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Working Through the Digital Hyperactive Hive Industrial Complex

ProAssisting Blog

Working Through the Digital Hyperactive Hive Industrial Complex. THIS podcast by Ezra Klein with Cal Newport got my mind going in a number of different directions. How do we manage our deep thinking time? How do we tame the firehose of information being shot our way?

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Signs That You Lack Emotional Intelligence

Dumb Little Man

In ten years of coaching high-level executives, I have never met a person who told me they needed to work on their emotional intelligence.

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JungleScout's State of the Amazon Seller

Small Business Labs

JungleScout provides a platform that helps small businesses find, launch, and sell products on Amazon.    They recently released their 2021 State of the Amazon Seller Report.

2021 179

Block Scheduling: Good or Bad?

Simple Productivity Blog

If you are looking to stop wasting time in your day, block scheduling can seem like a really good idea. I tried it for a few weeks, and I have found that it has pros and cons. What is Block Scheduling?

2021 130

How to Answer "Tell Me About Yourself"

On The Job

"Tell me about yourself" is the most common interview question asked of job candidates, which is why it's a good idea that you come up with a great answer.

2021 182

7 Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement

Dumb Little Man

We live in the times when digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are at their peak. These social media platforms have become more than just a place to connect with friends and to share the moments.

The Demographics of Nonemployer Business Owners

Small Business Labs

The U.S. Census has released new demographic data on nonemployer businesses.      Nonemployers are businesses that have an owner but don't have paid traditional full or part-time employees (W2 employees).

2021 178

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5 Habits Guaranteed to Boost Your EA Career in 2021

Team ELS

5 Habits Guaranteed to Boost Your EA Career in 2021. Being an executive assistant is a wonderful opportunity that presents countless occasions to boost your career.

2021 81

The Most Unusual Professions

Dumb Little Man

Getting paid to do something that you love has always been the goal. But doing something unique for a living? Now that’s even more interesting. We happen to have a variety of those here. Are you ready to be surprised?

2021 194

Want To Buy A Recruitment CRM? Take A Look At These 6 Features

Recruit CRM

Imagine you're running a recruitment agency but you have no CRM ( Candidate Relationship Management ).

2021 80

Making Your At Home Office Space Work for You

The Assistant Room

Working full time in an office will undoubtedly become a thing of the past, another major change since it was made illegal to smoke in all enclosed […]. The post Making Your At Home Office Space Work for You first appeared on The Assistant Room. Career

Ep 108: Jennifer Brown on Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Go Burrows

Jennifer Brown is an award-winning entrepreneur, dynamic speaker and diversity and inclusion expert. In this episode, Jennifer talks about working with a fully remote team, email management from the executive’s perspective, and how executive assistants can help cultivate an inclusive workplace.

2021 75

Total Daily Energy Expenditure – Getting Through The Day

Dumb Little Man

What is TDEE? Total daily energy expenditure is abbreviated as TDEE and represents the total amount of energy a person uses in a whole day. This amount of energy varies every day as it depends on your routine body activity, so it becomes hard to measure it accurately.

2021 172

Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Paul Breloff

Recruit CRM

CEO and Co-Founder of Shortlist Professionals , a talent matching and employability platform, Paul Breloff loves building great teams and helping young people find careers of meaning and purpose.

2021 72

An honest history of an ancient and "nasty" word | Kate Lister

TED Talks

With candor and cunning, sex historian Kate Lister chronicles the curious journey of an ancient, honest word with innocent origins and a now-scandalous connotation in this uproarious love letter to etymology, queens, cows and all things "c**t." This talk contains mature language.).

2021 83

Identity Thoughts

Brilliantly Better

In the Baixa neighborhood, close to Praza de Commercio, in Lisbon, there’s a small coffee shop, called Copenhagen. They make really good specialty coffee, and huge tostadas with sourdough bread.

2021 52

How To Make Good Small Talk

Dumb Little Man

When you meet new people, do you ever get anxious because you don’t know what to say? Maybe you’re scared to sound stupid, and you think you’ll make a fool of yourself. Or you feel embarrassed when there’s a long, awkward silence in the conversation?

2021 172

Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Diana Haltermann

Recruit CRM

For our 8th episode, we hosted, Diana Haltermann who is the CEO & Co-Founder at Talented International , is a Senior Recruitment Lead with 14 years of proven track record in providing talent to a variety of multinational organizations and startups.

2021 60

Lioness Interview with Bonnie Low-Kramen

Bonnie Low-Krayman

Recorded March, 2021. Article by Nicole DeSimone. Bobbie Carlton interviews Bonnie Low-Kramen. As the Founder and CEO of Ultimate Assistant Training & Consulting, Inc. aims to help cultivate inclusive, respectful workplaces. R/T 17 min. Read the full article here.

The Joy And Horrors Of Being A Polymath

Brilliantly Better

When I was 24, I had my first computer, a 486 at 80 Mhz, which later got overclocked as a Pentium II at 120 Mhz. I was using that computer for a variety of tasks. From playing Civilization for 24 hours in a row, up to making literary analysis of various texts. I was in. Read more.

2021 52

Understanding How Home Title Fraud Happens

Dumb Little Man

Home, it’s where the heart is… that is until that heart gets taken illegally by somebody else and you are left evicted on the street. While that seems drastic identity theft, home loss is more common than you think.

2021 168

Have You Stayed at the Party Too Long? Backbone LIVE! With Melinda Vail Goodnight, Southwest Airlines

Admin Awards

Melinda Vail Goodnight, Senior Executive Assistant at Southwest Airlines once found herself in the all too common and uncomfortable position of being somewhere where she didn’t feel valued while supporting someone that she knew didn’t truly embrace the Administrative role.

2021 52

Breaking Glass Ceilings

Team ELS

Breaking Glass Ceilings with Bonnie Low-Kramen & Cathleen Schreinder Gates, President at SimpleNexus. Join this ELSx webinar where Bonnie Low-Kramen interviews Cathleen Schreiner Gates, President at SimpleNexus.

2021 52

Episode 364: Collaborating with Nature with Darren Virassammy


Podcast host and entrepreneur Darren Virassammy shares how connecting with nature will cultivate your excellence.

365 Days Writing Challenge – Checkpoint Three

Brilliantly Better

This is my 3rd month in a row of daily blogging. Since January 1st, I published an article every single day. That makes this the longest streak of writing – 90 interrupted days. And this is my monthly “checkpoint”, a post in which I look back and try to evaluate the challenge.

2021 52

How Virtual Events Can Be of Great Value To Your Business

Small Business CEO

An estimated 34% of event planners say increased attendance is the most satisfying result of turning to virtual events, according to Event Manager Blog. Virtual events are increasingly becoming an integral part of marketing strategies in various businesses. photo credit: Chris Montgomery / Unsplash.

2021 69

8 Things I've Learned During Quarantine

The Brainy Gal

Tomorrow, we're headed into quarantine again. for the third time. It's been a crazy year for all of us and as I begrudgingly accept the idea of another 30 days locked up at home.I've

2021 52

8 Simple Tips for Boosting Your Productivity at Work and Home


Productivity matters a great deal in life and at work. The more you get done, the better you’re going to feel. No one wants to go through life always feeling stressed out and anxious. The good news? You don’t have to when you apply the following 8 simple tips I’m sharing in this post.

2021 52

Hacking Humans

Brilliantly Better

And I’m not saying this in a good way. It’s true, in the last 10-20 years, there was a lot of action around “improving” humans.

2021 52

5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2021

Small Business CEO

What is crypto trading? The trading of the Cryptocurrencies is a new form of trading which is taxable and is not illegal. It’s essentially the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in a crypto exchange.

2021 68

Language around gender and identity evolves (and always has) | Archie Crowley

TED Talks

Dictionaries and grammar "rules" don't have the final word on language -- and believing they do can harm more than help, especially for the trans community.

2021 52

What It Means to Be a Career Executive Assistant


What does it really mean to be a career executive assistant? There are misconceptions about the EA role, sometimes fueled by images in popular TV shows. You might see an EA appear to fetch coffees and light cigars (hello, Mad Men!),

2021 52

Monday Moving Forward – Take A Different Route To Work

Brilliantly Better

If it’s Monday, then we have Monday Moving Forward, a series of posts about getting unstuck, igniting the week on a reasonably positive note, or just getting along with the unbearable frivolity of the existence.

2021 52

How to Choose a Standing Desk

Small Business CEO

At the end of the day, your office needs to be perfect. Otherwise, your productivity will be significantly lowered and you’ll experience a wealth of issues. You won’t be able to perform at your best.

2021 65

The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life | Michael Levin

TED Talks

DNA isn't the only builder in the biological world -- there's also a mysterious bioelectric layer directing cells to work together to grow organs, systems and bodies, says biologist Michael Levin.

2020 52

Choosing Your Own Hallucinations

Brilliantly Better

“Santa Claus is an old man dressed in red, hovering around the North Pole in a flying sledge, pulled by reindeers with wings” By and large, the sentence above would qualify as a symptom of a serious psychological disorder, if spoken by an adult.

2021 52

What Should You Know About Cloud Migration

Small Business CEO

If you’re a business, understanding cloud migration can be important. It’s part of everything, including file synchronization. Cloud migration in simple terms refers to the process of moving your business data and applications from on-premises architecture to the cloud.

2021 60