 years’ admin/PA experience working with Senior Executives at international level. Once upon a time you spotted or were presented with a Job Spec which caught your attention.

2015 147

McKinsey spotlights The Networked Enterprise


technologies intensively to connect the internal efforts of employees and to extend the organization's reach to customers, partners, and suppliers. New McKinsey research shows that a payday could be arriving faster than expected. "A A new class of company is emerging--one that uses collaborative Web 2.0 We call this new kind of company The Networked Enterprise ". Read The rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday.

Ten critical foundations for successful collaborative networks


Groups of VEN members who form teams to manage the execution of project contracts won by the campaign and bid development teams and also internal VEN projects. Win the confidence of the other network members that their interests will be respected, attract new members, represent the public identity of the network and be the senior internal customer for all network activity.

Gatekeeping: what does it actually mean?

Practically Perfect PA

Nothing worse than a bull-dog “gate keeper” – not just with external stakeholders but internal stakeholders. I am the only person the supplier will speak to in the sector and my authority stands. According to Wikipedia the word ‘gatekeeper’ is a person that controls access to something or more recently an individual who decides whether a given message will be distributed to a wider audience.

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Must Have Gadgets for the Modern Entrepreneur

The Small Business Blog

At the core it offers the user an always on, easy way of keeping in touch with colleagues, clients, suppliers and anyone else they may need to deal with on a daily basis. Email is still the primary communication channel for the vast majority of businesses both internally and externally. The world of technology is moving at an ever increasing pace, and with it businesses and the people who run them must adapt and take advantage of these advancements.

2013 157

Bioteams: Learning from Nature to improve Project Management


Whether with customers, suppliers, the entire supply chain, a prospect strategic partner or even a competitor, there are many ways to create synergies with all of them and also schemes of collaboration within a win-win frame. Fabio is a Wheelchair Tennis Player and International Speaker who offers Talks, Training and Consultancy in Leadership, Work Safety and Sustainability and can be contacted at [link].

Can Biden do anything to stop ransomware attacks?

Vox Open Sourced

An expert on why ransomware is a threat with international political implications. Then the world’s largest meat supplier. Cybercrime is almost always an international issue,” he said. So with that, international cooperation and commitment is really paramount.”.

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