Interns (& Internships) ROCK!

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I know, I know… ProAssisting is a blog and on-line learning environment for assistants… and it is but before one becomes an assistant, they usually have had some experience working as an intern. Basically, we believe, interns and internships rock and that anyone in college (and even high school) should be interning during summer breaks and potentially during semesters when they have a break in their schedule.

How Does International Payment Processing Work

Small Business CEO

As your business grows and evolves, you may want to start to learn more about international payment processing – it’s easy to assume that it’s just as simple as changing your prices for an international audience.


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The Best Assistant Learning Resources

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Since 1990, we have provided rich resources for administrative professionals around the world. As you can imagine, we have covered thousands of assistant-focused topics over the decades.

2020 169

10+ Lessons Learned In My 10 Years with Office Dynamics International

Office Dynamics

I woke up this morning with the strange realization that this is my very last day with Office Dynamics International. I’d love to share these ten consistent messages that I’ve learned over and over during my time here at Office Dynamics working with the legend that is Joan Burge. My lesson learned here is own your mistakes. The only way we’re going to learn from them is to realize and own our part in them. We’ve really learned how to practice resilience around here.

2017 153

Do You Have an Internal Admin Site or Hold Lunch N Learns Where You Work?

Office Dynamics

Do you have an internal admin site where you work? An internal admin site is the main company site with all the links that admins find useful for their jobs centralized in one place. Additionally, I am considering starting a monthly Admin Lunch N Learn at my place of work. The post Do You Have an Internal Admin Site or Hold Lunch N Learns Where You Work?

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Hire an Intern

Small Business Labs

We have 4 interns working with us this summer.    Interns, of course, are a challenge to manage.    But we think the good of interns way outweighs the bad.  Our interns, being college students, are natural Internet users.  With   One of our interns is working on several social media related projects for us.      Interns also force to us focus.  Our

Office Dynamics International Celebrates 30 Years of Inspiring Administrative Excellence

Office Dynamics

This includes assistants, executives, CEOs, Human Resources professionals, and Learning & Development professionals. To Our Clients and Colleagues: 30 years is a long time to sustain and build a business in a very unique niche. one that I created. administrative training and development.

2020 157

A business case outline for an internal PA network

Practically Perfect PA

An internal network will help us to build stronger relationships and enable better teamwork, communication and easier delegation and reciprocation of help. The PA network forum can be used for continual learning and dissemination of important information from the top down, similarly Assistants can offer valid suggestions, ideas and changes in possible outdated processes and procedures and once again save on time and money.

2015 141

How to Best Work With International Colleagues

On The Job

I thought: That’s not something I ever would have learned from my upbringing in Minnesota,” Meyer says. Meyer says she learned that in Japan, people don’t make as much direct eye contact. When Erin Meyer visited Tokyo with a Japanese colleague shortly after her book, “The Culture Map” was published, she agreed to speak to about 20 Japanese managers. After her presentation, she asked if there were any questions or comments. “No No hands went up, so I went to sit down,” she recalls.

Ever wondered how international courier companies work?

The Small Business Blog

Ever wondered how international courier companies work? Shipping is one of those topics that most of us will only take time to learn about if we absolutely need to. The answer, unless you’ve used them a lot, is probably “No.” When you’re considering using a courier for the first time, you will need to know…

How to Stop Wasting Time – Internal Factors

Ian's Messy Desk

These time-wasters fall into two types: internal, those things we generate and external, those things that come at us from outside. Learning to say “No” is a critical –yet difficult– skill needing to be mastered. There are many behaviours and practices that get in the way of our productivity. Both types can be controlled. There are four behaviours/practices leading to wasted time: Disorganization – How much stuff do you have sitting on your desk or in your work area?

Learning Lessons, Cheetah Style!

Virtual Moxie

What I noted came at a part in the movie where young cheetahs were learning the things they needed to know to survive on the savanna. Learning On the savanna, the cheetah learns experientially—often from the school of hard knocks. She pays attention, noticing what she’s learned and incorporating it into future behavior. We humans, we have a lot of experiential learning, too. We learned, in fact, nothing. Learn now, or be doomed to repeat.

Is an Intern Really Better than a Virtual Assistant?

Tips From T. Marie

I recently stumbled across a tweet that read: “Interns are actually way better than virtual assistants”. As a disclaimer, I actually do believe that there are times when an intern fits a need better than a VA, so the contents of this post are not meant to disrespect interns in any way, shape or form. Are some interns better than some virtual assistants? Are some situations better suited to an intern than a virtual assistant?

3 Simple Ways to End Internal Communication Woes

Small Business CEO

Others are terrible, yet refuse to learn their lesson when blunders happen time and again. … Management business communication internal communicationIn military forces around the world, top-notch communication skills, or a lack thereof, are considered a life and death issue. After all, any slip in the communication lines can result in catastrophe – soldiers can lose their lives, innocent civilians can be killed or harmed, wars can be lost.

Learn How to Manage Your Boss

Ian's Messy Desk

Employees , consider your immediate supervisor as an important internal customers. The workplace requires you keep up-to-date about developments in your field and improve your work skills through ongoing learning. Learn instead to become a team player and to strike a good balance between work and family responsibilities. Learn to manage your supervisor by taking initiative, being professional and resourceful.

2012 170

Business Success Lessons I've Learned (Part 2)

Virtual Moxie

Last week, I sat down to create a list of some of the business lessons I've learned in my 15 years in business for myself. instantly smack yourself on the forehead and internally ask, "What in. And there you have it, friends.the second installation of some of what I've learned on this great big business adventure of mine. Your turn.what are some of the lessons you’ve learned along the way?

2012 178

Does anyone know what time it is? Calculating time internationally

Laughing all the Way to Work

Here is a tip that someone from my office gave me for calculating time internationally. I am not a proficient enough blogger to know how to put these images in my post without you having to click to enlarge it, but I am learning. Tags: time zones international time professional assistant setting different time zones Administrative Assistant

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Learn How to Post A Job On LinkedIn Like A Pro Recruiter

Recruit CRM

It also has its own internal e-mail tool through which you can send a message or an InMail. Exploring and learning more of what the site has to offer can help recruiters in an amazingly.

2020 83

Everything You Need to Know About an Architecture Intern and Future Architectural Roles

Small Business CEO

Read on to learn more about architectural internship. Who is an architectural intern? An architectural intern is a trained person who has the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to help in an architectural office before they have received their degree. Internship is one of the most effective ways – not only for receiving a degree, but also for getting ready for a successful career.

2018 48

5 reasons to learn a foreign language to further your career

Practically Perfect PA

Learning a new language takes time and dedication, but the development of smartphone technology has brought new opportunities to fit learning into your daily routine. Language apps such as Duolingo allow you to learn new words and phrases while on the go, such as during commutes or lunch breaks. With so many opportunities at your fingertips, there has never been a better time to learn a new language. Learning a foreign language increases your cultural knowledge.

2015 143

Learn "Executive Speak"

Office Dynamics

When you learn to communicate in a fashion that they like and regularly use, you will create a more synergistic relationship with the leaders in your organization. How can you learn more about the way executives speak? Listen to the words executives use, whether internal or external. Do executives speak differently than administrative professionals? Yes, many of them do.

Continuous Learning: Are There Any Benefits to Online Education?

Small Business CEO

Continuous learning should the the mantra for every CEO. If you are one of those top-notch CEOs who continuously developing yourself personally and professionally, or a CEO who want your employees to grow internally, then you should consider eLearning. Online learning is an easily accessible option which aligns with societal trends, where people seek mobile solutions to further their understanding of topics.…

2018 49

Learn "Executive Speak"

Office Dynamics

When you learn to communicate in a fashion that they like and regularly use, you will create a more synergistic relationship with the leaders in your organization. How can you learn more about the way executives speak? Listen to the words executives use, whether internal or external. Do executives speak differently than administrative professionals? Yes, many of them do.

Four Lessons You Can Learn about Personal Effectiveness from the Ryder Cup

The Small Business Blog

As with many international sporting events it is used by many commentators as a barometer of what is good or bad about the state of the particular sport,… Read the full article here: Four Lessons You Can Learn about Personal Effectiveness from the Ryder Cup on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Firstly: if you don’t know about the Ryder Cup it is a biannual golf match played between the professional golfers of Europe and those of the USA.

2014 170

What We Can Learn About Careers from Pope Francis

On The Job

Even if you don''t consider yourself a religious person, you need to learn to relax and not fight so many internal battles. (Photo courtesy of MSNBC) Recently, Pope Francis listed 15 "ailments" that he believed were infecting the Catholic Church. But I think we should also take this to heart in our workplace. Here are the unhealthy habits listed by the Pope that I believe we can also eliminate from our careers: 1) Feeling immortal, immune or indispensable.

2014 138

6 Marketing Lessons Solopreneurs Can Learn From a Plumber

The Solopreneur Life

Don’t fall in love with marketing and selling online to a national or international market. Related posts: 7 Lessons Solopreneurs Can Learn From “Mad Men&#. 5 Branding Lessons That Solopreneurs Can Learn From Jeep. 9 Lessons Solopreneurs Can Learn From a Labrador Retriever Named Jazz. I met a savvy marketer two weeks ago who reminded me of six important marketing lessons for solopreneurs. I want to share those lessons with you now.

2011 188

Entry-Level Jobs Teach Great Lessons to Those Willing to Learn

Office Dynamics

College graduates will usually take their first steps into their career path either as an intern or entry-level employee with the hope to propel their career forward. There are plenty of hard skills to learn at a new job, from workflow systems to new software. Soft skills are just as important, if not more so, than those hard skills you learn. The post Entry-Level Jobs Teach Great Lessons to Those Willing to Learn appeared first on Office Dynamics.

2016 107

Simple 5-10 Minute Task That Could Save You Hours - Learn From My Mistake!

Stephanie LH Calahan

Site Content - Every page of the site listed either the program name or had an internal link that needed to be changed.   I am sharing it because I want you to LEARN and TAKE ACTION from my mistake. Today, I'll share the story of the HOURS we lost in productivity that could have been saved by a simple 5-10 minute task. You see that graphic to the right?    That was from the first set of graphics my designer made for my recently released program. 

2012 189

Featured Soloist Dr. Shannon Reece: “You Never Stop Learning”

The Solopreneur Life

Name of business and city: Reece International LLC ; Naples, Florida. What is a mistake that you made that you have learned from? Now I am in a great position to share my lessons learned with my audience so they can avoid some of the mistakes I made. Starting a business was very challenging, with a steep learning curve. And frankly, you never stop learning as you go. T his is “Featured Soloist,” a feature that is published on Tuesdays at The Solopreneur Life.

2011 138

Bioteams: Learning from Nature to improve Project Management


The audio visual resources along with the learning and diagnostic tools made available by the Bioteams are very practical and relatively easy to use. Fabio is a Wheelchair Tennis Player and International Speaker who offers Talks, Training and Consultancy in Leadership, Work Safety and Sustainability and can be contacted at [link]. Fabio Padilla from Brazil has written a very interesting review of Bioteams for his MBA thesis at the Universidade Católica de Brasilia - Universa.

10 Lessons Office Professionals Can Learn from Phil Jackson

The Office Professionals Place

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 10 Lessons Office Professionals Can Learn from Phil Jackson Phil Jackson, current coach of the Los Angles Lakers, is revered as one of the greatest basketball coaches in history. Similar to basketball players, we learn the strategies (skills) we need to complete the tasks and responsibilities that are entrusted to us by our employer. Here are ten lessons office professionals can learn from Phil Jackson in order to be successful on the “court.&#

2010 125

A True Partnership: Olympia Dukakis and Bonnie Low-Kramen

Bonnie Low-Krayman

Olympia Dukakis went from working as a respected New York City theatre actress whose name her agents advised her to change because it was too ethnic (she refused), to an internationally known and adored movie star who became an easily pronounced household name. And I learned.

2021 83

5 Things I Learned From Reviving An Almost Dead Project

Brilliantly Better

A few months later, these are the lessons I learned from this. Internal channels, as well as external channels. At times, my entire work on WPSumo was just a delicate balance between training the new designer (internal channel), responding to the sometimes aggressive comments on the forum (external channels) and getting all the info I didn’t know from the previous programmer. It’s official, the latest version of WPSumo, 1.1.5, is up and ready for download.

2012 70

Administrative Training Pioneer Celebrates Unlikely 25-Year Anniversary

Office Dynamics

ADMINISTRATIVE TRAINING PIONEER, OFFICE DYNAMICS INTERNATIONAL, CELEBRATES UNLIKELY 25-YEAR ANNIVERSARY. On Thursday, June 4 th , Office Dynamics International, a trailblazing leader in the field of training and development for administrative professionals, will celebrate its 25 th business anniversary—an immeasurable feat considering the odds stacked against it. Office Dynamics International continues to be the leading provider in what has become a rapidly growing niche market.

How to Create an Internship Program for Your Green Business

Eco-Office Gals

Internships are one great way to give students the opportunity to see what such a career would be like, offering them the ability to learn and develop marketable skills and add an entry to their résumé. While the majority of businesses make no promises about offers of employment following internships, it’s not surprising that many companies opt to hire student interns to more permanent positions after spending a semester training them.

2012 122

Assistants Are Simply The Best

Office Dynamics

The team at Office Dynamics International is ecstatic to work with administrative professionals around the globe every day of the year. Did you know that Office Dynamics International is on Instagram and loving it ? Admin Assistant Training Administrative Professionals Week Uncategorized #adminblogathon admin administrative professional assistant assistants are simply the best continued growth development executive keep learning learning office professional

2016 108

Own Your Story: Past, Present and Future

Office Dynamics

My very first International speaking opportunity on behalf of Office Dynamics International! Your past , heal and learn from all that you have experienced. Admin Assistant Training Administrative Professionals Week Career Management Self Development Trending Uncategorized #adminblogathon #ownit accountab engaged employees Executive Secretary Live Jasmine Freeman London Office Dynamics International own your story presence quote

2016 103

25 Years Has Been Quite a Ride!

Office Dynamics

I have had to expand my thinking to meet client’s needs, participant expectations, and learn new methods and approaches to training. I have also met amazing, awesome, enthusiastic assistants who could never learn enough and wanted more. Welcome to June! While I don’t like the fact that 2015 is passing quickly, I am eager to welcome June because this is the official month of Office Dynamics 25th Year Anniversary.

2015 159

Learning to Mind Your Own Business

On The Job

When receiving internal mail, always make sure your name is on the front before opening, even if it was hand-delivered to you. The report was just sitting there, almost under your nose. OK, so it was on the boss’s desk and you were sitting a few feet away, but you have really good eyesight – and the ability to read upside down – so it wasn’t really your fault you read a co-worker’s recent performance evaluation, was it?

2007 100

Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem Webinar Replay

Office Dynamics

As an attendee, you will learn…. Limited time offer from Office Dynamics International: Mastering Exceptional Self-Leadership program significantly marked down to $79 (from $249) until May 10. Earn positive attention in the workplace and address the most common obstacle standing in the way for most assistants—lack of self-esteem. Do you struggle with getting people to notice you? You can view the replay of our webinar, Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem.

5 Powerhouse Strategies for Creating Administrative Peer Power

Office Dynamics

Learn simplification techniques from each other. Sometimes, it is just learning the basics about peers. I learned a great shortcut in Outlook. Coming together is better than fighting for your own agenda. When you are trying to create change, whether in a process or for the administrative community in your organization, it is much easier to be persuasive when there is a group. There is strength in unity.

2016 109

I am proud to be an “EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT…because miracle worker is not a job title”!

Office Dynamics

As the years passed, I raised my children as a working Mom while adding new skills, learning new technologies, etc. There was obviously much more to learn. Thank you to both of you for the continuing opportunities to learn through the webinars that you offer and the other materials and programs available through the Office Dynamics website. Share how continued growth and learning has impacted your own administrative career.

2016 119

“EAs Need Better Press.” Agreed. Solving the EA PR Problem Once and For All

Bonnie Low-Krayman

I learned that these dismissive demeanors and disrespectful behaviors had to do with the disparate perceptions about what assistants actually do. By Bonnie Low-Kramen | February 15, 2021. The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Alice Walker.

2021 52