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A day in the life: Matthew Want, PA, Marcham Publishing

Practically Perfect PA

Matthew is the PA to Lucy Brazier, the CEO of Marcham Publishing which produces the amazing Executive Secretary Magazine. For any of us that have heard Lucy speak, we will know that Matthew is the person that keeps the wheels rolling at Executive Secretary Magazine while Lucy travels around the world promoting the industry. Matthew also has a key role in organising the Exec Sec Live events which take place in London, Dubai, South Africa and New Zealand.

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A Ballerina’s Story: How I Learned To Love My Body After Years Of Hating It

Dumb Little Man

Early in life, I learned to view my body as a sort of prison. While other little girls spent time playing and living carefree young lives, I struggled my way through ballet class– attempting to forcefully train my body to be graceful, obedient, and beautiful. Through my journey from student to professional, no matter my efforts, no matter how low my weight, or expertly I executed choreography, I never felt it was enough. At the root of it all, I felt that my body held me back. “If

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Only 58% of Employers Think Employees are More Loyal Than Freelancers

Small Business Labs

We were very surprised by the results from  a recent survey  on contingent work done by a group consisting of the Aspen Institute’s Future of Work Initiative, the Markle Foundation, Burson-Marsteller and TIME Magazine. They surveyed employers and found that only 58% think their employees are more loyal than their contingent workers. They also found that only 52% of employers think contingent workers are “not as invested in their product” as their employees.

2016 148

Interview Preparation Requires Practice!

Job Advice Blog

Interview preparation, which requires practice, is often overlooked by job seekers when it comes to finding a job. The root cause for lack of interview preparation is the feeling that since you do the job every day, you feel as if you are comfortable to discuss it in an official interview. The reality, however, is the. Read more. The post Interview Preparation Requires Practice! appeared first on Free Job Advice Blog.

Five Things Technophobes Fail to Understand

Tips From T. Marie

It’s been awhile since I talked about technophobes. You know, those business people who hate the Internet and refuse to adopt anything for their businesses more advanced than the Yellow Pages? Ok, so maybe they’ll get really wild and crazy and start a Facebook Page. I bet you know at least one business owner like this, am I right?

2016 101

How To Make Your Job Search More Productive

Dumb Little Man

Job-seeking can be quite the undertaking, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the process. You’ll need to have a good amount of self-discipline to get through the application stages, and a good amount of resilience to power through the inevitable rejections. It’s all part of the process. But, you’ll be pleased to know that you can minimize the rough parts of your job search by following a handful of easy steps. Ask yourself the big questions first.

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The Growing Momentum Behind Portable Benefits

Small Business Labs

In the U.S. benefits and protections such as workers compensation, unemployment insurance, paid time off, retirement savings, health insurance and other benefits and protections are largely delivered through a person's employer.    This approach obviously doesn't work well for those who are self-employed. Nor does it work well for gig economy workers like Uber drivers.

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10 Tips to Stay Positive in a Negative World

Office Dynamics

Does it seem that everything coming across your news feed lately is negative? Causing stress and worry? How do you cope with all the trauma and craziness of life right now? Joan took a few minutes to share her thoughts on Facebook Live with ten tips to stay positive in a negative world. We think you’ll enjoy her tips and hope that you can use some of them to keep a good attitude during difficult times. Please share you comments with us below.

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5 Key Rules To Create A Killer Presentation

Dumb Little Man

Whether you are a teacher who wants to deliver an interesting lecture to students in the classroom, a marketer presenting in front of important customers, or the CEO of Apple trying to impress his fans at the yearly event, you all have the same challenge: how to present like a super star, in a way that your audience will never forget.

2016 109

Study: Why Rich Kids Grow Up to Be Bad Bosses

On The Job

Like a lot of people, I read the "Nanny Diaries" and watched "The Devil Wears Prada." What I took away from those experiences: Rich people are cra-cra. OK, maybe not crazy, but they definitely operate in a different world. I had my first job at 15 (washing communion cups) and haven't stopped working since. My days are not filled with lavish parties or private jets or business meetings in Paris. I may not have those experiences, but I have worked for bosses who have lived such lives.

2016 100

7 Forms of Emphasis in Writing

Daily Writing Tips

At least seven strategies for calling attention to one or more words exist, but few of them are appropriate for a document that one wishes to consider professional looking. The purposes and relative merits of various approaches are discussed below. All-Caps.

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Webinar Etiquette and Protocol for Live Events

Office Dynamics

It’s time to talk about webinar etiquette. We’ve been hosting a free monthly webinar since January of 2015 and as the events grow each month the chatter during the event increases. We love this feature but we’ve heard from a few attendees that some of the comments aren’t appropriate for the webinar and we wanted to take this opportunity to address webinar etiquette and protocol. Here are a few quick tips. Introduce yourself in the chat and get to know fellow attendees.

Old Dubai to New Dubai: A View

Dumb Little Man

In the past few years — let’s say over 20 years — UAE has been transformed from Night to Day especially Dubai. Old Dubai has transformed into the New Dubai it is now. Dubai’s local government agencies played a vital role in it. It has made Dubai an architectural heritage that lots of visitors around the world visit every day. The ancient heritage buildings of Dubai are also being preserved. Buildings which were harmed during the course of time are being restored.

2016 105

Using Gaming To Be Productive


Do you feel guilty when you take the time to do something just for you? It could be sitting down in front of Netflix. Maybe you love to disappear into the ether of social media with Facebook or Twitter. Many people love to sit back when there is a football (also known as soccer for my transatlantic chums) match on and forget about real life. I certainly fit into that category. Yet why do we feel that guilt for taking a break? More importantly, how can we rid ourselves of that horrible feeling?

2016 56

How English Became English

Daily Writing Tips

Here is a book certain to delight, enlighten, or annoy readers of language blogs like this one: How English Became English , Simon Horobin, OUP, 2016. Horobin, professor of English language and literature at the University of Oxford, has packed a huge amount of information into a 5×7 format of 175 pages, including bibliography and index. The book contains only seven chapters: 1. What is English? Origins. Authorities. Standards. Varieties. Global Englishes. Why Do We Care?

2016 54

Does challenging people make team building more effective?

Office Dynamics

Question: “My boss wants me to research all-day team-building activities that, in her words, will ‘make people suffer a little.’ ’ Her theory is that we all need to have our cushy office lifestyles totally stripped away to kick us out of our comfort zones and remind us of how to work together on a more human level. What have been others’ experiences with these sorts of ‘pleasantly harsh’ activities, as she refers to them?

2016 100

Tips In Choosing A Restaurant For A Romantic Date

Dumb Little Man

Are you needing tips in choosing a restaurant for a date ? You’re out to impress. You invite your partner to meet you at a hot new restaurant in town for a romantic date after work. On the night, you drive into town only to find few car parking options. You shell out $50 to park the car and then sprint to the restaurant which is 2 km away — uphill. Your partner is waiting on the street for you to arrive. The line for the restaurant is about 50 people long and extends upstairs and out of sight.

Step Away from the App


When people ask me “What app should I use to help me be more productive?”. I have a simple answer. “I I don’t know.”. They will look at me quizzically and remind me that I’m someone that should know what app they should use. “You’re the expert,” they’ll say. But here’s the thing. Everyone’s work style is different. Everyone’s proficiency with apps is different. Everyone’s needs are different.

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Writing Quiz #1: Wordiness

Daily Writing Tips

A common stylistic fault is wordiness, using more words than necessary to express a simple thought. The following sentences contain often-heard expressions that contribute to a boring writing style. Edit the sentences to express them in fewer words. As I finished reading the letter, I came to the realization that I had misinterpreted all his actions. Their employer said three workers would be laid off due to the fact that sales had declined.

2016 53

Top Traits That Separate the Top CEOs

Small Business CEO

Take a look at the CEOs who head up the biggest companies in the world and you’ll start to notice some startling similarities. Not in how they look, not in how old they are – but how they act. To be a CEO, you have to have a certain DNA. You have to be made up of certain attributes and in short, just not everyone has it in them. However, what exactly are these attributes?

2016 63

10 Tips on Taking a Vacation (and Derek DelGaudio)

Musings of a High-Level Executive Assistant

Hi New and Returning Readers, As you know I always wish I was blogging constantly, but it takes a lot of inspiration and something meaningful to impart for me to blog. This is partly because I’ve been writing this blog for so long. I’m also juggling work/life, and I want to be really passionate about what I write and share. Every day I feel very blessed in the life I lead.

2016 40

The Productivityist Podcast: The Big 100


On this, the 100th episode of The Productivityist Podcast, I chat with producer John Poelstra about the evolution of the podcast since it started nearly two years ago. We talk about the changes that we have made (and the big change that we didn’t make), the process we use to make each episode happen and why it has worked so well for us, and reveal some of our favourite episodes and thoughts about the journey we’ve had over the past 100 episodes. Relevant Links. Roman Mars | Makes Radio.

2016 52

Shades of Meaning in Names of Colors

Daily Writing Tips

A recent newspaper article about the world’s ugliest color reminded me that writers of both fiction and nonfiction can be misguided in describing colors. The article referred to a study in which researchers identified the ugliest color: opaque couché.

2016 53

When You Focus on Building Customer Relationships, the Rest is Just Business

Small Business CEO

As the owner of a self-storage business, I serve people who are undergoing life changes every day. Relocations, divorce, college, and military deployment are just a few reasons someone might benefit from self-storage. Whatever the case, they’re likely tired, stressed, and generally unsettled. The last thing they want to do is slog through a long, confusing sales experience.

2016 57

Study: Positive Energy Boosts Productivity, Morale

On The Job

It's always a little tough going back to work after a long holiday weekend, but a new study shows that your boss's attitude may make all the difference in your how you feel about work now and in the future. A University of Michigan study finds that workers who have a leader who shows positive energy are more productive, have a greater commitment to their jobs and are absent less.

2016 133

45 Idioms About Ordinal and Multiplicative Numbers

Daily Writing Tips

The following is a list of idioms about ordinal numbers (first, second, and so on) and multiplicative numbers, or what the late English-usage expert Henry Watson Fowler called numeral adverbs (once, twice, and so on). Because I have already devoted an entire post to idioms that include first , I’ve omitted them here.). bottom of the ninth : the last minute, from the last segment of the last inning of a baseball game.

2016 52

Words to Describe the Highest Point of Achievement

Daily Writing Tips

How does one express the greatest degree of success? Multiple optimal words are available to choose from. Several terms refer literally to mountaintops. Peak , perhaps an alteration of pike , meaning “a short point or spike,” refers figuratively to a high point one has reached among other achievements, just as a mountain peak is often one among many.

2016 48

Conundrums, Puzzles, and Quizzes

Daily Writing Tips

What do the three nouns in this post’s title have in common? Yes, they all refer to questions or problems to be answered or solved, but there’s a more interesting commonality: Their very existence is a conundrum, puzzle, or quiz, because they have no etymological paper trail, and no one is quite certain how they came to be. That’s true of a surprising number of words, including flabbergast and flummox , both of which describe the feeling one has when one is puzzled.

2016 47

3 Top Tips to Help Contractors and Freelancers Succeed

Small Business CEO

By 2020 it’s expected that one in two UK and US citizens will be working on a freelance basis. The competition for work among freelancers and startups is increasing by the day. And if trends during the last economic downturn are anything to go by and the UK’s exit from the EU does bring about an economic lull, it is likely that we’ll see an even more rapid increase in freelancers. Now more than ever the solopreneur and independent contractor has to have an edge.

2016 56