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Communicating your priorities better with the ‘rule of five’

Practically Perfect PA

Communicating your priorities better with the ‘rule of five’ One of my go-to tools for prioritising and managing my to-do list is Trello. I use the collaboration tool to manage all of my tasks and projects, and I love how easy it easy to collaborate on projects with the other members of the [.].

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The 3 Essential Functions of Time Management

Eat Your Career

“What is time? If nobody asks me, I know; but if I were desirous to explain it to one that should ask, plainly I know not.” ” St. Augustine. When it comes to professional development, time management is one of my most passionate areas of study (and most enjoyable topics to teach ).

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Book Review: Building the Business of You

Small Business Labs

Building the Business of You aims to help people "navigate the uncertain, post-pandemic world of work, while aligning personal purpose and professional advancement." 

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The Best Way To Name A Business

Dumb Little Man

When it comes to business, what does the company name mean? Everything! For companies of all sizes, a good business step is a vital step towards attracting clients and growing brand awareness. Good business names are memorable.

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How To Confidently Talk About Your Experience as a Virtual Assistant When You Have None to Speak of.

Virtual Moxie

Even with our amazing training and mentoring , something our new VAs can struggle with is how to talk with potential clients about their “VA experience” when they have very little, or none at all.

Podcast Episode 41: Backups for All Critical Systems

Simple Productivity Blog

Most of us consider backups as something someone else does to our computers. But it's important to have backups of things that are crucial to your productivity, whether they are computer-based or not. The post Podcast Episode 41: Backups for All Critical Systems appeared first on Laura Earnest.

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It Had to Happen. A Gig Economy SPAC

Small Business Labs

A SPAC is a special purpose acquisition company.    A good description comes from CNBC's SPACs used to be a joke in Silicon Valley — now they’re going mainstream. Key quote: In a SPAC, a group of investors raise money for a shell company with no underlying business. The SPAC goes public, generally at $10 per share, and then starts hunting for a company to acquire. A new SPAC called Z-Work was recently formed that's focused on the gig economy. 

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Is an Administrative Assistant Certification or Designation Worth It?

Office Dynamics

In the ever-evolving administrative profession, a topic of recent interest has been training, certification, and designations. Many top-notch organizations are looking to the future with an eye towards optimization and growth.

2021 173

Luxafor Flags: A Traffic Light For Your Desk

Simple Productivity Blog

Did you ever wish that you could have a visual indicator to tell people when you were busy at work? It's worse now that we're all working from home. Enter Luxafor flags. The post Luxafor Flags: A Traffic Light For Your Desk appeared first on Laura Earnest. Productivity aff

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3 Tips for Writing an Appreciation Letter

On The Job

When you're in a job search -- or land a new job -- one of the key ingredients for your career is to make sure you write letters of appreciation.

2021 151

4 Great Ways To Improve The Safety And Security Of Nursing Homes

Dumb Little Man

Working at a nursing home can be stressful. You’re responsible not just for the well-being of elderly residents, but also for their safety and security — 24/7. No matter how talented your workforce is, you still need technology to help.

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Proofreading and Its Pitfalls

Daily Writing Tips

Every writer has had the experience of submitting a piece of writing in the certainty that it is free of error, only to find at least one embarrassing typo or other fault in it as soon as it has been published.

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5 Ways To Incorporate Video Into Your Instagram Recruiting Strategy

Recruit CRM

With a continually changing work environment, employers are placing more emphasis on creating a sustainable business culture. Hiring employees with the appropriate skills that fit into this environment is of the utmost importance.

2021 78

Unintended Consequences, Convergent Evolution And Stranger Things

Brilliantly Better

The term “unintended consequences” defines outcomes that aren’t visible, or predictable at the moment of an action.

2021 74

How To Save Your Finance During The Pandemic

Dumb Little Man

It is no secret that the coronavirus has affected a large number of people in detrimental ways, especially when it comes to the inflow of money. Due to the many restrictions that have come into place, many are often hard-pressed to make ends meet.

The US is back in the Paris Agreement. What's next? | John Kerry and Al Gore

TED Talks

On his first day as president, Joe Biden signed a letter of acceptance that set in motion the 30-day process for the United States to re-join the Paris Agreement on climate.

2021 83

10 Practical Interviewing Tips For Recruiters

Recruit CRM

Recruiters should keep in mind that effective interviews will result in revealing any potential red flags, reveal strengths, weaknesses and much more. Often a recruiter might consider this to be an easy task, but guess what? In reality, it's quite the opposite.

Someone, Somewhere, Is Very Wrong On The Internet

Brilliantly Better

During the last few days I experienced an unusual spike in activity in an area of my life’s which is relatively quiet (and it is like this on purpose, I try to keep it that way).

2021 73

Black History Month Interview Series: Jamika Watson

Executive Leadership Support Blog

Black History Month Interview Series. Meet Jamika Watson , Senior Executive Assistant to the COO & Founder, mPower at Mortgage Bankers Association. Jamika Watson started attending the ELS Forum in DC in 2018, and we were immediately drawn to her energy and passion for the role.

Meditations on the intersection of humanity and technology | Olivia Arthur

TED Talks

Documentary photographer Olivia Arthur has been exploring a new frontier: the evolution of the blurring line between humanity and technology.

2021 83

Episode 358: Calm Your Chaos with Nicola Taggart


Chaos is a constant. So what can you do to embrace life’s ebb and flow? Nicola Taggart joins the show to share her latest tips. This episode is brought to you by The New Yorker.

2021 52

Slow Cooking And Camino de Santiago

Brilliantly Better

Last year I did a Camino de Santiago, precisely, the one called Camino de Sanabres. If you follow my blog, you already know about it, as I wrote extensively about the experience. But if you don’t, suffice to say that Camino de Santiago is a generic name for a network of roads used by pilgrims.

2021 69

Innovative Ways to Manage your Finance

Small Business CEO

Thanks to technology and algorithms fueled by artificial intelligence, dozens of new fintech players are coming to the aid of your finances. Discover new and simple ways of managing your money. The new ways of managing your money.

I let algorithms randomize my life for two years | Max Hawkins

TED Talks

What if everything in your life was randomized: from the food you ate to the things you did and the places you traveled? Computer scientist Max Hawkins created algorithms to make decisions like these for him -- and got hooked on the experience for two years.

2021 83

Building Cultural Competence & Navigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace Part 1

Executive Leadership Support Blog

Building Cultural Competence & Navigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace Part 1. This workshop provides an overview of the The Depth of Diversity – uncovering the many dimensions of diversity, understanding unconscious bias, building cultural competence and awareness of the biases and barriers that hold us back from cultural competence.

2021 40

I’m Not A Cat

Brilliantly Better

This pandemic changed our world in ways we would have never imagined before. One of the things that changed dramatically is how we work.

2021 68

Virtual Office 101: Why you Need it in 2021

Small Business CEO

If you are running a start-up company or a small business, you will understand the need to reduce your expenses. One of the best ways of doing it is by cutting office setup expenses through the use of a virtual office. This is particularly of use in 2021. Why is that?

2021 71

Why People Follow You

The Brainy Gal

That's an interesting question.why do people follow you? Why do they follow your blog , or listen to your podcast or accept your friend request on Facebook ? Why do they follow you on Instagram or TikTok or on Pinterest? If you can figure out why people are following you.

2021 52

How theater weathers wars, outlasts empires and survives pandemics | Cara Greene Epstein

TED Talks

When catastrophe strikes, art prevails -- and has done so for centuries.

2021 83

The Convoluted Path To The Perfect Tostada

Brilliantly Better

Before moving to Spain I never knew what a tostada is. I’ve been born and raised in the mental space of sandwiches, so every time I was seeing a tostada in a coffee shop, I was like: “that’s a nice sandwich” It took me a few months to understand the difference.

2021 67

Do You Need a Special Mortgage for Airbnb?

Small Business CEO

It is true that the process of buying a residential home and an Airbnb rental property is a little different. First and foremost, it is always good for local communities when the residents are also homeowners.

2021 69

Going Somewhere

Brilliantly Better

It’s still dark when I wake up here. Winter still keeps the sun down until 8 AM, but I’m usually up an hour before. As I finish my morning routine, I’m dressing up to get out for my daily cup of coffee.

2021 67

Bitcoin, Banks And A Bewildering Conundrum

Brilliantly Better

10 years ago, an open-source project that nobody would have given any serious chances to, stormed the world. Bitcoin, a combination of cryptography, economics and peer-to-peer communication, became in just a decade a serious contender for gold, as a store of value.

2021 63

Want to Win More Business? Be There for your Clients 24/7

Small Business CEO

Picture this – your company’s phone is ringing off the hook. It could be a potential customer calling up to inquire about a product. Or an existing customer is trying to book an appointment. Or worse, a dissatisfied customer looking to resolve a grievance.

2021 62

What Is eCommerce Website Development? Learn Everything Business Owners Need to Know

Small Business CEO

People can now buy anything they want at any time of the day from almost anywhere in the world. It’s all thanks to the Internet. If you sell products (either digital or physical) or services, you would likely benefit from developing an eCommerce website.

2021 60

How to Complete Projects on Time and on Budget

Small Business CEO

Time is a huge factor in determining the success of any project. Even if you complete necessary objectives and deliver high-quality results, you’re unlikely to win client and customer approval if everything is finished long past its due date.

Retirement Planning for Habitual Expatriates

Small Business CEO

All individuals need to plan and save for their retirement to ensure a secure and comfortable retirement. However, retirement planning becomes all the more necessary and complicated for habitual expatriates.